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How CBD has established itself in the daily lives of millions of French people

In less than two years, cannabidiol (CBD) has gone from a controversial substance to a flagship molecule in the well-being industry with proven benefits for body and mind.

The day after the favorable decision of the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) in the Kanavape case, the French sector of CBD products and, more broadly, cannabinoids, was put into orbit. According to figures from the Interprofession des métiers du hemp (Inter Chanvre), France now has nearly 7 million consumers of CBD products... i.e. 12% of the national population. The figure is certainly impressive, but it is still below the European average estimated at 16%.

To meet this unprecedented demand, our online store offers aficionados of the molecule a wide range of CBD products:

  • Full and Broad Spectrum oils, with quality cannabidiol and good cannabinoids (CBG and CBN in particular);
  • "CBD isolate" type oils that contain pure cannabidiol, with no other cannabinoids;
  • CBD flowers from different varieties of hemp (Cannabis L. Sativa and Cannabis Indica in particular);
  • Cannabidiol resin;
  • CBD infusions;
  • CBD wax;
  • CBD products for pets;
  • CBD crystals.

Although CBD oils, flowers and leaves are the historical formats of the sector, CBD consumers are increasingly open to more fun and more indulgent products such as chewing gum, candies and cannabidiol foods.

CBD crystal: what are we talking about?

CBD crystals are a type of CBD isolate, that is, they contain only cannabidiol without other cannabinoids such as CBG or CBN, with a degree of purity that we not found in other products in the sector. CBD crystals are derived from the extraction of CBD from the cannabis plant, primarily from the Cannabis L. Sativa and Cannabis Indica varieties. Three extraction modes can be used:

  • Extraction of CBD by steam distillation;
  • Carbon dioxide extraction of CBD. This method guarantees premium quality CBD crystals;
  • Solvent extraction of CBD.

The extraction phase produces broad- or full-spectrum CBD, with various compounds from the cannabis plant, including low levels of THC depending on the starting strain. Manufacturers then refine the product post-extraction to remove all traces of THC, terpenes, chlorophyll, and plant matter found naturally in the hemp plant. We then obtain an isolate called "CBD crystal". This product is in a crystalline solid form, but it can be ground into a powder. The dosage is usually around 100% CBD.

Unlike other forms of CBD such as oils, flowers and leaves, cannabidiol crystals have no taste, flavor or fragrance due to the absence of terpenes, substances responsible for the organoleptic properties of other cannabidiol products. However, flavorings can be added to make their consumption more pleasant.

Given the exceptional purity of CBD crystals, a small amount is generally sufficient to benefit from the soothing benefits, the analgesic effects and the anti-inflammatory properties of the molecule.

What are the modes of consumption of CBD crystals?

For advanced cannabidiol users only, CBD crystals can be consumed in six different ways:

  • Dabbing is arguably the most common way to consume cannabidiol crystals. It involves melting the CBD isolate in a dab rig with a torch lighter and inhaling the resulting vapor cloud. The effects of CBD appear almost immediately.
  • Vaping CBD Crystals. It involves consuming your CBD crystals in a vaporizer dedicated to vaping cannabidiol concentrates. Models designed for flowers and leaves are not satisfactory with isolate. Place your CBD crystals in the vaporizer, heat to the desired temperature and then inhale. Caution: stay at a reasonable heating temperature without going as far as combustion to avoid producing toxic substances.
  • Sublingual CBD Crystals. It involves placing a small amount of CBD crystals under the tongue for 60-90 seconds. The sublingual mucosa being particularly thin, the absorption of the product is rapid. The CBD is then found directly in the blood, thus avoiding the digestive and hepatic passages which can degrade it and dilute its effects. This is the mode of consumption that we recommend, because the benefits are felt almost immediately without the risk of inhaling carcinogenic products.
  • CBD crystals in vaporizer e-liquid. If you are using a vaping device, you can add a small amount of CBD crystals to your e-liquid of choice.
  • CBD crystals in the kitchen. You can turn a small amount of CBD crystals into a seasoning ingredient for your dishes and drinks. All you need to do is melt a few cannabidiol crystals in a fatty substance, in particular butter or coconut oil. The ingredient can then be added to your recipes. On the other hand, the effects of CBD are delayed for several hours with this mode of consumption.
  • CBD crystals and skin care. The ECS or endocannabinoid system is made up of receptors found in skin cells. CBD crystals can be applied topically, directly to the skin. To do this, it will first be necessary to reduce them to powder and then combine them with a massage oil, an ointment, a lotion, a balm or a cream. The mixture can be used to relieve muscle or joint pain or stiffness, or as part of the management of certain skin disorders such as psoriasis, acne and eczema as advised by your doctor.< /li>

CBD crystals: what dosage to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol?

As with all other cannabidiol products, the best dosage depends on weight, the desired effect, and your body's receptivity to CBD. Experimentation and trial and error will be your best allies to find the optimal dosage, starting of course with the lowest amount until you find the dosage that works.

If you have never used cannabidiol in high concentrations, we recommend that you start with 5 mg of CBD crystals per day. You must use an accurate and well-adjusted scale for a correct dosage. The advantage here is that the dosage is very simple, since the amount of crystals is 99% equivalent to the amount of CBD ingested.

Pay attention to your body and your body's reaction to this small amount of CBD. What effect on stress, anxiety and sleep? What effect on pain, if any?

If you consume your CBD crystals sublingually or by inhalation, the effects should appear after a few minutes. If you choose the food route, allow several hours. If you do not feel any effect after a few days, you can increase your daily dosage by 5 mg without exceeding 25 mg (in three to four doses).

What about the legality of CBD crystals in France?

As with all products that contain cannabidiol and cannabinoids (solid or liquid), CBD crystals are governed by European decree n°639 – 2014. In France, only CBD products with almost THC levels - null are authorized (rate less than 0.3%). This is the guarantee of the absence of any psychotropic effect. By definition, CBD crystals do not contain THC and can therefore be marketed in France without any problem.

Do you have questions about CBD? Here are the most common questions

What are CBD crystals?

The CBD crystal happens to be the purest format of all CBD products. It is manufactured by extraction with CBD and is then transformed into a relatively fine powder resembling snow.

How to dissolve CBD crystals?

Thanks to the CBD Crystals, it is quite possible to make yourself an e-liquid for vapoteuse. Know that the crystal dissolves at 60 ° C. Then you can mix it with a neutral e-liquid to consume it as CBD e-liquid.

How to consume CBD crystals?

There are several ways to consume CBD crystals! The one we recommend is the easiest: the sublingual method. This means placing it under your tongue and holding it for 60 to 110 seconds for maximum effect. This allows your body to grasp all the benefits of cannabidiol since it enters directly into the bloodstream.

It is also possible to incorporate them into your diet. Indeed, they dissolve very easily in fat such as butter or olive oil without mixing too much when the fat is at a high temperature because it can eliminate the properties of CBD.

How to consume the CBD Crumble?

CBD Crumble is a crystal that contains a very high concentrate of cannabidiol. To be consumed effectively and get all of its benefits, we advise you to ideally vaporize it in a CBD vaporizer.

Thus, you must:

- Add 1/3 of CBD crumble to the atomizer
-. Replace the mouthpiece on the vaporizer
- Turn on your machine and inhale the vapor that comes out. Hold it for a few seconds before exhaling.

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