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Are you an experienced CBD user, a legal hemp dabbler, a cannabinoid whiz? You'll LOVE our 40% (or 4,000 mg) CBD oils. This powerful and highly concentrated product allows you to satisfy your CBD... Voir plus ...

CBD oil 40%: why choose this concentration?

It's simple. For the past few months (or years), you have been experimenting with legal hemp products and you have had the opportunity to enjoy their many benefits for body and mind. Now, you want to multiply the virtues felt to further improve your quality of life, or to maintain the same level of consumption by using less quantity, for practical and budgetary reasons. This is where our CBD Oils 40% (4000mg) come in!

Overall, customers of our online store appreciate this high concentration for the following reasons:

  1. Maximum efficiency: at 40%, it's an ultra-concentrated CBD oil that you hold in your hands. We are at the top of the line, with a product loaded with cannabidiol and, in the case of a full spectrum or broad spectrum oil, useful cannabinoids, flavonoids and quality terpenes;
  2. Effective action on moderate to severe pain, chronic muscle, joint and skin inflammation, severe sleep disorders and recalcitrant episodes of anxiety;
  3. Simplified dosing: with a concentration of 40% CBD, you can use (much) fewer drops to achieve the desired effects: 4 times less than with a 10% CBD oil, for example, for the same dosage, and twice less for double the dose. This makes daily intake easier while boosting efficacy;
  4. Long-term savings: Although 40% CBD oil is more expensive than lower strengths, it offers better value for money, as the bottle is usually less expensive than the equivalent of four bottles of 10% CBD oil, to use this comparison. Also, and depending on your tolerance threshold and your consumer profile, you will use less product to obtain the same results, or greater effects, which will save you money in the long term;
  5. Intense flavors for purists: 40% CBD oil is generally tastier, with strong flavors and an organic cachet that appeals to purists. If you are a lover of earthy, herbaceous and authentic notes, CBD oil 4000 mg will delight your taste buds and offer you a unique taste experience.

40% CBD oil and sleep… or how to overcome severe insomnia

Those who have to deal with severe insomnia, difficulty falling asleep on a daily basis and REM sleep disorders such as nocturnal verbalization, sudden awakenings, muscle spasms or even sleep apnea can opt for the oil of CBD 40% to find the arms of Morpheus.

CBD interacts with our body's endocannabinoid system (ECS), a regulatory system that plays a key role in many biological functions, including sleep and mood. Remember that mood plays an important role in the quality of sleep, insofar as stress and anxiety delay the sleep phase and prevent the body from letting go to regain color and recharge the batteries.

By binding to the body's 'CB 1' and 'CB 2' receptors, CBD and other useful cannabinoids from the hemp plant (CBG, CBN and CBC in the case of a 4000mg oil full or broad spectrum) exert a systemic action to rebalance the sleep-wake cycles and promote full, quality nights.

At 40%, CBD oil expresses anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties marked for:

  1. Accelerate falling asleep: CBD reduces anxiety and calms the mind, allowing you to fall asleep faster so that insomnia doesn't set in;
  2. Prevent unwanted awakenings: high concentration of 40% CBD oil promotes deeper, restful sleep;
  3. Relieve pain: the anti-inflammatory and analgesic action of CBD helps reduce chronic or acute pain that can cause or, at least, contribute to sleep disorders… which brings us to the next point.

40% CBD oil and pain: a major interest

With its fine concentration, 40% CBD oil brings you the best of hemp to reduce or even neutralize certain acute or chronic pain that can impact your daily quality of life. Our 4000 mg CBD oils are indeed indicated to soothe a wide spectrum of pain naturally, without psychotropic effects:

  1. Joint and muscle pain: 40% CBD oil is particularly useful for soothing pain related to arthritis, tendonitis or even aches after an intense sports session. Apply a few drops of 40% Topical CBD Oil directly to affected area and massage in lightly to aid absorption;
  2. Neuropathy Pain: People with nerve pain, such as that caused by diabetic neuropathy, may also benefit from the pain-relieving properties of CBD Oil 40% in consultation with their treating physician. Take a few drops under the tongue (sublingually) for fast absorption and effective relief;
  3. Headaches and Migraines: CBD Oil 40% may help reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches and migraines. For this, consume a few drops of CBD oil sublingually at the first sign of a headache;
  4. Menstrual pain: CBD oil 40% can also relieve cramps and pain associated with menstruation. Take a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue or add them to a hot drink (herbal tea for example) for a soothing, relaxing and comforting effect.

The analgesic action of CBD oil 40% is based on the interaction of CBD with the "CB 1" and "CB 2" receptors to modulate the perception of pain and reduce inflammation. Note: hemp is rich in essential fatty acids which contribute to muscle and joint recovery in the event of an inflammatory reaction.

You will understand, our 40% CBD oils will quickly become valuable allies to overcome the pain that is making your life hard!

40% full spectrum CBD oil: tenfold effects!

Let's get this straight: CBD oil 40% full spectrum is an exceptional product that combines a high concentration of CBD (4000 mg) with the entire spectrum of natural components of the cannabis plant (Cannabis L Sativa or Cannabis Indica), with the exception of THC, the rate of which is less than 0.3%, in accordance with the legislation in force in France.

What's the point? It's simple: the "entourage effect", well known to CBD lovers and aficionados of hemp pleasures. In short, the effects of CBD oil 40% are increased tenfold when you ingest all the components of the cannabis plant such as terpenes, flavonoids, CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC and a small dose of THC (less than 0.3%). This synergy allows for faster, more powerful and longer lasting results, without psychotropic effects!

Our online store also offers 40% broad spectrum CBD oils, which retain most of the cannabis components.

How to consume CBD oil 40%?

If you are looking for quick effects, especially to help you fall asleep or relieve acute pain, consume your 40% CBD oil sublingually. Simply place a few drops of 4,000 mg CBD oil under your tongue, hold them there for a minute and then swallow the remainder.

This mode of consumption allows the CBD to be directly absorbed by the blood vessels present under the tongue, where the mucous membrane is thinner, which allows an almost immediate effect and a better bioavailability of the CBD.

You can also ingest CBD oil 40% or add a few drops to your favorite foods or drinks like smoothies, yogurts, salads or even pasta. This method is more discreet and allows you to easily fit your CBD consumption into your daily routine while diluting the earthy, organic taste of cannabis. Note, however, that the absorption of CBD will be slower, as it must first pass through the digestive system and then the hepatic passage before reaching the bloodstream.

Finally, CBD oil 40% can be applied topically to the skin to relieve muscle, joint or skin pain. In this case, simply massage a few drops of oil into the affected area until it is completely absorbed. This method allows a targeted and localized action of CBD, which acts directly on skin receptors to relieve pain and inflammation.

Regardless of the method of consumption chosen, it is CRUCIAL to respect the recommended dosages, because we are on a high concentration. If you opt for topical application, do a patch test.

CBD oil 40%: what dosage?

Here is a table of 40% CBD oil dosages according to the need and the weight of the consumer. These doses are purely indicative. Instead, rely on the directions on the CBD product you choose. We also offer more precise dosages in our product sheets. You can also seek advice from our teams.

Person's weight

Need: Sleep

Need: Pain

Need: Stress

Less than 50 kg

1 to 2 drops

2 to 4 drops

1 to 3 drops

50kg - 70kg

2 to 3 drops

3 to 5 drops

2 to 4 drops

70kg - 90kg

3 to 4 drops

4 to 6 drops

3 to 5 drops

More than 90 kg

4 to 6 drops

5 to 8 drops

4 to 7 drops

Remember that our CBD products are FORBIDDEN to minors and strongly discouraged for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

CBD oil 40%: consumer reviews

Our most loyal customers naturally migrate to 40% CBD oil, in search of optimal efficiency and convenience. These experienced consumers have already explored the different ranges of products and concentrations available on the market, and they find in CBD oil 40% a solution that perfectly meets their needs with enhanced efficiency, convenience (fewer drops) , a sharp taste and substantial savings!

If you want to try a less strong version, opt for the 10% CBD oil20% CBD oil or CBD-oil 30%.

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