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Whether you are an experienced athlete or a Sunday hiker, 321CBD offers you CBD oils specially formulated to improve your performance. Tested by an independent laboratory and 100% traceable, our... Voir plus ...

CBD oil for sports… validated by champions!

From Megan Rapinoe, living legend of women's football, to UFC fighter Yaël Rodriguez and American tennis player John Isner, 21th in the ATP rankings, high-level athletes have adopted CBD oil for a long time. They rely on this elixir of youth to:

  • Relieve pain of low to moderate intensity, particularly in the muscles;

  • Calm inflammation, particularly after intense muscular effort, during training or competition;

  • Limit oxidative stress, because CBD is also a super-antioxidant! Remember that this stress caused by free radicals causes damage to cells, exacerbates the inflammatory response, promotes fatigue and hinders muscle recovery.

But CBD oil is not just localized effects at the muscle and joint level. When consumed orally or sublingually, CBD oil promotes healthy and restful sleep, a pillar of sports performance and quality of life on a daily basis.

Which CBD oil for sport?

321CBD offers you CBD oils rich in cannabidiol, but also full of other cannabinoids useful to the body and mind, without any psychotropic effect.

Athletes would benefit from opting for CBD oil broad spectrum (broad spectrum) or, better, full spectrum (full spectrum). We are talking here about the spectrum of molecules from the hemp plant integrated into the composition of CBD oil. The more non-psychotropic cannabis molecules we have (excluding THC, therefore), the more effective the CBD oil will be. This is called the “entourage” effect. Concretely, the fact of simultaneously consuming CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC and terpenes will produce more intense effects than consuming CBD alone, in an “isolate” type oil for example.

CBD oil for sports: how to use it?

Athletes who want to incorporate CBD oil into their daily lives have several options to choose from, and each method has its own benefits. We explain:

  • CBD oil for sports sublingual. Simply place a few drops of CBD oil for sports under the tongue and hold the liquid for 30 to 60 seconds under the tongue before swallowing the remainder. Advantage: absorption and effects are rapid, because CBD quickly enters the bloodstream via the vessels located under the tongue.

  • CBD oil for sports in oral ingestion. It simply involves swallowing a few drops of CBD oil. CBD, whether directly or as a seasoning for a dish. Advantage: absorption is certainly slower, but the effects are more homogeneous and last a little longer.

  • CBD oil for sports in topical application. We are mainly talking here about CBD massage oil, which will be applied directly to the skin, in areas affected by inflammation, joint stiffness or muscle pain. Advantage: the application is localized and allows the effects of CBD oil for sports to be concentrated on the sore area.

CBD oil for sports: what dosage?

Whatever consumption method you choose, start your adventure with CBD oil for gentle sport, at 10 mg per day for example. Note that the “standard” dose of CBD oil for an athlete is between 10 and 100 mg per day to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

If your goal is to improve your sleep and relieve mild stress, stick to a microdose of 5 to 10 mg per day, preferably sublingually about thirty minutes before 'go to bed (for sleep disorders), or to breakfast (for stress and anxiety).

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