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Rich in cannabinoids, terpenes and essential oils, broad spectrum CBD oil is a true elixir of well-being. Enjoy our wide range of CBD oils from the best hemp crops in France, Switzerland and Italy... Voir plus ...
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    CBD oil: discreet, practical and extremely effective

    With just over 7 million consumers according to figures from the Interprofession des métiers du hemp (Inter Chanvre), cannabidiol has largely found its audience in France. It must be said that this molecule extracted from the plant Cannabis L. Sativa or Cannabis Indica combines the benefits: relaxation, sleep improvement, raw flavor and organic taste, pain relief chronic, soothing effect, etc.

    More than a trend, CBD symbolizes the appetite of the French for natural products that improve their quality of life on a daily basis... without psychotropic effects and without the risk of addiction. It should be remembered that only CBD products with a concentration of almost zero THC (rate < 0.2%) are authorized in France.

    Along with cannabidiol flowers and leaves, CBD oil is one of the favorite formats of French consumers. This choice is generally motivated by six main advantages:

    • CBD oil is the only form of cannabidiol that can be consumed sublingually >. How is this an advantage? It's simple: consuming CBD oil by administering a few drops under the tongue allows for ultra-fast absorption of the product. The effects are almost immediate on pain, sleep disorders and stress.
    • CBD oil can also be consumed as a seasoning for everyday dishes. In the case of a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil, the cannabinoids will enhance the flavors of your recipes while spreading the benefits of CBD, CBN, CBG and CBC throughout the day. /li>
    • The liquid form of CBD oil makes dosing easy. The user can adjust the number of drops and the concentration of cannabidiol (or cannabinoids for full spectrum or broad spectrum hemp oil) to form their own opinion and find the ideal dosage.
    • Whether for sublingual, oral or topical application, CBD oil is a ready-to-use product , unlike cannabidiol flowers and leaves which must be diluted in hot water. The consumer will have no trouble observing a certain regularity in taking to improve the quantity and quality of his sleep or better manage his stress.
    • Some consumers prefer to remain discreet about their CBD consumption. The liquid format of CBD oil meets this need. If your bottle is self-explanatory, you can pour its contents into a neutral bottle, as long as it is dark or amber to protect the product from the sun. Those around you will not know that you are consuming CBD oil, because it can be likened to a serum, a type of essential oil, etc.
    • Compared to other forms of CBD (food, flowers, leaves, resin…), CBD oils offer you < strong>more choice on dosage, taste and flavors, concentration of CBD, CBG, CBC and CBN, spectrum of cannabinoids and other molecules, etc. You can opt for a full spectrum CBD oil, broad spectrum ( broad spectrum) or a CBD isolate depending on the desired effects. You also have the choice between CBD oils from outdoor, indoor, Greenhouse or organic cultivation. You will finally have the choice between CBD oils extracted from different varieties of hemp plant, including Cannabis L. Sativa and Cannabis Indica.

    What are the health benefits of CBD oil?

    Since the mid-2010s, many scientific studies have highlighted the effects and benefits of cannabidiol oil for the body. We regularly relay it on our blog:

    • CBD oil gives you analgesic effects without the risk of addiction. You will therefore be able to relieve your mild to moderate chronic pain, provided you find the right dosage (CBD level, quantity and frequency of use).
    • Full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oils provide you with anti-inflammatory benefits. inflammatory enhanced by the presence of different cannabinoids and hemp extracts such as CBD, CBG, CBC and CBN. This is what explains the enthusiasm of athletes for CBD oil, in particular to relieve muscle pain and joint inflammation.
    • Like all CBD products, cannabidiol oil shines with its soothing and relaxing effect . Stress and anxiety motivate millions of French people to consume cannabidiol. Objective: to promote relaxation and letting go without the high effect characteristic of cannabis.
    • With its soothing effect and relaxing benefits, CBD oil helps improve the sleep cycle on two levels: first by promoting rapid sleep, then by relieving REM sleep disorders, namely nocturnal verbalization and muscle spasms.

    These benefits are all backed by science. Other effects are suspected, such as hormonal rebalancing, intestinal transit facilitation, vitality and energy boost for CBD products derived from the Cannabis Indica plant, etc.

    What is broad spectrum CBD oil?

    CBD oils can be classified according to two main criteria: their potency, i.e. their concentration of CBD, and then their composition. This last criterion allows us to distinguish between three types of CBD oils:

    • CBD isolate type oil, which contains only cannabidiol without other cannabinoids ( with almost zero THC content);
    • Broad spectrum CBD oil. It contains the majority of the components found in the hemp plant, with several cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC, terpenes, essential oils, etc. ;
    • Full spectrum CBD oil contains the majority of the components of the hemp plant, and possibly artificially added nutrients such as maca, MCT coconut oil, vitamin C, etc.

    Regardless of the spectrum of CBD oil (full, broad or isolate), its THC level must remain below 0.2%. This is the case for all the CBD products offered by 321CBD. Here is a summary table to better understand the differences between the different spectra of CBD oils.

    Table 1 - Comparison of CBD oils Full Spectrum (full spectrum), Broad Spectrum (broad spectrum) and l 'CBD Isolate

    Features of CBD Oil

    Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

    CBD Isolate





    THC Concentration

    < 0.2% (vigilance)



    Other cannabinoids (CBG, CBC, CBN, CBNA)












    Smell and taste




    Available format for this product

    Oil, alcoholature

    Oil, alcoholature

    CBD crystals or powder

    How to consume broad spectrum CBD oil?

    In order for your broad spectrum CBD oil to provide you with its soothing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, you will need to define the mode of consumption, the quantity and the right level of CBD (and other cannabinoids). Here are our tips.

    • You want to relieve chronic pain or get to sleep quickly. This will involve consuming your broad-spectrum CBD oil sublingually. Take a few drops of oil under the tongue (see dosage below) and hold the product for 60 to 90 seconds. As it bypasses the digestive system and hepatic metabolism, the sublingual route diffuses the active ingredients of broad spectrum CBD oil very quickly. The effects are felt a few minutes after taking.
    • Do you want to enjoy the raw flavors and organic taste of CBD, and diffuse its active ingredients from evenly throughout the day. In this case, season your dishes with a good broad spectrum CBD oil (omelettes, salads, etc.).
    • You want to take advantage of the anti-inflammatory effects of the product to relieve muscle or joint pain, a insect bite, skin irritation, etc. Prefer a CBD oil for topical application, massaging the affected area with the product.

    When it comes to dosage, rely on this table which summarizes how much broad spectrum CBD oil to consume to improve your sleep.

    Table 2 - Broad spectrum CBD oil dosage advice for improving sleep


    Quantity (in mg of product)

    Quantity (in number of product drops)


    20mg per day

    4 drops


    25mg per day

    5 ​​drops


    30mg per day

    6 drops


    35mg per day

    7 drops


    40mg per day

    8 drops


    45mg per day

    9 drops


    50mg per day

    10 drops

    Your premium quality broad spectrum CBD oils at 321 CBD!

    Find a wide range of broad spectrum CBD oils on our online store. On the menu: relaxation, calm, healthy and restorative sleep and daily well-being! Easy to consume and bursting with health benefits, the CBD oils we offer come from the best hemp crops in France, Switzerland and Italy. They strictly comply with the regulations in force, with an almost zero THC level.

    Complete documentation is offered on each product to help you make an informed choice: list of components, plant of origin, rating and opinion of Internet users, CBD and cannabinoid concentration, etc. Also take advantage of our loyalty program to earn discount vouchers on your purchases!

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