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Monetize your content and SEO expertise with 321CBD commissions.

Whether you're a website publisher, health blogger, influencer on Facebook, Instagram, or even a Youtuber, thanks to 321CBD monetize your audience by promoting soothing CBD products.

Join the 1st online CBD shop since 2018, and secure a steady income with your promotion skills.

Affiliation: what is it?

An affiliation is a partnership relationship between an advertiser (321CBD) and a publisher (You). The publisher produces content that it distributes to its audience, with the aim of generating traffic to the advertiser's products. The advertiser remunerates each sale through a commission.

There are several types of commission. The commission as a percentage of the sales price excluding VAT on each product, the fixed commission, or the Rev Sharing which consists of a sharing of the revenue generated by the affiliate according to a defined rate.

Thus, through your website, your Facebook page, your Instagram, your Youtube channel, Tiktok, or any other means of distributing online content such as podcasts, videos, textual content or even images, you monetize your work and your expertise in natural referencing or social networks.

Benefits of the 321CBD affiliate program

Working with 321CBD represents several advantages:

  • First, you work with a shop with high natural traffic, and a well-known brand in the CBD world
  • You can showcase a wide range of products, from flower to oils to resins to crystals
  • The products are original and not found in all other shops.
  • You receive 10% of sales that go through your affiliate link, for life. If a customer comes back in 1 month, you will get the 10% commission again, and so on, without a time limit.

The working principle of the CBD affiliate program

After creating your account on our site, you just need to contact us on contact@321cbd.fr, in order to request an affiliate account. You will need to specify the url on which you wish to promote our products, as well as the affiliate code you wish, if you have a preference.

After acceptance, you will receive your link, and you will be able to track your CBD sales commission statistics from your account.

From a commission amount of 200€ you can upload an invoice on the site, in order to request a payment. You are also free to spend your commissions to buy CBD on our shop.

Side issues:

Can you tell me which products are most interesting?

Once your account has been accepted by our Affiliate Manager, you will be able to communicate with them and learn about the best opportunities based on your site.

Do I need to have a website to start as an affiliate?

In CBD search is an important acquisition route for publishers, but it's not mandatory to have a website. You are free to work from Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Snapchat, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. while respecting the rules of each platform with regard to CBD.

What are your catchment areas?

321CBD is active in France, Germany, Poland and in a majority of the major countries of the European Union. You can therefore also prospect abroad if you have websites in German, Italian, Spanish, Polish.

Do you have any requirements as to the type of content on the website to promote 321CBD?

Whatever your website is, we are open to discussion, if your motivation is there

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