Is CBD Legal in France?

CBD is becoming more and more popular in France and around the world, but it is still subject to controversy or to more or less dubious information. For many years now, CBD has been improving its image within our government, which seems to be changing its attitude towards this molecule. However, some members of the government seem to be unaware of the benefits of this molecule and often equate it with recreational cannabis, which is quite different. In this article we will see if CBD is legal in France and under what conditions

Is CBD a drug?

When we talk about CBD, many make the connection with recreational cannabis which contains a high level of THC. However, it is important to understand the concept of drug that is present in our country

Thus, it is said that a drug is a chemical substance containing one or more active ingredients which, when consumed, cause an alteration of the psychological and physiological functions of the individual. In addition, this substance must cause addiction, which is an adaptation of the body to a certain dose of a product or medicine and a dependence on the individual. That is to say that this substance ingested by the individual must cause a sensation of withdrawal and push him to consume a second time the same substance

As far as CBD is concerned, it is not considered a drug, since it does not cause addiction or dependence towards the consumer. Moreover, it does not alter the physical and psychological functions of the individual who consumes it. The various studies carried out on CBD have shown that this molecule is effective in the fight against certain symptoms related to diseases, such as Multiple Sclerosis or Crohn's Disease

Caution! CBD should not be considered as a medicine, but as a food supplement. Thus, it is important to maintain a regular physical activity and to eat healthily in order to have a good health!

It is important to know that if cannabis is considered as a drug in France, it is because of the THC that is present in it since this molecule is psychotropic and causes the same symptoms defined above. However, there has been a change in the issue of cannabis and its definition as a drug which we will see below

CBD has different legislations in different countries of Europe and the world, which means that its situation can vary greatly from one border to another. We will see together the different legislations regarding it in Europe and if it is legal in other countries

CBD cannabis

The situation of CBD in Europe

Before going to France, it is extremely important to know the situation of CBD in Europe, because it allows us to establish the terms and conditions for its marketing and consumption. It is important to know that in Europe, and especially recently, CBD has been much talked about because of certain decisions applied by the WHO (World Health Organization) and by Europe itself

First of all, the situation of CBD varies greatly between the 27 countries of the European Union, because they have their own laws and their own ambitions towards this molecule. If we take the situation of CBD in Germany as an example, the latter allowed CBD from a therapeutic point of view in 2017 if the THC level does not exceed 0.2%. In Switzerland, CBD has been authorized since 2011, making it one of the first European countries to allow this molecule. In addition, the THC level is also more important than elsewhere in Europe, since it must not exceed 1%.

We were talking about the different decisions made by Europe and the WHO regarding CBD in recent months. Firstly, the latter has been taken out of the box of narcotics in the eyes of the WHO , which recognizes the health benefits associated with its consumption. As for Europe, it has judged illegal the ban on CBD carried out by France on its territory. These decisions have undoubtedly changed the way the government and the uninformed population look at this molecule

But in order to understand the prohibition of CBD in France, it is important to know its constitution and its origin

Le CBD en Europe

What is the origin of CBD?

It is important to differentiate CBD and its origin from recreational cannabis, which is totally prohibited in France. CBD comes from the hemp plant which is a plant derived from cannabis. The hemp plant naturally contains a low level of THC, which makes it the ideal candidate for therapeutic cannabis

It is important to understand that what blocks the countries to its commercialization is essentially based on THC, otherwise known as tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the molecule responsible for the euphoric effects of the cannabis plant. The latter is the greatest source of concern because of its effects that take the consumer out of reality, which can lead to accidents while driving or to a loss of alertness in daily life

CBD was a little-known molecule before, until 1947, when a scientist mistakenly extracted the molecule and thought it was psychotropic, even dangerous to the health of the consumer. But in the 1960's, studies began again and several discoveries were made in the eyes of the general public. It was shown that CBD had anti-inflammatory and anti-epileptic properties.

It is important to know that CBD did not appear in the 1940s, but has been present on Earth, like all the plants we know, for several thousands, even millions of years. Hemp is a very resistant plant to the climatic conditions that can occur in the geographical areas where it grows

How to identify its age?

First of all, excavations and scientific research have revealed that hemp was widely used in several ancient civilizations that we all know, such as the Egyptians, who used hemp from an industrial point of view, by using it to make ropes or fabrics. The ancient civilizations coming from China also had the same use of hemp as the Egyptians

Hemp not only contains a very interesting molecule from a medicinal and therapeutic point of view, but it also presents great advantages if we look at it from a technical point of view. For example, it is used in the construction industry as an insulator, as it offers great insulation which also exceeds that used in most homes today. To show its efficiency, maritime expeditions in the fifteenth century and later used hemp to build sails and ropes for ships

Le CBD en Egypte

And today?

Today, CBD is still used in the industrial sector thanks to the different properties that are attributed to it, but since the different researches that took place on this molecule in the twentieth century, its use is becoming more and more different and is similar to medicine.

Indeed, the different properties associated with it allow to give hope to some patients who suffer from chronic diseases or psychic diseases, such as epilepsy, to improve their daily life while bringing a breath of benefits on their mind

Today, many people consume CBD as recreational cannabis, i.e. they smoke cannabidiol, although this is prohibited by law. But different modes of consumption are also present as CBD oil, or e-liquids of electronic cigarette

However, the French regulation remains very problematic on this subject. We will see this together

The situation of CBD in France

In France, the situation of CBD has long caused harm to people wishing to obtain this molecule, or wishing to market this molecule. What you need to know is that France, at least, the French government is very restricted in terms of "drugs", especially when it is installed on the territory. We will not talk about the different drugs circulating on the French territory, but about cannabis and CBD

CBD has long been associated as a drug for some members of the government and for a certain number of inhabitants. Indeed, the resemblance of the flowers and the resin can make think of recreational cannabis in the eyes of the uninformed. But as you may know, CBD is not a drug and has never been a drug since it is a molecule capable of countering the effects of THC when consuming recreational cannabis

Today, CBD seems to have seduced several thousands of consumers in France and several millions worldwide thanks to the image it gives, which is generally that of a "miracle molecule", capable of curing various ailments and eliminating addiction to recreational cannabis. But several regulations are having an effect on its use and marketing

Indeed, in France, the sale of CBD is authorized on the whole territory, if this one does not exceed the 0,2 % of THC. Regarding the consumption of CBD, it is not allowed if the consumer decides to smoke it. It is therefore preferable to use CBD by making an infusion or by consuming it in vaporization, with a vaporizer

321CBD is not responsible for the final use of CBD, chosen by consumers

However, in France, CBD is in no way said, legal, nor illegal. This may seem very surprising, but it is the case, because no text of laws clearly shows the situation of CBD in France. The legal blur in which this molecule is located, allows it to be marketed and consumed. But recently, Europe has judged illegal the prohibition of CBD in France and the WHO has also officially removed cannabis from the products considered as narcotics

These different decisions allow us to re-evaluate the situation of cannabis within our society as well as CBD, which is starting to gain recognition and is beginning to be seen in a different light. It is also important to know that we are currently in an intermediate stage regarding CBD. This means that in the near or distant future, there is a good chance that CBD will be legal from a legal point of view and that it will be part of several treatments for certain diseases

Of course, when it comes to marketable products, it is important to know that several entrepreneurs do not hesitate to enter the market despite the legal uncertainty

Le CBD en France

Who can sell CBD in France?

In addition to the current boom and present for several months in France concerning CBD, many people launch in having the necessary qualities of seller or without knowing the subject, seeing only the benefit to be gained

To be authorized to sell CBD, there are several skills necessary and several steps to take. As you can imagine, you need to register with a suitable registry and take an interest in the world of CBD which is also very complex and at the same time very simple

For example, you need to know the different varieties sold and for that you need to know the origin, the cultivation method, the level of CBD and THC present in the final product. This concerns flowers, but CBD products have also diversified, so that you can find CBD candies, CBD lollipops, CBD cookies and many others. These shops want to expand the CBD market while giving it a harmless image in order to attract more people, ranging from the merely curious to the hardcore. But we must be careful not to diversify too much, which can discredit CBD in the eyes of society

Among the leading products, we can find CBD oils which are very popular worldwide with all the benefits that are attributed to it. We also find CBD resin and CBD e-liquids intended for former tobacco smokers who have converted to electronic cigarettes.

But a seller of CBD that is the owner of a physical shop or on the Internet is not safe from seeing his shop close for certain reasons that we will see together

BCD shop

Who can consume CBD in France?

It should be noted that in France the restriction of CBD does not necessarily affect consumers but rather traders and producers of cannabidiol. Regarding the question of consumers in France, there are no prohibitions strictly speaking towards them, which means that the consumer can consume CBD in peace. However, some recommendations are made to consumers and mainly on the modes of consumption

For example, CBD flower is not allowed to be consumed with tobacco or as a "natural joint" by French law. This prohibition pushes the consumer to consume it in infusion or vaporization which does not generate worries in the eyes of the law

The various CBD products present in the French and world market are not subject to prohibitions enacted by the authorities. It is therefore possible to consume CBD resin in food, or in infusions. The other products can also be used in the kitchen and used throughout the day

However, the CBD consumer can also find themselves in a bad position with law enforcement if they are caught using it. Indeed, some law enforcement officials may not be aware of the different legislations that are carried on CBD in France and can then control you if they see the materials on you. It will suffice to show them the products and especially the THC content which must be less than 0.2% in order to be correct in the eyes of the law. You may have to explain the product if the individuals are not aware of it, but rest assured, CBD will not get you arrested

But some people are not allowed by medical professionals to consume CBD if they are placed in certain situations or otherwise. We will see all this together

The different regulations towards consumers

There are regulations for certain categories of people such as pregnant women. You should know that some people who have diseases can consume CBD for the benefits that are attributed to it, such as the regulation of anxiety or hypertension

Concerning pregnant women, CBD is not recommended because the interaction between the molecule and the fetus is not yet large enough. The side effects, if any, are not especially known and can endanger the woman and the child. It is therefore preferable not to consume or sell CBD to a pregnant woman, no matter how long the pregnancy lasts

Everyone knows the function of breastfeeding and the effects related to it. Regarding CBD and breastfeeding, the answer is the same as for pregnancy. This is because whatever the mother consumes, the baby consumes as well, so this means that if the mother consumes CBD, the baby consumes it as well. There are also studies that have been conducted on children whose mothers consumed CBD while breastfeeding and the results are amazing as the children seemed more lively and responsive to various stimuli

But again, the hindsight is very low and the studies are not widely disclosed, which is not very reassuring. Even if CBD has no side effects, the consumer is never safe from a reaction caused by his body. For this reason, we recommend that you take care of yourself and your baby and avoid taking CBD during this situation as much as possible in order to preserve the health of your baby and yours

There are however sites that encourage pregnant women to consume CBD during pregnancy or breastfeeding, but at 321CBD, we do not want to put our consumers in danger. That is why we prefer to advise you against this use and consumption during these important events.

For many years, children have often been the subject of controversy on the issue of CBD. It is important to know that many parents, sometimes careless, have given cannabidiol to their children based on different symptoms such as insomnia or stress that can impact the daily life of the child, without knowing if side effects were possible and if it could put the child in danger

Nevertheless, some studies have shown the different psychological and physiological virtues of CBD for children by reducing certain symptoms, but it is still preferable not to distribute it without having seen a doctor and preferably your family doctor. Only he or she will be able to advise you on the use of CBD for your child and whether the remedy is appropriate

Itis important to see a family doctor before any self-medication, although this molecule should not be considered as a medicine, in order to prevent any problem that may arise from CBD. Of course, CBD has no or very few side effects, but it is important to remain cautious, especially if you are among those at risk

CBD consommateurs

The CBD industry is in trouble?

It should be noted that CBD is currently in a legal limbo and many people or even parliamentarians do not know on their fingers, the various regulations related to its marketing and consumption

As it was possible to see in some newspapers during the year 2020 or in the previous months, some CBD businesses have closed either because they did not comply with the regulations or because the products were not suitable for sale

For example, in the East of France, several shops were closed following the intervention of law enforcement within the establishments because suspicions were present. However, the sellers assured that they had not violated the rules related to the sale of CBD and its production, and that this operation was the result of two shops that had actually transcribed the rules

We won't name these shops out of respect and choice, but they were selling products with a THC content higher than 0.2%, which is, in the eyes of the law, illegal. Indeed, the regulation on CBD specifies that the product must not exceed 0.2% THC in order not to harm the health of the individual who consumes it in any way

This molecule is psychotropic and is responsible for the 'high'caused by THC, which binds to the various CB1 receptors in the brain and nervous system. Some unscrupulous sellers have therefore chosen to play with fire by taking advantage of the current legal uncertainty to sell products with a THC level higher than the authorized limit

We can understand that some CBD consumers want to find the sensations of recreational cannabis, but this is impossible because CBD does not have the same purpose and is not the same molecule. Moreover, the plant chosen to extract CBD naturally contains a very low level of THC

Does CBD represent a danger for consumers?

It is important to make a distinction between CBD and THC if we want to talk about the danger of this molecule on the consumer. In France, CBD is authorized under certain conditions as we have seen above. In other words, it is necessary that the rate of THC is lower than 0,2 % in order not to cause undesirable side effects towards the consumer

Concerning CBD and CBD-based products, such as those you can find on our shop, like CBD flowers , CBD resins and electronic cigarette products. They are not dangerous to the consumer

However, it is important to know that each person reacts differently on CBD and side effects may appear such as the following

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • A great fatigue
  • Dizziness

These effects are not necessarily present if you consume CBD, but can appear towards certain consumers who do not support this molecule or if the consumers are victims of an overdose of CBD. For this, you should know that the overdose is not fatal unlike other substances and usually passes in a few hours if you decide to rest and sleep. It is also possible to drink an energy drink to give yourself temporary energy and to regulate your tension

Recreational cannabis alone is a danger for consumers, but it is not the whole cannabis that can cause this risk, but only one molecule. This molecule is THC, which can cause different side effects, such as hallucinations or other effects that can be the cause of some major accidents that we will see together. Moreover, the quality of the cannabis that can be found illegally leaves much to be desired and the traffickers do not hesitate to add chemicals

First of all, it is important to know that cannabis increases the risk of being responsible for a road accident by two. This risk is particularly high if the driver has an alcohol level above the permitted limit in combination with cannabis. It should be noted that this combination increases the risk of being responsible for a road accident by 29! What is at stake in this accumulation is none other than the effects of power and disinhibition as well as the decrease in vigilance which will greatly diminish the various reflexes linked to driving

However, if the CBD does not represent any risk for the health of the individual, it is necessary to know that this molecule can put in danger the individual in certain situations. For example, it is not recommended to consume CBD if you are driving within minutes or hours, since CBD can cause drowsiness and therefore, a decrease in alertness, which can lead to road accidents. This action represents a danger for you, but also for other road users

It is also advisable to avoid doing manual or physical work if you consume CBD and especially if you need all your vigilance, because it can increase the risk of having an accident at work

This article aims to raise consumer awareness of the different legislation in force in France on CBD and the different rules in place. In addition, the consumer must be warned about the various risks related mainly to its consumption and towards the products he buys to be sure that the rate of THC is lower than 0.2%. Some people are not advised to consume CBD because of their situation and 321CBD is committed to this measure.

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