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All the mythical varieties of CBD flowers are at 321 CBD, at a low price! Amnesia, Purple Haze, OG Kush, Strawberry Haze, Orange Bud Indoor, Sour Widow… make your choice with confidence from our stock of CBD flowers from the best producers in France, Switzerland and Italy. Bursting with terpenes, grown indoors, outdoors or in greenhouses, our CBD flowers express exceptional organoleptic properties.

Can't choose a cheap CBD flower from our available stock? Start with a good trim at a low price to accustom your palate to the organic flavors and raw aromas of CBD, then continue with the variety of flower that has most satisfied your taste buds with its taste and your body with its effects.


    Top sell Cheap CBD flower

    In France, the cheap CBD flower has found a large audience!

    More than a simple molecule of well-being, cannabidiol or CBD is emulated by consumers and the scientific community. It must be said that this non-psychotropic and non-addictive substance extracted from the Cannabis L. Sativa and Cannabis Indica varieties shines with exceptional organoleptic properties (organic taste, raw flavors and natural aromas ) but also and above all many health benefits, with an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.

    After a difficult start due to its ancestry with cannabis and cultivated hemp, CBD quickly found its audience as the scientific community reassured consumers of the absence of psychotropic effects. Let us recall here the opinion of the WHO expert committee published in 2017: "CBD does not appear to present any potential for abuse or harmfulness to health

    According to the figures of the Interprofession of hemp trades (Inter Chanvre), France would have no less than 7 million consumers of CBD products... a craze that we observe on a daily basis in processing numerous orders from our dear customers! On menu: cheap CBD leaves and flowers but also CBD oil, cannabidiol resin, legal cannabis wax, crystals of CBD, capsules and cannabidiol pet food with relaxing effect.

    The many benefits of cheap CBD flower

    Whether they come from a Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica variety, leaves and flowers remain the most popular formats for CBD aficionados for several reasons:

    •         CBD flowers are versatile, since they can be consumed as an infusion, decoction, macerated drink or seasoning without losing their aromas and effects. By opting for the CBD flower, purists, regular consumers and the curious can consume quality CBD at a low price, with a stock available all year round, all varieties combined (especially on Outdoor and Greenhouse).
    •         A wide choice of tastes, aromas and flavors, by varying the varieties of flowers, the rate of CBD and CBG, and the way the CBD flower was grown . Indoor CBD leaves, for example, exhibit "perfect" characteristics because the grower controls the variables of the crop. CBD Outdoor leaves cost less and express characteristics in tune with the growing environment. Finally, the CBD Greenhouse leaf presents a more balanced taste and effects, because it grew in the sun while being protected by a greenhouse (or Greenhouse).
    •         CBD flowers satisfy all profiles. If purists appreciate the marked taste and flavors of character of raw CBD flowers, the most gourmet can indulge themselves with a few grams of CBD flowers with fruity notes (Strawberry flavors in particular) and with a light taste.
    • A stock available all year round, all varieties combined (Sativa and Indica). Remember that France monopolizes 60% of European production of cultivated hemp, which explains the quantity and quality of the stock available.

    321 CBD offers you a diversified stock of inexpensive CBD flowers from different varieties of hemp with CBD levels ranging from 5 to 20% to satisfy all consumer profiles. Better: we offer you a promotion throughout the year, with 5 grams offered for each pack of 20 grams of CBD flowers purchased (Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse). Of course, our stock is exclusively made up of legal CBD products (almost zero THC levels) from the best producers in France, Switzerland and Italy.

    Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse… what cultivation method for your CBD flowers?

    In France, the vast majority of CBD flower stock comes from Outdoor (or "Out") cultivation and Cannabis Sativa-type hemp. It is indeed the oldest, most economical and least demanding mode of cultivation of cannabidiol. CBD flower grown in the sun, greenhouse, indoors? Discover the main differences between Indoor, Outdoor (or "Out") and Greenhouse growing methods:

    • Indoor CBD Flowers: These CBD products come from growing cannabidiol indoors (Indoor in English) using lighting technologies artificial, air conditioning, ventilation, etc. Because the grower has all the growing variables under control, they can produce perfectly shaped CBD flowers. The products are concentrated in cannabidiol and CBG and the crop yield is optimal. In general, the cannabidiol flower grown indoors expresses powerful analgesic, anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. Logically, the price of Indoor CBD flowers is higher than that of Out or Greenhouse flowers. Given the high cost, the available stock of Indoor CBD flowers is generally limited, most often with a sample quantity. However, you will find cheap Indoor CBD flowers at 321 CBD.
    •       CBD Outdoor flowers (or "Out"): these CBD products come from an outdoor CBD culture (Outdoor or Out). The quality of CBD Outdoor flowers largely depends on the quality of the soil, the climate, the presence or absence of pests, etc. Outdoor cultivation results in "terroir" CBD flowers, insofar as they express characteristics (shape, taste, flavors, aromas, notes) representative of the growing environment. Because the cost of production in Outdoor is relatively low with a sometimes industrial quantity, the price of CBD Out flowers is very competitive.
    •         CBD Greenhouse Flowers: These CBD products are grown in greenhouses. Cultivated in the sun but protected from pests and climatic hazards by the Greenhouse, this CBD flower offers the best compromise between Outdoor and Indoor cultivation, with an intermediate price and a regularly stocked stock.

    Whether grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse, only CBD flowers with less than 0.3% THC are authorized in France.

    CBD flowers: enjoy the classics at a low price!

    Amnesia, Purple Haze, OG Kush, Strawberry Haze, Orange Bud Indoor, Sour Widow… all the legendary strains of CBD flowers are at 321 CBD at a smart price! Our stock is regularly replenished with premium quality CBD products from the best hemp growers in France, Switzerland and Italy.

    Indoor, Outdoor or Greenhouse Growing? Fruity aromas, earthy flavors, raw taste or woody note? CBD light or powerful CBD flower? Calming or uplifting effects? Cannabis L. Sativa or Cannabis Indica? Make your choice with confidence with 321 CBD. We have made a comments section available to you so that you can consult the opinions and feedback of our customers on the effects and taste of CBD flower before placing an order.

    If you are just starting out, you can start with a quality, low-cost CBD flower trim to experiment with different flavors and introduce your taste buds to cannabidiol flower. Of course, all our CBD products are legal, with a THC level of less than 0.3%.

    CBD Purple Haze flower (10 grams) at a smart price

    With a CBD rate that prances at 19.7%, the cheap CBD flower Purple Haze is a real elixir of relaxation with soothing effects that promote rapid sleep for a good night's sleep. From a hemp strain of the Cannabis L. Sativa variety, this cheap CBD flower is grown indoors and has a beautiful layer of trichomes that makes it the queen of Haze!

    On the palate, this variety concentrated in cannabidiol displays very sweet floral aromas, a fruity taste (blackberries and grapes) and pleasant woody flavors. Taste Purple Haze to form your own opinion… this CBD product with orange notes is often on sale!

    The cheap CBD OG Kush flower (5 to 20 grams)

    After delighting the owners of Dutch coffee shops, the CBD OG Kush variety joins our stock to the delight of lovers of this CBD flower as popular as it is mysterious!

    Indeed, and despite the impressive popularity of this cheap CBD flower, its origin remains unknown. Hemp experts predict a mix between three strains: Pakistani Kush, ChemDawg, and Lemon Thai. This is undoubtedly what explains the pine taste and the lemony flavors of this CBD flower like no other. This variety grown indoors has a moderate CBD rate (8.5%), without THC.

    Promo: with the purchase of a 20 gram pack of CBD OG Kush flower, we give you an extra 5 grams!

    Orange Bud Indoor CBD flower (5 to 20 grams) at a low price

    Soaked in cannabidiol, this variety of Skunk ancestry will give you an enchanted break thanks to its soothing effects, its anti-stress properties and its ability to immerse you in the arms of Morpheus for a healthy and restorative sleep. Grown indoors, the Orange Bud CBD flower owes its name to its beautiful orange fleece. On the palate, it displays citrusy aromas and a pronounced organic taste.

    Promo: with the purchase of a 20 gram pack of Orange Bud Indoor CBD flower, we give you an additional 5 grams!

    The Sour Widow cheap CBD flower (5 to 20 grams)

    Dominated by the Cannabis Sativa variety, the cheap CBD flower Sour Widow is the result of the marriage between two varieties well known to cannabidiol lovers: Super Sour Diesel and White Widow. This CBD flower grown outdoors has of course inherited the organoleptic quality of its two parents, namely a slightly sweet taste, tangy notes and spicy flavors, but also and above all an invigorating effect and pronounced analgesic properties. CBD content: 13% (without THC).

    Promo: When you buy a 20 gram pack of Sour Widow CBD flowers, we give you an extra 5 grams!

    Inexpensive premium CBD flower trim (20 grams)

    Can't choose from our available stock of cheap CBD flowers? Treat yourself to this premium quality trim, the result of a rigorous selection of different varieties with complementary colors, flavors and properties, with a CBD rate of 12%. This 20 gram pack has an excellent price-performance ratio and is therefore an excellent CBD product for beginners who want to get started with CBD flowers without compromising on quality.

    Warning: This CBD flower trim is a victim of its own success. Don't wait to order as soon as the product is available in stock.

    The Orange Turbo Greenhouse CBD flower at a low price (20 grams)

    Heavy, compact and generous, the Orange Turbo CBD flower grown in a greenhouse shines with its freshly tangy notes. Its balanced CBD content (11.5%) makes it a versatile Greenhouse variety for releasing nervous tension, relieving muscle stiffness and reducing stress.

    Promo: with the purchase of a 20 gram Orange Turbo Greenhouse CBD flower pack, we give you an extra 5 grams!

    Are CBD flowers legal in France?

    As with any cannabidiol product, CBD flowers grown in Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse are governed by European decree n°369 – 2014. Our stock is exclusively composed of CBD flowers from the best producers in France, from Switzerland and Italy with a THC level of less than 0.3%, in accordance with the regulations in force. You can therefore choose from our different varieties of cheap CBD flowers with complete peace of mind.

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