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France bans organic certification for CBD products

In France, official certification bodies, such as Veritas or Ecocert, will no longer be able to issue "organic" approvals to CBD-based products. This decision by the French authorities will take effect shortly and is likely to impact a large part of the industry as hemp-based products generally all contain some CBD.

Organic labelling and CBD listing: tightening regulations

From now on, every affiliated producer will have to declare the slightest trace of CBD in their products that may contain it, providing a full list of all their ingredients. Added to this is the "Novel Food" regulation, resulting from MIDELCA. Recently adopted in France, it provides for the withdrawal from the market of all food products containing CBD that do not have legal European approval. This is a major blow to independent hemp growers who do not have sufficient funds to obtain this approval from approved bodies. They will then have to abandon the production of foodstuffs based on the molecule.

Novel Food already under question

The sector's professionals were quick to denounce these new measures, which they do not consider legitimate. In addition, many hemp associations, such as the EIHA (European Industrial Hemp Association) - which aims to represent European interests relating to hemp - are questioning the classification of CBD, in the Novel Food category.

In particular, four cases have already been filed by the EIHA to challenge this new classification regarding four Novel Food applications for CBD-based product formulations. However, while waiting for the application to be successful and hoping that it will be, producers will have to be patient. Ecocert will be required to withdraw organic certification from all hemp-based products potentially containing CBD.

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