CBD Oil for Small Animals 3%
CBD Oil for Small Animals 3%
CBD Animals

CBD Oil for Small Animals 3% - 10ml

Made in France

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CBD Animals
Description CBD Oil for Small Animals 3% - 10ml

CBD Oil for Small Animals is 100% natural and therefore it there are no traces of pesticides. As its name suggests, it consists of 3% CBD. Besides, there is absolutely no THC in this 10ml bottle. 🌿

CBD oil relieves small animals of their ailments thanks to its numerous medicinal properties. A way to make their daily lives happier by reducing their anxiety and stress.

So you can use it on any kind of animals like rodents, rabbits or other mammals small in size.🐇

What are the advantages and benefits of CBD Oil for Small Animals 3%?

CBD oil reduces chronic pain and inflammation in small pets. You can therefore use it to relieve their pain, but also if they have a predisposition to epilepsy and seizures. 🙌

In addition, CBD oil is also beneficial for treating inflammation of the intestine, arthritis and urinary problems. Overall, CBD will improve daily life of your pet. 🐹

What dosage to use for CBD oil for Small Animals 3%?

Be aware that the dosage of CBD oil will be directly dependent on the weight of your small animal. Since the oil has a 3% concentration of CBD, this means that there are 1.75 mg in each drop.🙌

So to determine the number of drops to give your animal, you must know its weight in kg and multiply it by 0.75. The number you get is his daily dosage in milligrams. Then you divide that number by 1.75 and you will know how many drops to give it.

If for example your animal weighs 3 kg, the daily dose will be 3 X 0.75 = 2.25 mg. 2.25 / 1.75 = 1.3. 🙌

So you should give your pet one to two drops of CBD oil daily. For a first intake, start with a small dose in order to observe the reaction of your animal then gradually increase until you reach the ideal daily dose.

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