Crumble CBD 92,9% - 5G
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CBD Crumble 92,9% - 5G

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Description CBD Crumble 92,9% - 5G

The high concentration of CBD Crumble

Here is the highest CBD extraction you'll find on the market. The Crumble CBD is the most concentrated version of CBD that guarantees product potency incomparable to other CBD products. This Full Spectrum of CBD has a CBD content of 92.9%, which is a very high level of the molecule. 

Grown organically indoors from Switzerland, this non-psychoactive cannabinoid concentrate has a dosage that allows for the full and complete benefits of CBD. This CBD Crumble is suitable for people who are used to the powerful effects of CBD and are looking to increase them even more. This CBD Crumble is ideal for therapeutic use and does not contain THC. 

A very small amount of CBD Crumble is enough to provide the desired effects. It is part of the daily consumption of regulars. This product is ccompliant with European regulations and has no addictive or harmful health aspects.

The effects of CBD Crumble

CBD Crumble is a full-spectrum product that is highly concentrated in cannabidiol which allows you to get all the benefits of the hemp plant. It works very quickly which is beneficial for consumers in a hurry. 

Thanks to the retention of other cannabinoids during the extraction of CBD, CBD Crumble gives you the benefit of the entourage effect. The entourage effect is the effect of consuming a product that benefits from the union of multiple cannabinoids at the same time. 

It is because of this unique concentration that CBD Crumble can deliver intense relaxation, significant effects on pain, aches, inflammation or even physical tension. After consuming this CBD Crumble, very quickly, you will feel its effects very quickly act on your aches and pains thanks to its very high concentration of CBD and its unique entourage effect! 

CBD Crumble offers an experience of its own!

How to use CBD Crumble

CBD Crumble is meant to be vaporized and inhaled. In fact, you can insert your Crumble crumble into your vaporizer, diluting it in your e-liquids, and incorporating it into the compartment meant for liquids. This is the healthiest way to use it. 

If you don't like inhaling CBD products, you can also incorporate CBD Crumble into your food. Easy to use and incorporate into one's CBD recipes, Crumble goes well with fats. It is recommended to incorporate it into sauces, butter, oil or other fatty element of your dishes. 

Features of CBD Crumble

Extraction: full spectrum

Product : BIO

Culture Indoor

Country: Switzerland

To be used as an inhalation with a spray bottle

Crumble CBD 92,9% - 5G
Crumble CBD 92,9% - 5G
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