CBD Sour Widow 13
CBD Sour Widow 13
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CBD Sour Widow 13%


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Citrus Apricot Spicy
Sour Widow
Description CBD Sour Widow 13%

The powerful Sour Widow CBD flower

Naturally rich in CBD, Sour Widow, grown outdoors, is the fruit of the marriage between Super Sour Diesel and the famous White Widow. A generous and compact hybrid which has inherited the many qualities of its 2 parents. In the United States, this variety of hemp is widely used in the medical context for its multiple therapeutic virtues and its high CBD content. Slightly sweet, tangy and spicy, this Sour Widow CBD flower has an absolutely unique taste. 🌿

Grown in strict compliance with European laws regarding the production of industrial hemp, CBD flowers Sour Widow undergo numerous quality checks before they reach your hands. So you can be sure to receive legal, healthy and incredibly tasty CBD flowers. 😋

In addition, these CBD flowers are completely free of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and therefore do not provide any psychoactive or harmful effects for your health. So, if you are looking for a potent hemp variety in terms of taste and effects, you will not be disappointed by this Sour Widow flower and its 13% CBD. 🌿

The relaxing effects of Sour Widow CBD flower

Sativa-dominant, this Sour Widow CBD flower can be consumed at any time of the day, without any risk of drowsiness. On the contrary, hemp varieties of Sativa origin are known to stimulate the brain and offer a motivational boost. In addition, Sour Widow CBD flower is known to effectively reduce stress and anxiety, but also relieve muscle and joint pain. Thanks to its 13% CBD, the relaxing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects are almost instantaneous and can be long-lasting. 🙌

If you suffer from insomnia and intense fatigue during the day, this Sour Widow CBD flower can help you regain quality sleep and thus, overcome this problem of fatigue. Rest assured, CBD does not act as a sedative that would make you sleep any minute, but rather as a regulator that rebalances your circadian rhythm. With this CBD flower, your nights will be peaceful, without stress, without anxiety and without insomnia. And your days will be more beautiful, accompanied by a pleasant feeling of joy, well-being and good mood. 😃

The Original Sour Widow CBD Flower Scent

In terms of taste and smell, Sour Widow is a delicious mixture of apricot, spices and citrus fruits. Your taste buds will be caressed by delicate notes of lemon, grapefruit, incense and pepper. 🍋

All complemented by a haze aftertaste that completes this magical experience. In the end, Sour Widow is a fruity, peppery and tangy hemp variety that seduces consumers with its originality.

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