CBD Blackberry Kush 11.1%
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CBD Blackberry Kush 11.1%


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Blackberry Kush
Description CBD Blackberry Kush 11.1%

The origin of the Blackberry Kush cannabis strain

At high Indica dominanceBlackberry Kush is a delicious blend of two well-known strains: Blackberry and Afghani. Known for its pronounced scent of wild berriesThe Blackberry Kush is recognizable by its sub-scores of Skunk. Visually, the Blackberry Kush buds have magnificent shades of red and purple, dotted with glittering trichomes. A real sight for sore eyes. Thanks to its powerful relaxing virtuesBlackberry Kush CBD flower is very popular in the world of medical marijuana.

Recognized for its soothing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effectsThis Blackberry Kush CBD flower is ideal for relax at the end of the day. Cultivated in the rules of art and in the biggest respect of the European standards in force, the flowers of CBD Blackberry Kush which are presented to you do not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Moreover, these CBD flowers go through numerous checks before being marketed, and these steps are essential to guarantee a high quality product. premium quality end product.

The relaxing effects of CBD Blackberry Kush flower

Since it does not contain THC, this CBD flower will not give you no psychoactive or harmful effects on your health. As the name suggests, only the CBD (cannabidiol) molecule is present in this Blackberry Kush herb. With 11.1% CBD and a strong pre-Indica dominance, this CBD flower is more recommended for end-of-day consumption. Within the first few minutes, you'll be able to feel the relaxing effects invade your body, without falling asleep. Physically, it soothes muscle and joint pain, even the most persistent.

Mentally, it proves very effective in reducing stress and anxiety, making it easier to fall asleep and returning to quality, deep, restful sleep. This strain is particularly valued for its calming virtues that allow you to release physical and mental tension after a long day at work. Habitual CBD users primarily use it to alleviate anxiety, relieve muscle pain and combat sleep disorders.

The taste and smell of CBD flowers Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush is characterized by a strong woodland fruit smell. That said, it remains smooth and very palatable. Subtly spicyit is strongly reminiscent of the taste of fresh blackberries and wild blueberries. If you like sweet, woody and slightly earthy flavorsYou'll love this tasty CBD Blackberry Kush flower.

CBD Blackberry Kush 11.1%
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