CBD Herb 707 Truthban 12,1% (in French)
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CBD Herb 707 Truthban 12,1%


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707 Truthban
Description CBD Herb 707 Truthban 12,1%

The origin of the 707 Truthband variety

A marriage between True OG and 707 Headband, the 707 Truthband cannabis strain has a lot of many similarities with the famous OG Kush. This Sativa dominant hybrid has a very pleasant taste of citrus and pine which are reminiscent of the legendary flavours of OG Kush. Cultivated in compliance with European legislation concerning the cultivation of industrial hemp, this CBD flower 707 Truthband has passed numerous quality control checks before it reaches your hands.

Of course, it is a product totally free of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the molecule responsible for the psychoactive effects of hemp. With this herb with 12.1% CBD, you will only feel the positive and relaxing effects of medical cannabis. Characterized by its beautiful red and purple budsThe 707 Truthband herb is generous, delicious and seductive.

The effects of the 707 Truthband herb

With its 12.1% CBD content and its Sativa heritageThis 707 Truthband herb can be consumed at any time of the day. Its CBD content is rather moderate, and its Sativa side makes it quite cerebral stimulant. Thus, it relaxes you in a few moments, reduces stress and anxiety levels considerably, stimulates your creative mind and makes you slightly more sociable.

If you're looking for a medical cannabis strain that keeps you Motivated and productive, you'll love 707 Truthband. Perfectly balanced, this CBD-concentrated herb can also help you fight insomnia by offering you a more restful sleep. Automatically, if you are calmer and less stressed, your nights will be much more peaceful. Not too weak or too powerful, CBD 707 Truthband herb accompanies you throughout the day and brings you a good feeling and good mood whenever you need it.

The 707 Truthband flower scent

Because of its genetic makeup, 707 Truthband strongly resembles a good old OG Kush in taste. With 707 Truthband, you'll be able to smell delicate notes of lemon, pine and spice. Although it has characterful aromas, this herb remains very smooth on the palate. To take advantage of its exceptional flavors, you can incorporate it into your culinary preparations such as an herbal tea, juice or dish. If you prefer more traditional methods, you can always get a vaporizer to inhale this herb in a healthy and controlled way.

CBD Herb 707 Truthban 12,1% (in French)
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