CBG Alpine White 9,5%
CBG Alpine White 9,5%
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CBG Alpine White 9,5%


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Description CBG Alpine White 9,5%

The origin of the CBG Alpine White variety

The wonderful CBG Alpine White flower is a Swiss plant of which growers are very proud. Developed by Bernard Rappaz in the 2000s, Alpine White is a star among the organic CBG products produced in the central Valais region of Switzerland. Raised in the heart of the mountains, accustomed to the fresh air of Lake Geneva and the low temperatures of high altitudes, Alpine White is a robust plant, rich in therapeutic properties and flavors and very wild. This earns it a reputation for powerful effects and a stable CBG flower that can be counted on to deliver the desired results. A true bestseller not to be missed if you are a hemp insider and love tasty plants. Alpine's genetics are hard to trace though, we can say that it is Indica dominant, which is why it is at home in cooler temperatures. Alpine White is a rare outdoor plant to find in the CBD and CBG flower scene.

The powerful effects of Alpine White CBG Wildflower

Alpine White CBG wildflower grown outdoors offers virtues that only an outdoor plant can. With its fairly reasonable CBG content of 9.5% and CBD of 0.08%, Alpine White provides a subtle power and confidence boost. A few hours after its consumption, you will have a boost of motivation and will forget all your obstacles. Ideal at the time of a creative session or to have more control of oneself and one's mind at work. Its unique taste with strong dominance Indica testifies to a culture close to the ground, very rich in nutrients. With the consumption of this plant, a true boost of energy will gain you. The amateurs of strong tastes will be served and delighted by its affordable price. The rarity of this product makes it a highly prized and sought-after must-have, but consumable by all. The effects of Alpine White are unique and invigorating. A must try. 

The earthy aromas of CBG Alpine White flower

The Swiss plant Alpine White is a plant that grows deep in the Alpine mountains, from which it got its name. As such, it offers an aromatic profile very typical of wild outdoor plants. Its scent is slightly sweet and woody, with notes of fir and lemon. Its taste is bitter, earthy and very powerful. Alpine White flower gets its power from its buds are compact and dark in color, full of terpenes and pistils.

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