CBD Flower Nina Limone 9.3%
CBD Flower Nina Limone 9.3%
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CBD Nina Limone 9.3%


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Lemon Citrus Sweet
Lemon Haze
Description CBD Nina Limone 9.3%

Description of the tart flower of CBD Lemon Haze

The Lemon Haze CBD flower is an essential plant well known in the world of cannabis. As its name suggests, it has a very strong citrus taste and flavors like lemongrass or orange. 🍊

A cross between Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk, this hybrid flower will surprise you both with its outstanding taste and its effects on the body and mind. It is the only flower to have such a strong taste as explosive effects. Indeed, the power of its effects has earned it a reputation as a gentle but effective lemon plant.

The Lemon Haze promises you a soaring trip to the heart of the Mediterranean, right in the middle of fields of lemon trees, in calm and incredible relaxation. Take advantage of a calm moment, without stress or anxiety, to contemplate the horizons while resting from a hectic day. 🌿 With very little THC, Lemon Haze does not make you stone, but it relaxes all the muscles in your body one by one, and makes you decompress in no time. After smoking it, you will instantly appreciate the present moment and forget your worries.

Taste the delicious citrus flavors and immerse yourself in a zesty and energizing experience, enhanced by aromas of lime, grapefruit, orange and unique bergamot! 🍊

Enjoy this exceptional and refreshing hemp plant by inhaling it or steeping it as an herbal tea.

The pungent flower flavors of CBD Lemon Haze

It's all in the name! Lemon Haze CBD flower is a small, very tasty lemony concentrate that few hemp plants offer. 🍋 When you smoke her, you'll experience the tastes of all your favorite citrus fruits, plus a fresh earthy cannabis flavor. Lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange or bergamot, Lemon Haze is very rich in flavors.

Thanks to this fruity combo, enjoy an explosive experience in the mouth but also at the level of each cell of your body thanks to its richness in CBD of 8 to 10%. Indeed, each flavor brings an even more pronounced power to your sensations as well as to your experience with cannabidiol.

The Benefits of Lemon Haze CBD Flower

CBD Lemon Haze flower is not just a flower that smells good, it is also a powerful therapeutic remedy that followers appreciate for its benefits on all levels. It is not only an excellent analgesic and antibacterial that purifies your immune system while reducing your pain, but it is also an excellent booster that motivates you to accomplish your daily tasks, all in a constant good humor.

After smoking Lemon Haze, you will have a few hours of rare liveliness and clarity of mind. Its energizing effect prevents you from falling into your bad habits and your daily bad mood. You will be smiling and ready to socialize as you will be relaxed... ☺️

Also enjoy the benefits of Lemon Haze on your body. Every cell in your body will be re-boosted and invigorated, you will have a feeling of incredible renewal and energy.

CBD flowers are consumed by inhalation with a specialized vaporizer, or by infusion in herbal tea. This CBD product contains less than 0.2% THC, and has no psychoactive effect.

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