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Chocolate and CBD caramels - 375 mg (Greeneo)

Combine the delicious taste of caramel with the power of CBD

Whether you're a gourmet or an inveterate gourmand, you can't help but fall for these delicious melt-in-the-mouth chocolate and CBD caramels. On the menu: an irresistibly melting texture, the authentic taste of dark chocolate and aromas of caramel that titillate the taste buds.

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It is important to understand the differences between THC and CBD levels when choosing cannabidiol products, as this can influence the experience you will have when consuming them. If you are looking for all the benefits of CBD, it is best to choose a product with a high CBD content. The higher the CBD content, the greater the benefits. All our CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC and are therefore legal in Europe.
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Description Chocolate and CBD caramels - 375 mg (Greeneo)

Enhanced with full spectrum cannabidiol, this candy brings you calm, serenity and relief. 🙌

Soft chocolate and CBD caramels: a delicacy for body and soul

Caramel and chocolate speak to the taste buds, CBD speaks to the mind. Made the old-fashioned way following the traditional recipe for fondant chocolate caramels from our childhood, this treat made in France will very quickly become your favorite snack for a soothing break in your days. loaded. 🍫

The melting chocolate and CBD caramels from Greeneo come in 130-gram wrappers, an ultra-practical format for indulging yourself at any time of the day, in complete discretion.< /p>

If you are more the type to ritualize your little moments of pleasure, you can enjoy your melting chocolate and CBD caramels at the table, at breakfast or at snack, with a gourmet coffee or natural yogurt. You can also make it a dessert for lunch (to lower the pressure) or dinner (to help you fall asleep quickly). Let the caramel melt in your mouth so it can give off its dominant chocolate flavors, but also its subtle cannabidiol flavors. 🌿

To satisfy well-being aficionados, Greeneo has chosen full spectrum CBD, which therefore contains all the useful active ingredients of the hemp plant, in this case the variety Cannabis L. Sativa. The unit format allows you to dose your cannabidiol intake precisely. Each candy contains 25 mg of CBD (375 mg of CBD in the box). You will therefore be able to control your consumption and adjust it according to your objectives and the context while enjoying a treat to die for. 🌿

In short, Greeneo offers us here all the good ingredients of the hemp plant in a ready-to-eat chocolate caramel foil. Treat yourself!

How to consume CBD Chocolate Fudge Caramels?

CBD extracted from the Cannabis L. Sativa variety interacts with the endocannabinoid system to trigger a cascade of benefits for body and mind. The molecule helps you to better control your stress and anxiety, to relieve pain of low to moderate intensity, provides you with an anti-inflammatory effect, especially in the muscles and joints and soothes you for a healthy and restorative sleep. 💤

We recommend that you consume these melting chocolate and CBD caramels for breakfast if you are stressed and anxious by nature. This will allow you to start your day with a little more serenity. If your stress appears more during the day, prefer a drink in the early afternoon. If you want to help you fall asleep quickly, grab a few candies in the early evening to let go. 💤

Warning: These chocolate delicacies are so succulent that it is difficult not to chain the papillotes and finish the box. Keep in mind that they contain CBD and other cannabinoids. 🌿 This is why we advise you to limit yourself to four or five gummies every 4 to 6 hours. According to the Professional Hemp Syndicate, the maximum recommended dose of CBD is 300 mg per day. Beyond that, some mild and temporary side effects may occur, including a little drowsiness.

Chocolate and CBD fondant caramels in a nutshell

  • Made in France the traditional way 🇫🇷;
  • Contain Full Spectrum CBD (Full Spectrum);
  • Almost zero THC content (less than 0.2%), in accordance with French regulations;
  • 25mg CBD per gummy;
  • Forbidden to minors, not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women 🚫;
  • Store at room temperature and protect from light;
  • A product of the French brand Greeneo (Nantes).
Aromatic power
Anti-anxiety effect
Relaxing effect
Muscle recovery


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