Huile de CBD 5% Hydrosoluble Chanvréo - 10ml

CBD Oil 5% Water Soluble Chanvréo - 10ml

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Description CBD Oil 5% Water Soluble Chanvréo - 10ml

Hanvreo Water Soluble Vegetable Hemp Oil is composed of powerful cannabinoids as well as numerous terpenes that are highly beneficial to the body. Thanks to this blend, this oil provides relaxing and energizing benefits with a unique absorption!

This oil is not psychotropic as it does not contain THC, but provides vigorous natural effects. Composed of 5% water soluble CBD, this CBD oil is an interesting entry level for CBD product enthusiasts who want to use less product but still get tenfold effects. Try it, you come the difference with a classic CBD oil!

Oil not recommended for pregnant and nursing women.

Does not contain allergens or THC.

Product of natural origin, made in the EU.

The effects of CBD Oil 5% Water Soluble Chanvreo - 10ml

Chanvreo 5% Water Soluble CBD Oil offers a higher absorption rate than regular CBD. This means that it has a higher efficacy for a lower dosage. Its advantage is therefore significant as it offers the possibility to enjoy the relaxing benefits in the human body with less product and therefore less waste. Thanks to this rare specificity, it can be consumed for longer periods of time and makes considerable savings!

What is water-soluble CBD

CBD in soluble form indicates that the cannabinoids dissolve easily in water. Its opposite, hydrophobic CBD, does not mix easily with water. When the oil is water soluble, it means that it travels through your body much faster, as the human body contains 60% water. So it guarantees more effects on the body.

Tips for using this CBD oil

Store Chanvréo Water Soluble CBD Oil in a dark, dry and relatively cool environment. Shake before use. Add 1 to 8 pumps, 3 times a day, to any cold or hot liquid and then stir before drinking the liquid. You can also consume it directly by pouring a few drops under the tongue. Oil to be kept in its original container.

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