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Emblematic pack (4 x 1gr)

Discover 4 iconic varieties of CBD flowers

Discover 4 iconic varieties of CBD flowers

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It is important to understand the differences between THC and CBD levels when choosing cannabidiol products, as this can influence the experience you will have when consuming them. If you are looking for all the benefits of CBD, it is best to choose a product with a high CBD content. The higher the CBD content, the greater the benefits. All our CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC and are therefore legal in Europe.
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Description Emblematic pack (4 x 1gr)

Our signature pack lives up to its name as it features essential strains of CBD flowers. 🌿

What does the Emblematic Pack (4 x 1gr) offered by 321cbd contain?

Our signature pack contains CBD flower varieties you won't be able to live without. We warn you, to carry out this tasting is to take the risk of adding these references to your favorite varieties of CBD flowers! 🌿

In this pack you will find the following flowers:

  • 🌿Cannatonic (1 gr): this little jewel of the world of CBD is undoubtedly a must. Cannatonic CBD flower has woody notes (reminiscent of fresh pine) with earthy and woody notes. It helps to soothe the body very quickly.😀

  • 🌿Gelato (1 gr): advice to the greediest, the CBD Gelato flower will make you fall back into childhood with its flavors reminiscent sometimes of ice cream and sometimes cookies. 😋With it, stress and anxiety will not resist!

  • 🌿Jack Herrer (1 gr): One of the most iconic strains, Jack Herrer CBD flower offers a pine and citrus scent that gives way to a more peppery note. It is ideal for increasing the ability to concentrate during the day! 🙌

  • 🌿White Widow (1 gr): balanced and generous, the White Widow has flavors of mint and tropical fruits. 😋It will make you enjoy all the benefits of CBD on its own.

As a gift: our team will slip a puff into your pack! For the taste, we leave you the surprise, but believe us, you are going to enjoy it!

5 good reasons to choose the Emblematic Pack (4 x 1gr)

There are plenty of reasons to choose the iconic pack offered by 321cbd:

  • To test new varieties without taking any risks by trying a small weight😀,

  • To organize a tasting evening with your friends 🙌,

  • To vary the pleasures and change the variety of CBD flower according to your desires 🌿,

  • To offer an original gift 🎁,

  • To develop your palate by testing several flavors 😋.

You are convinced by the content of this pack and want to test a larger quantity? In this case, opt directly for the 4 x 3 gr version!

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