Resin CBD Afghan Gold 23,1% CBD - 5G
CBD Resin

Resin CBD Afghan Gold 23,1% CBD - 5G

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Description Resin CBD Afghan Gold 23,1% CBD - 5G

The incredible CBD resin Afghan Gold has highly sought after origins that make it an exceptional product. Also known as Afghan hashish, it is extracted from the trichomes of the Afghan Kush hybrid plant. This cannabis plant is itself the result of a long process of cultivation and crossing by cannabis growers, with the aim of obtaining a hybrid with a very high concentration of CBD. 

Afghan Gold resin is therefore derived from the Afghan Kush cannabis strain and has the particularity of being covered with gold leaf. Afghan Kush is a strain from the Hindu Kush mountain range, which straddles the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. These are cannabis strains with exotic woody flavors and incredible therapeutic power.

This resin holds less than 0.2% THC. It is therefore compliant with European laws. It is recommended to consume it in infusion or vaporization in order to enjoy all its flavors.

The benefits of CBD Afghan Gold 23.1% resin

CBD resin offers the effects of cannabidiol, but at much higher concentrations than other CBD products. This makes it more effective, faster acting, and provides more benefits. 

First of all, by consuming this resin, you will feel a significant sensation of relaxation. Secondly, know that this resin has the power to act on anxiety problems, intense stress and anxieties. You will also sleep better, and will not have insomnia anymore! Finally, Afghan Gold resin is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, it reduces chronic pain, especially pain related to osteoarthritis.

The flavors of Afghan Gold 23.1% CBD resin

The aroma of Afghan Gold resin is pungent, spicy, aromatic and robust. This resin has a distinct and very spicy smell.

How to use Afghan Gold CBD resin

CBD resin is one of the cannabidiol products with the highest concentration of active ingredients. Therefore, it is an alternative form of consumption that is attracting more and more enthusiasts. 

its compact, easy-to-carry format makes it an elegant and discreet option. The primary mode of consumption for the resin is inhalation, using a vaporizer. The advantage is that the effects of inhalation appear fairly quickly and disappear just as quickly.

Features of CBD Afghan Gold resin?

Color Gold

Product BIO

Country: Italy

To be taken as an infusion or inhalation

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