CBD Resin Black 18%
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CBD Resin Black 18% CBD - 5G

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Description CBD Resin Black 18% CBD - 5G

Black CBD resin or Black is an incredible and very popular CBD resin in the CBD world, which is why it is not to be missed! Particularly popular among CBD product lovers and thrill seekers, Black resin is an easy-to-use product that has fast-acting effects.

CBD Black resin is a variety of hash that offers powerful effects thanks to its high CBD concentration of 18% as well as its elegant and pleasant flavors to the consumption. With Black resin, you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of CBD, relax, enjoy the moment and be more joyful in no time.

Containing many therapeutic terpenes, this resin is non-psychoactive because its THC level is less than 0.2%, the legal level allowed in Europe. CBD resin is consumed as an infusion or vaporization to enjoy all its flavors.

Organic product, from Swiss agriculture.

Contains 18% CBD, and less than 0.2% THC.

The effects of Black CBD Resin 18% - 5g

Black CBD Resin 18% is a product from the hemp plant that is highly prized for its rare relaxing and therapeutic benefits. The resin is known to work quickly due to the infusion process that allows it to access the bloodstream in less than half an hour.

CBD resin is an excellent support for regulating neurological disorders, stress, jaw tension and anxiety attacks. It provides a relaxing effect, intense well-being and rests tormented minds throughout the day. Its antidepressant effect will soothe you, naturally!

This resin also has an action on physical symptoms such as pain and inflammation. It allows muscles to relax and softens intentionally tight muscles.

Thanks to the therapeutic benefits of CBD Black resin, quality of life improves, with less stress in daily life, fewer anxiety attacks but also a more positive state of mind in general.

How to use and store Black CBD Resin 18%

CBD resin can be consumed in a number of ways: infusion, inhalation, vaporization, or by incorporating it into your cooking recipes.

It is recommended to use CBD Black resin by infusion or inhalation using a vaporizer or bong. It is perfect for people who are used to CBD concentrated products that take effect quickly.

It can be stored like any other cannabidiol product in a dark place and protected from moisture, in an airtight package.

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