Infusion bio au CBD et à la menthe douce
Infusion bio au CBD et à la menthe douce
CBD infusions

Organic infusion with CBD and sweet mint

An infusion concentrated at 70% of CBD for an optimal relaxation

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Description Organic infusion with CBD and sweet mint

Discover the organic infusion with CBD and sweet mint

Treat yourself to the sweetness of this organic sweet mint and hemp infusion. It is ideal if you need to relax, reduce your stress, concentrate or enjoy a moment of cocooning. 🙌

Thanks to its sweet mint flavor, you can enjoy this infusion hot in winter or iced in summer.

What are the ingredients of the sweet mint and hemp infusion?

The relaxing effect of this infusion is guaranteed thanks to the 70% CBD hemp. Used as the main ingredient, it imparts strong anti-stress and anti-nervousness properties. 💪

CBD is also effective in fighting anxiety attacks. By consuming this infusion in the evening, you can enjoy the positive effects of CBD on sleep: reduction of sleep time, nocturnal awakenings, nightmares and insomnia. 😴

Two types of mint complete the recipe for this CBD infusion:

  • peppermint, which acts in particular on migraines, headaches and digestive disorders. 🍃

  • Nanah mint, which aids digestion. It also has soothing and relaxing properties. 🍃

Infuse for 10 minutes 1 to 3 teaspoons of the preparation in a cup of boiling water.

To take advantage of the maximum benefits offered by this infusion, add a fatty substance during the preparation. Because CBD is lipophilic, it will be better assimilated by your body in the presence of milk or vegetable oil. 🙌

Why choose a CBD infusion?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a molecule from the hemp plant that offers numerous health and wellness benefits. 🌿 In particular, it reduces stress and anxiety, and also acts on physical ailments such as migraines, digestion problems, or even headaches, pain related to periods.

The hemp used in this infusion is certified “From organic farming " and was harvested in Germany. We therefore offer you a product of controlled quality and origin.

This infusion is not suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding women or children. 🚫

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