Organic Vitality Infusion 22%
Organic Vitality Infusion 22%
Organic Vitality Infusion 22%
Organic Vitality Infusion 22%
Organic Vitality Infusion 22% Organic Vitality Infusion 22% Organic Vitality Infusion 22%
CBD infusions

Organic Vitality Infusion 22%

The organic infusion Vitality with CBD, for more productive days

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CBD rate
22 %
Description Organic Vitality Infusion 22%

Why opt for Vitality organic infusion?

Rough awakenings one after the other? Is the start of the day slow? Lacking energy and drive at work? Packed with tonic plants, the 22% CBD Vitality organic infusion stimulates cognitive functions and gives a boost to the body to increase productivity and banish nagging fatigue, asthenia, daytime sleepiness and torpor. 💪

To complement or replace coffee, the organic hemp Vitality infusion will quickly become a breakfast essential to start the day with panache!

Organic Vitality infusion with CBD, for more productive days

Derived from certified organic cultivation, Vitality hemp infusion is a mixture of plants rigorously selected for their tonic, digestive and invigorating properties.< /strong> The targeted active ingredients work together to sharpen your senses and promote good physiological functioning. 🙌

Consumed at breakfast or in the middle of the afternoon when the organisms are tested, the Vitality organic infusion with hemp will give you momentum for particularly productive days, especially in winter. 💪

#1 Rooibos

Rich in polyphenols, rooibos is traditionally consumed for its antioxidant effect. It thus actively fights against cellular aging and oxidative stress. The ingredient is essential in toning drinks insofar as it stimulates transit, an important factor so as not to test the organism with laborious digestion.

#2 CBD 🌿

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is arguably the hottest superfood around. Known for its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, this extract of the hemp plant gives you the tools to control stress and anxiety and relieve weak aches to moderate.

Consumed in the organic Vitality infusion, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system over time and distributes its active ingredients evenly throughout the day.

#3 Ginger

A figurehead of traditional Chinese medicine for five millennia, ginger is a natural stimulant with aphrodisiac properties. It is also an excellent gastrointestinal regulator that will help you regain digestive comfort.

#4 Cinnamon sticks

In the mouth, cinnamon unfolds these characteristic flavors that remind us of our childhood, the holiday season and the cakes of our grandmothers. In the body, cinnamon stimulates heart functions, strengthens immune defenses and boosts energy. Finally, it is a quality appetite suppressant that will calm your carbohydrate cravings.

#5 Black pepper

These whole berries, dried and harvested when ripe, are rich in piperine, a molecule that stimulates the production of endorphins, the famous pleasure hormones. Antidepressant effect, anti-inflammatory properties, analgesic properties... black pepper is a key ingredient in the Vitality organic hemp infusion.

#6 Chamomile

Chamomile is included in the Vitalité organic infusion for its positive effect on mood, especially when the sun is scarce and the days get shorter. It is also a powerful antioxidant and cholesterol regulator.

#7 Orange peel 🍊

In addition to its intoxicating fragrance and deliciously bitter aromas, orange peel is an excellent source of vitamin C. Its toning and astringent properties will do you a lot of good.

#8 Cardamom

Known for its diuretic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, cardamom is also an excellent digestive stimulant that promotes the absorption of nutrients.

Advice on preparation and consumption

1 to 2 teaspoons of product in 200 to 250 ml of mineral or filtered water at 90 or 100°. Leave to infuse for 8 minutes. Enjoy the balanced flavors of the organic Vitality infusion in the morning or during the day. To maximize the benefits of CBD, you can add a fat like whole milk to your drink.

Practical information

  • Product certified "Organic Farming"; 🌿
  • Hemp grown in Europe; 🇪🇺
  • 35 grams, about 18 cups; 🍵
  • Product without THC and without psychotropic effect; 👌
  • Not recommended for pregnant and/or breastfeeding women and children. 🚫
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