Organic sleep infusion
Organic sleep infusion
Organic sleep infusion
Organic sleep infusion Organic sleep infusion
CBD infusions

Organic sleep infusion

Improve your sleep with this organic CBD infusion

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Description Organic sleep infusion

Description of the organic sleep infusion

Stress, anxiety, chronic pain, prolonged exposure to screens… There are many factors that can prevent you from enjoying a deep and restorative sleep. Say goodbye to insomnia and find peaceful nights thanks to this delicious Organic sleep infusion. 💤

Rich in CBD, this infusion has been specially concocted with ingredients that promote sleep, well-being and relaxation. The hemp present in this infusion comes from European agriculture, organic and respectful of the standards in force concerning CBD. 🌿

Benefits of organic sleep infusion

CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp. This molecule has the particularity of playing a regulatory role. In other words, consuming CBD will not knock you out of sleep but will regulate your sleep cycle. 💤 In the same way, CBD is able to regulate mood, appetite and all the imbalances in your body.

In this special sleep infusion, hemp is combined with lemon balm, a plant known to relieve stress and nervousness. There is also chamomile and licorice root, known for their anti-inflammatory action. Mint for its digestive and soothing virtues. And finally, verbena and hop flowers for their beneficial effect on the time it takes to fall asleep and the quality of sleep. 😴

With this selection of plants, you are sure to have a sweet and pleasant night.

Use of the BIO sleep infusion

In addition to constituting a cocktail of benefits for your health, the ORGANIC sleep infusion is a real pleasure for your taste buds. Mint and lemon balm bring a good dose of freshness to the infusion, while verbena, chamomile and hemp give it an intoxicating floral scent. A most comforting blend to help you fall asleep on a note of softness and relaxation. 🌿

To enjoy better rest and fall asleep quickly, it is advisable to add a fat such as milk or honey when of the infusion. This step releases the active ingredients of CBD and optimizes your relaxation experience.💤

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