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Balm, cream, gel, serum, oil… the glossary of cosmetics!

The world of cosmetics is sometimes "jargonizing"! Balm, cream, gel, serum, oil... difficult to find your way around, even when you know a little about skincare products:

  • Balm is a cosmetic product composed of a mixture of lipids, with a reduced water base. It is particularly suitable for dry skin that needs to be generously nourished on a daily basis. The balm can also be used in areas where the skin is particularly fragile, especially the lips. Balms are sometimes called "butters" because these products are usually loaded with shea butter or other fats.
  • The cream usually comes in the form of an oil-in-water emulsion (dry skin), or in aqueous form (oily skin). It reproduces the repairing hydrolipidic film of the skin to protect it from external aggressions.
  • The oil takes on a more fluid texture, more or less viscous, and nourishes the skin after an invasive gesture such as hair removal. The oil is also suitable for massage.
  • The gel spreads more easily on the skin, with a foaming power that makes it an excellent cleansing product. It is recommended for combination to oily skin, as it helps eliminate excess sebum that clogs pores.
  • The serum consists mainly of water, with a light and very fluid texture that allows optimal penetration into the skin tissue. It is generally highly concentrated in anti-aging or anti-stain active ingredients to sublimate the skin on a daily basis, between cleansing and cream.

What is a CBD body balm?

CBD body balm refers to a relatively greasy and consistent cosmetic product that deeply nourishes the skin of the body. Unlike the moisturizer, the balm mixes several natural or synthetic ingredients such as oils, butters and natural waxes to provide dry, fragile or damaged skin with all the nutrients it needs to soothe and hydrate durably.

Body balms participate in skin regeneration and deposit a protective film on the skin to protect it from external aggressions such as pollution, smoke, UV rays, etc. Typically, the body balm relieves and soothes tightness, dryness, redness and irritation. It is therefore the natural ally of fragile skin in winter, when the cold air puts it to the test.

Packed with cannabidiol (CBD), a molecule extracted from the hemp plant, the CBD body balm concentrates all the natural benefits of cannabis to soothe skin damaged by dryness, friction and external aggressions. If CBD has found its place in cosmetic ingredients, it is because it shines with unprecedented benefits:

  • CBD exerts a soothing and relaxing effect, limiting muscle tension that can impact the skin;
  • CBD is also known for its anti-inflammatory effect, thus fighting skin inflammation and reducing redness and irritation, especially after depilation. This anti-inflammatory effect also makes CBD balm a valuable ally in the fight against inflammatory pathologies of the skin of the body, in particular acne, psoriasis or even eczema;
  • By scavenging free radicals, CBD Balm prevents premature skin aging;
  • The hemp plant is nourishing and moisturizing, thanks in particular to its high content of natural oils;
  • CBD and other natural cannabinoids found in the hemp plant have an action on sebocytes, cells responsible for sebum production. The CBD balm therefore helps regulate sebum production to prevent the clogging of the pores of the skin of the body, while preventing the lack of sebum which can lead to skin dryness;
  • For athletes, the use of a CBD balm with organic or, at a minimum, natural ingredients, helps relieve muscle and joint pain that interferes with mobility and impairs performance.

Which active ingredients should be favored in a body balm?

In addition to cannabidiol (CBD), which shines with its thousand and one virtues for healthy skin, what other active ingredients should be favored in a body balm?

  • Hyaluronic acid for a restorative and plumping effect and an action on the production of peptides that restore the balance of the microbiota cutaneous;
  • Organic shea butter, nourishing as desired, especially in dry to very dry areas such as the elbow, knee, feet…;
  • Avocado oil, a powerful antioxidant rich in essential fatty acids;
  • Peppermint oil, refreshing and relaxing.

Is CBD body balm legal in France?

Like all products containing cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinoids, CBD balms for the body and for the face are governed by European decree n° 639 – 2014. In France, only CBD balms for the body and face that contain less than 0.2% THC can be marketed freely. This is the guarantee of the absence of any psychotropic effect and any risk of addiction.

Our stock is exclusively made up of CBD cosmetics that are 100% compliant with the regulations in force in France. You can therefore make your purchase with complete peace of mind. Best price guaranteed and free delivery everywhere in France!

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