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Why should you mix CBD with your coffee?

While CBD combined with tobacco is considered an incompatible mix, CBD and caffeine are highly recommended together. Savvy CBD users are accustomed to adding CBD to their coffee, whether in the morning to start the day, or during the afternoon after their lunch.

If you drink coffee regularly and enjoy the benefits of CBD, you'll be surprised to know that combining the two can bring you even more powerful and interesting benefits in different aspects.

But then, why are CBD and coffee compatible? What benefits does this blend bring? How do you consume CBD with your coffee? We will answer these questions in this article.

In short, coffee combined with CBD can improve your focus, lower your daily anxiety and bring energy to your everyday life.

Let's take a closer look at how you can make the most of this union in your daily life and enjoy a good cup of coffee with therapeutic properties that improve your health.

Why combine CBD and coffee

Combining CBD and coffee may seem like a contradiction in terms. The effects of these two products seem to be opposed because the former is known to be relaxing and the latter is exciting. However, according to some studies on the subject, the two substances seem to have similar and compatible effects on the brain. What are they?

CBD and caffeine

It appears that caffeine and CBD are indeed very similar. They work positively in the brain to give you energy and improve your daily mood. If you consume CBD coffee, you will definitely feel more attentive, determined, focused and ready to face the day compared to a conventional coffee.

The most important benefit of combining caffeine and CBD is that CBD inhibits the negative effects of caffeine. Indeed, it is well known that coffee stimulates but can also make you nervous, anxious or stressed if consumed hard or repeatedly.

Adding CBD to your coffee will help mitigate these effects. The antidepressant and relaxing action of CBD will drastically decrease the unwanted effects of coffee and deliver soothing properties to you through the infusion of the cannabis component.

Coffee and CBD research

In the past 10 years, CBD has been subjected to numerous studies regarding all the benefits it can provide on a wide range of subjects. Patients suffering from various diseases such as fibromyalgia, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis or Alzheimer's have been subjected to tests. Scientists had them consume CBD in a controlled manner to measure its effects.

As it turns out, CBD has been proven to have many dramatic therapeutic effects on certain symptoms. CBD consumption is proven to be anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, pain reliever, anti-stress and many other natural remedies. 

According to research on caffeine, it has been determined that coffee has the same effects as cannabinoids on the body. This has helped determine how the substance works in the system and what the hooks are between CBD and caffeine.

We are now in a position to know what the benefits of CBD in coffee are. Here are those not-so-slight effects.

4 benefits of CBD in coffee

Lowers daytime anxiety

CBD is known for its effects on angst and anxiety. If you are stressful by nature during your work day and you consume coffee, you may be increasing the stressful effect tenfold.

By pairing CBD with caffeine, you will simply add the stress relieving effect to your drink and take the anxiety effect out of your coffee. Two CBD coffees a day, with relatively low doses, will help you have a more relaxed day thanks to: 

  • stimulation of receptors producing the neurotransmitter GABA (a powerful natural inhibitor)

  • to an anti-inflammatory action that inhibits brain voltage potentials

  • to the natural muscle relaxation that CBD provides.

After your first CBD coffee, you'll directly see the difference over a full day!

Boosts energy while improving focus

The unique combination of CBD and caffeine provides the energizing effect sought in the traditional consumption of a cup of coffee, but with the relaxing effect of CBD. This balance of relaxation and energy is ideal for improving concentration, allowing you to focus on work or study. You're no longer nervous about coffee, you're relaxed and can focus on your activities.

In fact, mental focus is supported by CBD. But how? Well when drinking coffee, caffeine blocks the production of adenosine, a primary neurotransmitter that controls mental attention in the human brain. The combination with CBD modulates adenosine to work more efficiently. The brain is sharper and more responsive.

Caffeine and CBD work together to make you feel more alert, improving your focus.

Better digestion

CBD can help achieve better digestive balance. This is because endocannabinoid receptors are present throughout the digestive system and the endocannabinoid system (SEC) is closely linked to the digestive system. The SEC strongly influences our appetite and desire to eat, while regulating the digestive system. 

CBD combined with your coffee can therefore help counteract indigestion, which is often the result of drinking too much coffee during the day. 

How to dose CBD in coffee

It depends entirely on your personal preferences. Here are recommendations from professionals who have tried several different combinations and dosages.

10 to 15 mg of CBD oil: This is a perfect dosage for a relaxing cup of coffee on the weekend, when you don't feel like leaving the house much.

5 to 8 mg of CBD oil: This is the perfect dosage for weekday mornings. In fact, consuming CBD in small doses has been shown to have an energizing effect, making it the perfect supplement before going to work, to boost yourself after lunch.

A dosage of less than 5 mg is not strong enough to have any real impactful effects or to negate the harmful effects of caffeine, while a dosage of more than 15 mg provides a taste and effect that is a little too strong to really enjoy your coffee and post-coffee. Of course, we invite you to do your own experimentation in order to determine the perfect dosage according to your need and your consumption of CBD and coffee!


For 5% concentrated CBD oil: 1 drop = 2.5 mg

For 10% concentrated CBD oil: 1 drop = 5 mg

For 15% concentrated CBD oil: 1 drop = 7.5 mg

For 20% concentrated CBD oil: 1 drop = 10 mg

How to make CBD coffee

Are you won over by the idea of CBD in your coffee and want to give it a try? Great! 

First, you need to get some quality CBD from the French store 321 CBD. We recommend getting a 5% or 10% CBD oil to start, then increasing the concentration over time.

Next, there are two common ways to make CBD coffee:

  • either by making coffee with beans that have already been brewed in CBD,

  • or by adding CBD oil to coffee after it has been brewed

To learn the exact process, check out our 3 easy-to-make CBD coffee recipes. They will deliver all the tips to make tasty CBD coffee at home, as well as at work.

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