Insomnia and CBD

7 relationships to know between CBD and insomnia

This burden on the lives of many French people has been increasing over the generations. There are several medications to treat these insomnia, whether chronic or not, but their effects leave something to be desired and can lead to some form of addiction. CBD can help you in the fight against insomnia

What is insomnia?

Considered as a sleep disorder that affects about 20% of French peopleInsomnia can be disabling on a daily basis depending on the number of attacks. The very definition of insomnia considers that it is a decrease in the quality and quantity of sleepwhich prevents it from being restorative

There are two types of insomniaone is primarywhich means that its cause is none other than stress as well as various disorders related to work, daily life and even childhood. The second type of insomnia is secondarywhich means that it is linked to a psychiatric or medical pathology or to drug use, which accentuates which accentuates this phenomenon

Very disabling when it becomes chronic ( 3 times a week for 3 months ), medicines have been available on the pharmaceutical market for years ( anxiolytics ), but they can have side effects

  • Dependence ;
  • Difficulty to concentrate in everyday life;
  • Secondary fatigue ;
  • Irritability ;
  • Memory loss;
  • And many others.

It is important to know that when a person suffering from insomnia takes one of these medications, he or she will be able to fall asleep quickly, but their sleep will not be restful or very little. In other words, their body and mind will not be rested like a normal person and the lack of restful sleep will be felt the next day

In order to understand the action of CBD on sleep in the lines to come, we will make a reminder of the different phases of sleep that we have each night

insomnie cbd

The different phases of sleep

It is important to know that on average, we sleep for a third of our life. Sleep is divided into 3 to 5 cycles for average (normal) sleepers, lasting 90 minutes each. It is also important to know that the phases of our sleep are themselves divided into several phases that we will see

Slow wave sleep

This sleep phase is the first step before falling into the arms of Morpheus. During this phase, our body relaxes, our muscles relax and for the curious, it is in this phase of sleep that we can have the impression of fall into the void

Then we start to sink, but we are always alert to the slightest noise or light that may wake us up. And finally, we enter the phase of slow wave sleep of the third stage. This phase is the most restorative as we recover from the fatigue accumulated during the day. It is also what we could call, deep sleep. This phase represents 20 à 25 % of our total sleep

REM sleep

During this phase of sleep, we are in a deep sleep, but also in a phase of awakening. You will have understood, it is in this phase that we can dream and have parasomnia attacks which are disabling. This phase represents also 20 à 25 % of our total sleep

CBD to the rescue of insomnia victims!

You will have understood it since the beginning, cBD can help you in the fight against insomnia thanks to its active ingredients and the various effects caused by this consumption

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Acting thanks to the CB1 and CB2 receptors receptors located naturally in our body, CBD acts on several areas of the body that can be painful or that are the cause of your worries, without causing pain

With its long-lasting effect, CBD can truly become the new "drug"for people in pain, although it is currently considered a food supplement. Let's start spelling out the 10 things to know about CBD and insomnia right now

CBD helps to eliminate stress and anxiety

One of the main active ingredients of CBD is obviously its relaxing effect. During its consumption and thanks to its effects on the endocannabinoid system system naturally present in all human beings, CBD will bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors that are present in different parts of our body

  • The CB1 receptors receptors are present in the central nervous systemThe CB1 receptors are present in the central nervous system, in other words, the brain and the nervous combination that runs throughout our body
  • CB2 receptors receptors are present in the the immune system and the digestive system

This system that runs throughout our body allows to diffuse cBD in its entirety and to enjoy all the benefits of this molecule

One of the main factors of insomnia is none other than stress and anxiety which are very disabling throughout the day, but especially in the evening to find the sleep that we want so much. Having pushed our body to the limit all day, this phenomenon does not improve at night, since many people then start thinking too much before finding sleep, if it comes

CBD then allows you to rest your mind and body in order to find sleep more quickly. Obviously, no effect of "high"will be deplored because it is another molecule, called tetrahydrocannabinol or rather THCwhich is responsible for this effect

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CBD improves the quality of sleep

Who hasn't enjoyed going to bed tired and waking up feeling great? Having a good sleep, in other words, a restful sleepcan greatly improve the quality of life of the person. CBD brings an effective action on this problem

To have a restful sleep worthy of the name, it will obviously remove certain habits from your daily life if it is the case among the following

  • Drinking alcohol before sleeping ;
  • Smoking tobacco before sleeping;
  • Avoiding screens before bedtime

Of course, it's up to each person to take whatever action they want before falling into the arms of Morpheus, and for people who suffer from anxiety and chronic stress or not, CBD will help relieve you of this 21st century burden

As we have seen above, cBD has a relaxing and anxiety-fighting effectAs we have seen above, CBD has a relaxing effect and fights anxiety, so when you have consumed your CBD, you will be more relaxed and it will be easier for you to find sleep. When you are relaxed, the sleep cycles work better and you will have a quality sleep, which will greatly help you for the next day

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CBD increases the duration of deep sleep

As you know, sleep is divided into several stages that we have seen above. One of the most important is the "sleep deep sleepOne of the most important is "deep sleep", which is the stage in which we regenerate our body and our health through different processes that our body manufactures and orchestrates

CBD, through its relaxing action, will allow you to improve your deep sleep time. To achieve this goal, cBD will simply position itself on the CB1 and CB2 receptors receptors to act on our body. Once this path is completed, the CBD then acts on our nervous system and thus, it can reduce the time of paradoxical sleep which is responsible for our dreams and parasomnia attacks that can occur at night

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CBD reduces pain

Possessing anti-inflammatory effectsCBD will strongly help you in your struggle to find sleep. This section is mainly aimed at people suffering from different ailments that can alter their daily life or sleep and that are usually related to diseases. As you know, cBD will not be able to cure the disease you suffer from, but it can relieve the most disabling ailments

CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory effects on the body. This means that it can reduce the sensation of pain, or the perception of pain. When consumed, and after a certain period of action, you will then be relieved of your pain and can enjoy a better and more restful sleep

The CBD will bind to the whole nervous system and to the places where you feel pain and will do the same job as a normal drug, but without any side effects. In addition to that, it will relieve you and decrease your anxiety

CBD against sleep apnea

Sleep apnea can greatly alter the quality of your sleep and your daily life in the worst case scenario. It is a disease that affects many people and more generally people who are overweight, elderly or who snore loudly. It is not a serious behavior, since they do not lead to dramatic consequences for the person suffering from this symptom, but they are very disabling

CBD can help you in this task ! Indeed, during its consumption, it will act on the vagus nervewhich is responsible for the sensation of breathing, by limiting the effect of serotonin. A study has shown a 32% decrease in symptoms for people consuming CBD and suffering from sleep apnea

CBD improves daytime sleepiness

It has happened to everyone to have a "coup de barre"In the middle of the day, we still have a lot of tasks to do before we can be quiet. This feeling, as hard as it is disabling on a daily basis, can be resolved thanks to CBD

Indeed, cBD allows to act on the vigilance by clearly increasing it during its action time. But that's not all, since it also helps regulate the circadian cycle, which allows us to properly regulate our sleep

When we are subject to increased vigilance during the day, in the evening, we are more likely to fall asleep quickly and to have a good quality sleep

Be careful though, just like caffeine, cBD is not a stimulant ! It simply increases the alertness of our mind, but not to boost it.

CBD and melatonin: an incomparable duo

On the one hand, we have a molecule that helps reduce anxiety and stress and many other things, and on the other, we have the sleep hormone. If we mix the two, what will happen?

Well, it's quite simple, cBD and melatonin will work together to greatly improve the quality and duration of your sleep. On its side, CBD will allow you to have a faster sleep by relaxing youand will also help you to avoid night-time awakenings which can affect the rest of your night

Melatoninis naturally present in our body and we make it every day. It is the sleep hormone par excellence and it is what makes you fall asleep in front of your movie at night. When it kicks in, it will also help you to fall asleep fall asleep faster and have a longer sleep duration

The combination of these two protagonists will allow you to enjoy your night to the fullest, no matter what kind of day you've just had!

Our CBD oils oils are excellent for helping you fall asleep!

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