Action of CBD over time

How long does CBD take to work?

CBD is known in popular culture for its various effects on the health of consumers, but also of animals. Discovered many years ago, this molecule has other mysteries that need to be unraveled as research continues. But how long does CBD act on the consumer and especially, does it vary according to the modes of consumption?

Let's remember what CBD is

CBDotherwise known as "cannabidiol"is a molecule naturally present in the cannabis plant, but also in the hemp from which the products available in our shop. This molecule has been studied for many years and the results of these studies confirm that it has beneficial effects on health

It is extremely important to specify that CBD is not psychotropic unlike another molecule that is also much talked about, THC in other words tetrahydrocannabinol. This molecule is the main one responsible for the psychotropic effects felt during the consumption of recreational cannabis, which could be commonly called the "high”.

How does it act on our body?

CBD effet corps

Its working system is quite simplistic and natural since we all have two sensors ready to receive this molecule located in our endocannabinoid system. These sensors are the CB1 and CB2 receptors and are located all over our body like our brain, our immune system and our intestines. When CBD is consumed, regardless of how it is consumed, the molecule will go to these receptors and begin its beneficial action

The relationship between the body and CBD is quite complicated to understand but what you need to know is that when you consume CBD it will bind to various proteins in our body

Obviously, there are many studies missing on this subject and it would be interesting to see what might happen in certain situations, although current research is already shedding light on the subject of CBD and breaking some of the myths that may be damaging to it

But, as you might expect, the ways in which CBD is consumed can have an independent effect on the duration of action of CBD on our health and our body. We will see together the duration of action of CBD on consumers according to the modes of consumption

How to consume CBD?

CBD can be consumed in different ways depending on the desires of consumers. For this, there are many ways such as CBD flowers, CBD resin, CBD oil, but also, vaporizers and many others. For example, in our shop, you will be spoilt for choice in order to find the mode of consumption and the products associated with it

However, some modes of consumption seem to be more popular than others in France and in the whole world

What is the most common way of consuming CBD?

In France, many CBD users users wishing to stop their recreational use of cannabisor wishing to to cure their ailments and improve their daily life

For a few years now, another market has been in the news with a lot of controversy, just like CBD. This new market, you know, is that of the electronic cigarette. Adulated at first and demonized recently, this new mode of consumption of tobacco seems to have a significant success with consumers of CBD

Indeed, the electronic cigaretteHaving experienced tremendous success over the years, seems to be the preferred mode of consumption of the French thanks to several points. The first can be those budgetary cost and durability. It is easy to think that a cBD e-liquid e-liquid can last longer than another mode of consumption and depending on the price, it is cheaper over time. But, what you need to know is that this factor depends on how often you use it. And yes, you can have a large vial and empty it before the others depending on your frequency of consumption and "vaping

And in the world?

In the world, it seems more shared depending on the diversity of consumers, social, economic reasons and all that followst. However, we can think that the most popular mode of consumption would be the inhalation of cBD flowerflower inhalation, which is very similar to recreational cannabis

This may seem to be a benchmark for current or former recreational cannabis users wishing to break free from the clutches of recreational cannabis, as it feels like something they know and are used to handling or seeing. It keeps some of the sensations going and is closer to their habits

But CBD oil seems to have its success as well and we can think that it would be more subject to a "wider" or "older", depending on the person. This gentler and more discreet method of administration will be able to go with meals and the like as a sort of dietary supplement

As you can imagine, the time it takes for CBD to be absorbed into our bodies depends on how it is consumed and the person themselves plays an important role in this issue. We will see together what elements can alter the absorption time of CBD in the body

élimination CBD dans le monde

What elements can alter the absorption of CBD?

It is important to know that we react differently to the absorption of any productLike food, which is essential to life and health, some people will gain weight more easily than others by eating the same amount and the same ingredients

For CBD, it is exactly the same since several factors can come into play that we will see


This criterion known to all and which some make an apology of it is decisive for the effects and duration of action of CBD. Without harming anyone, the more a person has an important weightthe more he will need a certain amount of CBD to have the right effects

Body composition

Composition corps

Another important factor is the composition of the body, which concerns our conception from A to Z. That is, we start from the beginning (chromosomes) through all the tissues that make up our body. The fat mass also plays a major role since it can defer the diffusion of CBD in the body. In other words, the more body fat a person has, the more difficult it will be for their body to distribute CBD throughout their body

The dosage

This point is certainly the most important since it determines the duration of the effects and the effectiveness of CBD. If a consumer doses the CBD perfectly, the effects will be in an ideal time frame and will be effective in relieving the consumer's ailments. There is no point in to take too much or too little CBD because it will alter its effectiveness. You will have to be patient to know the ideal dosage

The frequency of use

This factor is also one of the most important with the dosage since it will determine a lot of things to ensure the effects of CBD over time and its action on the body You should know that this factor does not depend on your body, but on yourself

For this, you will have to ask yourself the right questions in order to maximize your chances of being relieved and improving your daily life and indirectly, your well-being

  • You must know what is the pain you want to get rid of
  • You need to know how often it occurs
  • And how many times you need to take CBD to relieve this pain throughout the day

Once you have answers to all of these questions, you can then find the ideal CBD administration frequency for you

How long does CBD take to work depending on how you use it?

We finally get to the heart of the matter to answer this question that many people may ask. We will see together the different modes of consumption of CBD and the difference associated with each of them

CBD oil

This mode of CBD consumption is extremely common around the world and seems to be the most discreet and least smelly as well. When a consumer wants to use CBD oil, they will then place the drops through a measuring bottle under their tongue and leave for a few seconds so that the CBD is absorbed into the body

By doing this method, the consumer will avoid what is called the "first pass effect"the first pass effect"but we will come back to this later. Once the CBD is absorbed by the body, it will then take a different route than if it was swallowed by the consumer since it is directly absorbed through the mucous membranes and will then avoid the digestive system and the liver

Contrary to the mode of consumption, which consists in ingesting the CBD, this one allows the consumer the consumer to enjoy all the effects without exception as well as a fast action, since it will be directly in the blood of the consumer

Now, let's talk about what would happen if the consumer ingested the CBD. Once swallowed, the CBD oil will travel through the digestive tract and into the liver which will then alter the quality of the CBD and its effects. Indeed, the CBD will undergo "the first pass effect"that we will explain

This effect is simply linked to enzymes that are present in the liver and that will reduce the concentration of CBD. This will result in not having the desired effects and may also this will result in not having the expected effects and may also disappoint the consumer who was not aware of this effect. Thus, the CBD will act differently and in smaller quantities. It will take an hour on average before receiving the effects.


Mode of consumption commonly used and especially among young peoplethe inhalation of CBD also allows the latter to act to act quickly enough. When the consumer will inhale the CBD with an electronic cigarette or otherWhen the consumer inhales CBD with an electronic cigarette or other, it will go directly to the lungs where it can act quickly. Indeed, the latter will be absorbed by the lungs and to the blood almost instantaneously to the bloodstream and travel throughout the body. By doing this, CBD will be able to act in only a few minutes depending on the dosage applied

Find all our CBD e-liquid products on our shop.

The application in the form of balm or cream care

Many people have turned to this solution "miracleMany people have turned to this "miracle" solution to care for their skin and give it a better appearance. Recently, a major brand has also gone down this road with a hemp-based product

To maximize the effects of CBD and its benefits, it will then be necessary to apply the material directly on the skin of the subject and especially on the desired and adequate area. Once the material is applied to the desired area, the skin will then absorb the CBD thanks to receptors located there. However, in view of the small amount of absorption of CBD by the skin, it will be necessary to dose ideally in order to obtain the desired effects

Once all this is applied, the CBD will then act in an average of 90 minutes

CBD infusion: how long to feel the effect?

CBD infusion consists of ingesting cannabidiol in a hot drink in which CBD leaves and/or flowers have been dissolved, sometimes with a mixture of other plants such as chamomile or lavender if desired maximize the soothing effect and promote rapid sleep. As in the ingestion of CBD oil (in a salad for example), the infusion involves the passage of CBD through the digestive tract and the liver, with the famous "first pass effect" of which we spoke above. . The action of liver enzymes will therefore necessarily reduce the expression of the active ingredients of your CBD infusion, with effects that can be disappointing if the concentration of leaves and/or flowers is not optimal. .

As with other edibles containing cannabidiol, the first soothing and pain-relieving effects of CBD appear between 90 and 120 minutes after consuming the CBD infusion. If you consume cannabidiol to improve the quality of your sleep and/or to sleep longer, you should therefore drink your herbal tea in the early evening, at least two hours before going to bed. If you do not have all this time, prefer sublingual CBD oil, with an almost immediate effect.

How long does the effect of CBD last?

Now you know that the soothing, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD can occur after a few minutes or a few hours depending on the mode of consumption: sublingual, digestive, vaping, topical application, etc. But how long does the effect of CBD last? Again, several factors come into play: the amount of CBD consumed, the frequency of consumption, the CBD concentration of the product consumed, the rate of metabolism, diet, weight, etc.

The half-life of CBD in the body, i.e. the time required for the body to eliminate half of a substance, can vary from one to five hours. Caution: the half-life is a median. In other words, two half-lives do not necessarily correspond to the full life of CBD in the body. Indeed, our body needs five "half-lives" to eliminate CBD from the body, which is between 5 and 25 hours, assuming the person does not consume more CBD in this time frame. These are average sizes, all modes of consumption combined.

In detail, CBD sprays and oils (sublingual) have a half-life of between 1.4 and 11 hours. If we multiply by five, in accordance with the rule stated above, the CBD consumed in spray or oil can remain in the body between 7 and 55 hours (two days and 7 hours) depending on the concentration. Warning: This does not mean that the effects will last as long. Indeed, below a certain amount, the CBD will hardly have any effect. At this level, it is difficult to give an estimate because several variables come into play, some of which are largely subjective, such as the perception of the effect or the sensitivity to the soothing effect. However, the average seems to be between 2 and 8 hours.

Smoked CBD stays in the body longer, with a half-life of 31 hours and a complete elimination time that can exceed 7 days. The ingested CBD remains in the system for a fortnight.

Of course, the more CBD you consume (both in quantity and frequency), the longer it will persist in the body and provide long-lasting effects. You should also be aware that CBD accumulates, which is why it is generally advisable to take it for at least a week to assess whether the dose is sufficient for the objective pursued. To conclude, know that taking CBD after a heavy meal delays the effect by several hours.

What to remember

CBD will have a different action depending on the mode of consumption applied. In addition, many factors come into play that can alter the action time of CBD and its effects. Let's take the example of CBD oil which has two different times of action depending on how it is consumed

However, it will be up to you to experiment by trying different dosages and different periods of consumption in order to accustom your body and mind

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