How to store CBD?

How to store CBD?

Like all good things, cannabidiol (CBD) eventually expires as well. CBD is produced from plants, so it is a natural product that has a limited shelf life. It is therefore important to know how to store cannabis products such as CBD properly in order to get the maximum benefit from them for as long as possible.

A bad conservation of CBD can imply a faster deterioration of the product, by decreasing the concentration of cannabinoids or denaturing the active principles present in the product.

A good conservation of CBD requires a choice of quality products in a serious shop like our French CBD shop, 321 CBD, a conservation in a suitable container and an isolation of sources of degradation such as light, heat or humidity.

In this article, we will see in detail what are the factors of degradation of CBD, the most effective ways to preserve it to keep its effects as long as possible, as well as some important details of conservation to know

How to choose your CBD?

One of the most important factors in the conservation of your CBD is undoubtedly the quality of the product. Choosing your products is a step that should not be neglected because depending on the quality of the plants and their production, the conservation time will influence a lot

Choose products from a shop that has a wide range of products and is transparent in its discourse. Check that the products are eco-responsible and that they do not contain pesticides or other chemical products that are harmful to your health. If it is an oil, check the extraction method used and prefer CO2 extraction(see the lexicon of CBD definitions).

Degradation factors of CBD

CBD is a plant product like any other and needs to be protected if you want to preserve it for a long time. Certain elements will play a big role in the conservation of your CBD products. Find below the 4 major degrading factors of CBD that you should pay attention to:


Light is the first CBD degradation factor you need to watch out for. Light produces infrared and ultraviolet rays that alter CBD stem cells. Since CBD is photosensitive, when it comes into contact with these rays, it degrades, and does so very quickly. The cannabinoids are affected and no longer produce the expected effect. To avoid this problem, it is recommended to keep all your CBD products in the shade, in a cupboard or the refrigerator. Artificial light does not have a negative effect on CBD.


If you want a long life for your CBD products, give them a cool environment. Indeed, cannabinoids do not tolerate high temperatures and lose active ingredients in these conditions. The ideal is to keep the products below 21°C. If you are going to keep them for a long time (several months), do not hesitate to put them in the freezer. But like meat, only defrost them once! It would be wise to prepare them in small packages for freezing.


Humidity is a very important factor in the conservation of CBD. You must absolutely protect your CBD flowers, CBD pollen and CBD crystals from any possibility of contact with water. Indeed, water and humidity create mold that can destroy your products and make them unusable. When storing your product, make sure that the container is free of water and fog. Ideally, glass jars and bottles are the best types of containers.


If you do not want to lose the magnificent aromas offered by CBD terpenes, our advice is to store your CBD products in containers and not in the open air. Indeed, the air contains molecules not visible to the naked eye that act on the CBD and degrade the cannabinoids of the plant. Oxygen is one of them. To avoid losing the flavor of your CBD products, remember to store them in an airtight container.

The ideal packaging of CBD

As previously mentioned, CBD products should be stored in airtight containers. The oil will be in a tinted glass bottle with a tightly closed cap. As the flowers are from dried cannabis plants, they should be kept away from moisture or they may rot. Keep them in a plastic or glass package that is airtight.

The ideal place to store CBD

The ideal place to store CBD is in a dark, cool place. This can be a simple cupboard or the fridge. As long as it is not in contact with water, open air and sunlight, you will not have any problem and will be able to keep your CBD for a long time.

The shelf life of CBD

The preservation of the terpenes present in cannabidiol is crucial for the product to last over time. When stored in good conditions, CBD can be consumed at least 6 months to 1 year after opening

Keep in mind that the opening of the product means a beginning of degradation of the active principles in any case. A quick consumption is therefore more favorable to get all the benefits of the product. The longer you wait to consume your CBD, the more you will have to use large quantities to get the same effects.

The conservation of CBD can last between 6 months and 1 year depending on how it has been stored. If the product expires, it will change color, become darker, change consistency or material. These are signs that you should stop using the product. Other indicators that your product is at the end of its life

  • Smell If it is different, it means that the product has gone bad

  • Color If your product becomes darker for the oil or lighter for the flowers, it means that the cannabinoids are gone.

  • Thickness If the product is thicker than usual (especially the oil), it means that its composition has changed.

  • Taste If your CBD has a rancid or bland taste, it means that it is outdated, or at least that it has lost its properties.

  • The material For products such as pollen and flowers, if they start to dry and crumble, they have lost their properties.

Whatever happens, follow the directions on the label of your product and take into account the expiry date indicated.

Consuming a CBD product that has expired will not make you sick. It probably won't work at all. It's just that over time, the cannabinoids start to degrade and lose potency. This means that if you use expired CBD oil, you won't get the full therapeutic effects of the product. That's it!

Check out yourhigh quality 321 CBD French store for products that are not only quality and under French law control, but also easy to keep in their original packaging. Our CBD product ranges will always be sent to you with care, for a long life of all your products!

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