Aeroponics: What is this type of CBD cultivation?

What is the cultureof CBDin aeropony? Known for its natural therapeutic properties, CBD or cannabidiol can be cultivated in a variety of ways. In order to meet the increasing demand for legal consumption of this molecule, producers had to find an efficient solution in order to improve the yieldof production while maintaining a growing environmentbeneficial to the flowering of the hemp flowerproducing CBD. We detail the principle of aeroponic cultivation by first defining what is CBD.

Explanation of the principle of aeroponic CBD cultivation

What does the culture fromCBD inaeroponics ? Known for its natural therapeutic properties, the CBD or cannabidiol can be cultivated in different ways. In order to meet the growing demand for legal use of this molecule, producers had to find an effective solution to improve the performance the production while maintaining agrowing environment beneficial to theflowering of the hemp flowerproducing the CBD. We detail the principle of aeroponics by first definingwhat is CBD.

What is cannabidiol (CBD) ?

CBD, meaning cannabidiol, is a molecule naturally present in hemp. There are other cannabinoids (cannabicyclol, cannabigerol, etc.) present in this plant and the anxiolytic and antidepressant properties of cannabidiol allow it to act on the receptors linked to anxiety and pain..

CBD has no narcotic or psychotropic effects and its use is completely legal. You can find it in different forms: oil, flowers, crystals, vape liquid, etc., and we invite you to visit our online shop to discover our full range of products.

What is aeroponics CBD cultivation?

Aeroponics is a type of cultivation based on the optimal air supply of a plant. Botanists thus put the root system of the plant in the open air and the growing environment is optimised to improve production. The air thus becomes the growing medium.

This aeroponic growing system allows hemp to grow faster, due to the increased supply of oxygen, nitrogen and oxygen. As a result, the yield of CBD flower production is significantly improved.

The result is that the yield of CBD flowers is significantly improved.

The yield of CBD flowers is significantly improved.

In return for this increased yield to meet the growing demand for natural CBD, growers must have a strong botanical background and be fully proficient in this aeroponic growing system.

How does an aeroponic CBD grow work?

In order to control the environment as much as possible, aeroponics cultivation is mainly done in a closed circuit. You can find indoor or greenhouse systems.

The optimal functioning of an aeroponics system is as follows :

  • the hemp plants are suspended and the roots of the plants are in the open air above ground;
  • small basins are placed below the plants. They are filled with water and nutrients necessary for the proper development of the plant;
  • the botanists according to the hygrometry, the temperature and the stages of growth of the plant regulate the frequency of withdrawal of the nutritive water in the basins thanks to a timer, to be then brumisée on the roots;
  • the quality of the air entering the greenhouse or other indoor environment must be checked to avoid the risk of introducing plant diseases;
  • the temperature must also be constant and maintained at a sufficient level so as not to encourage the development of moulds, for example. Indeed, too many fluctuations could have a negative impact on the growth of hemp plants and their flowering. Botanists should also avoid too large temperature differences between day and night;
  • the nutrient water must have pH (Hydrogen Potential) and EC (Electro Conductivity) properties that will not "assault" the roots. Indeed, as you have no substrate (soil, coconut fibre, coco soil or others) to buffer, the mixture you are going to mist on the roots must be as neutral and balanced as possible;
  • the nutrient solutions in all the tanks must also be at the right temperature;
  • the light level should be controlled to avoid algae growth. In this case, any unwanted light source should be stopped.

The proper functioning of an aeroponic culture is ensured by experienced growers with excellent botanical skills. Permanent root hydration and consideration of other environmental factors (thermal, water, etc.) are essential for the optimised growth of hemp. This sophisticated aeroponic growing system also requires careful attention to nutrient inputs to promote and accelerate the flowering of CBD-containing hemp flowers.

What are the benefits of growing CBD aeroponically?

One of the main benefits of growing CBD aeroponically is to improve the production yield of hemp flowers so that they can be harvested more quickly. This allows growers to produce more CBD while maintaining a quality that meets European regulations.

There are other secondary benefits to this specific crop. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • allows good control of nutrient doses and quality;
  • offers a better management of the climatic conditions in the greenhouse, such as temperature, hygrometry, luminosity, etc. whether it is day or night;
  • the risk of plant disease outbreaks or external contamination is greatly reduced;
  • the water consumption is decreased compared to other systems such as hydroponics for example;
  • oxygen consumption is maximised;
  • the movement of the hemp plants is facilitated by the above-ground cultivation;
  • this system uses little area.

In addition, all these advantages lead growers to have excellent botanical knowledge and to equip themselves with specific equipment for successful aeroponics.

Aeroponics CBD cultivation is an above-ground method of growing CBD flowers quickly and without fertilizer. Harvesting is more frequent and more abundant due to the higher yield on a smaller planting area. In addition to the extensive knowledge of botany and the perfect mastery of this greenhouse or indoor cultivation, our range of CBD products comes from the best French, Italian or Swiss producers. You can find CBD flowers, oil, resin, wax, crystals or resin by visiting our online shop. Feel free to contact us for more information and sign up for our newsletter to receive our great deals and tips on CBD.

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