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How much does CBD cost?

Today, there are so many different brands and products on the CBD market that it can be difficult to navigate. On the one hand, prices are falling as demand increases, on the other hand the amount of supply is growing and so is the competition.

It is also possible to buy CBD in greater or lesser quantities which changes the selling price. It is therefore difficult to establish a fixed price for CBD as there is a wide variety of offers, but the advantage is that it allows you to tailor your use of CBD to suit your budget. In this article, we invite you to find out more about the price of CBD.

How is the price of CBD calculated?

To understand why some CBD products cost more than others, you need to consider several criteria. Obviously, the price will not be the same if you opt for CBD flowers or oil, as well as if you choose a product with different concentrations or production methods. The same goes for the origin of CBD which differs from one product to another as well as the variety you choose.

The origin of CBD

Many countries have gotten into CBD production. However, they do not all have the same requirements and criteria for production, verification and regulation. Because of this, prices already vary before they even get to the final product. One of the main regulations that vary the price is the legal THC content. This differs from country to country and therefore requires more or less strict checks to be carried out. For example, in France, the THC level included in CBD must be less than 0.2% while it must be a maximum of 0.3% in the US and 1% in Switzerland.

Also, the cost of export, delivery and packaging must be taken into consideration. As with any imported product, the further away it comes from, the more additional charges it will have to make in order to be properly transported.

The method of producing CBD

There are several methods of CBD production: outdoor, indoor and greenhouse. These three methods of cultivation have an influence on the final cost of CBD as they do not allow for identical production and do not require the same investment in terms of equipment, maintenance and labour.

Outdoors CBD production is the least expensive. Here the plants benefit from the natural outdoor elements such as rain, wind, sun and nutrients from the soil, so they don't a priori need any extra help to grow. However, it is more difficult to control an outdoor crop and it cannot be constant all year round. In addition, some countries do not have the necessary climatic conditions for this type of cultivation.

In contrast, indoor CBD production is easier to maintain and regulate. The plants are less likely to be attacked by pests and it is easier to obtain CBD with a legal THC content through regular checks and adjustments. The same is true for greenhouse CBD production, which is also more consistent. The difference between the two is the cost in electricity and installation. Obviously, indoors the sunlight doesn't come through and so growing CBD there requires the installation of electricity powered lights.

The quality of CBD

Another variable in the price of CBD is its quality. As just explained above, there are several methods of producing CBD. In addition to directly varying the price of it, they also vary its quality. When it comes to a pure product, CBD is considered to be of high quality when its taste, smell and colour are balanced. Therefore, in order to obtain quality CBD, it is necessary that the production of CBD respects the growth rate of the plants and that the plants themselves are of good quality. If it is a CBD-enriched product, the other ingredients must also be taken into account.

Another factor that comes into play is the method of extraction of CBD. There is CO2 extraction, cold or hot extraction, gas, oil or alcohol extraction. Not all of these methods guarantee the preservation of the cannabinoid molecules. The safest method remains cold or hot extraction, which results in pure, chemical-free CBD products.

The concentration of CBD

If you have ever looked into buying CBD products, you will have noticed that there are several possible concentrations without necessarily knowing why. This only applies to CBD-enriched products, as pure products have to be dosed yourself. If we take the example of CBD oils, in general the same brand will offer you several dosages. The higher the latter, the higher the price of the product will also be.

When trying to decide which strength to choose, consider that a low dosage gives you more control over the amount of CBD you use, but a high dosage is more cost effective in the long run. Whichever you choose, the benefits will be the same, but it's the intensity that will differ.

The varieties of CBD

CBD is extracted from hemp, of which there are several varieties. Each of them have similar benefits, but they still have characteristics that allow them to be differentiated. For example, their taste, smell, flavour or CBD concentration. Naturally, it is easier to extract CBD from a variety that contains a lot of it, but it is not necessarily the easiest to produce.

There is therefore a need to find a good yield compromise to obtain a CBD-enriched end product with good value for money. Note that some varieties also contain more THC and it is therefore more difficult to extract CBD with a legal THC level. In France, the best known CBD varieties are Purple Haze, Amnesia Haze, Blue Dream, Gelato, La Skunk, OG Kush or White Widow.

So concretely, how much does CBD cost?

From one brand to another and from one product to another, you will find totally different prices. To give you an idea, for CBD oil, the price can vary between 20€ and 120€ for the same concentration and capacity. You have to be particularly careful with retailers and importers who are now trying to enter the CBD market by undercutting prices and neglecting quality and legislation. The same goes for those who keep an inordinate margin in order to profit from this new trend.

If you opt for a product that is not pure CBD, then the other ingredients will also vary the final price of the final product. Some brands use this to justify their prices, when in the end the total CBD concentration of their products is low. Therefore, if you are buying an herbal tea, candy, cosmetics, drinks or any product with CBD combined with other ingredients, you will have to pay close attention to the actual price depending on its concentration.

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