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CBD VS nicotine: why do electronic cigarette smokers prefer CBD?

CBD and its many virtues no longer hold any secrets for consumers. Known as a natural analgesic, with anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties, CBD is not only non-addictive, but also helps to get rid of them.

For the past few years, CBD has been democratised and derivative products have been multiplying. From now on, electronic cigarette smokers also have a CBD-based product specially dedicated to them. Because it is natural and has no side effects, CBD is an excellent alternative for those who use e-cigarettes to stop smoking nicotine. In this article, we invite you to discover why electronic cigarette smokers are increasingly turning to this natural alternative.

Before CBD was promoted enough for everyone to learn about its virtues, quitting smoking was an obstacle course. Nicotine addiction is known to be one of the most persistent addictions around. Withdrawing from nicotine quickly leads to withdrawal symptoms driven by the nervous system. Even with the best will in the world, the smoker's own body encourages him or her to give in, even though it is against his or her best interests.

Of all the ways of quitting smoking that are available, immediate or gradual cessation has always had very low success rates. Most smokers seeking to quit therefore rely on pharmaceutical products. These can range from simple nicotine patches to certain varieties of antidepressants responsible for disinhibiting withdrawal symptoms at the cost of sometimes severe side effects.

When the electronic cigarette began to become popular more than a decade ago, it was greeted as a revolution. While it was possible to use it recreationally to enjoy its flavours, the electronic cigarette was the perfect way to stop smoking tobacco. Indeed, the nicotine content of e-liquids adapted to electronic cigarettes could be modulated according to the consumer's desire or rather, need. The latter could thus progressively reduce the amount of nicotine so that the addiction would be constantly less strong until finally being able to quit.

For a time, nicotine boosters adapted to e-liquids were a must for anyone trying to quit smoking. The electronic cigarette had even become the most reliable way to quit smoking. And yet, despite this resounding success, CBD has managed to replace these boosters.

The right combination of e-cigarettes and CBD to fight a tobacco addiction

Because of its natural properties, particularly anxiolytic, CBD naturally soothes the body and this is regardless of the method of ingestion. Furthermore, cannabidiol has a virtuous effect on any addictions to addictive substances that may exist. It is that much easier to quit smoking or even any addiction by relying on the benefits of CBD rather than any other sometimes harmful method.

Thanks to its relaxing effects on the nervous system, CBD is described as the best remedy for nicotine addiction. Although it can be consumed in any way one wishes, there is however a method favoured by tobacco users seeking to quit smoking.

In fact, thanks to e-liquids whose flavour is associated with CBD, many smokers can thus benefit from the nicotine booster and the benefits of cannabidiol at the same time. Because, unlike other e-liquids, CBD-enriched e-liquid, when burned, reveals much more than just the scent. The vapour emitted includes the natural effects of cannabidiol and simply breathing it in is then enough to imbibe and enjoy it fully.

As a result, using the combustion mechanism of an electronic cigarette, many vapers can thus breathe in CBD vapours whenever they want. As long as the e-liquid contains less than 0.2% THC, it is legal to sell as well as consume.

Many vapers have come to believe that, in order to quit smoking, nicotine can be cut out as long as it finds a complement in CBD. Natural and harmless to your health, CBD will thus allow you to serve as a transition between your smoking habits and a total cessation of smoking in just a few months. You can even, in time, continue to enjoy the benefits of CBD for your own pleasure alone without ever feeling the urge to smoke a cigarette again.

With the democratisation of CBD, it will have become an even more viable solution than using nicotine in e-liquid was. That method, while effective, had the distinct disadvantage of being unhealthy in that nicotine was still involved in the transition process. A disadvantage you won't experience by switching to CBD.

Other ways to consume CBD

Many former smokers will have come to CBD via the electronic cigarette. Among them, the majority imagine that cannabidiol is only consumed by this means or even by being smoked. Indeed, many preconceived ideas persist in equating CBD with a cannabis cigarette. Yet cannabidiol, like all hemp products, can be ingested in a variety of ways.

Of course, smoking CBD is to deteriorate its chemical elements and in part the scope of its effects. After the electronic cigarette, the best solution to get a healthy and controlled vapor is to use a quality vaporizer into which you can introduce your CBD flowers and resins. With this process, the flowers are heated but not burned. No smoking, no burning, nothing better for your health.

But that's just one of the countless ways to consume it. You can also consume CBD through CBD oils. These can then be enjoyed as sublingual consumption so that you can enjoy their effects immediately. Or, if you feel like cooking, you can also enjoy flavoured CBD oils designed to better garnish your dishes. This way, you'll enjoy a moment of relaxation while taking care of yourself with every meal.

Also, if the CBD flowers can be enjoyed by being brought to a boil. You can quite naturally consume them as you would tea. Indeed, CBD flowers can be enjoyed in infusion or even in herbal tea. To relax, digest, or even promote your sleep, this way of ingesting CBD will not fail to reveal its relaxing effects.

You can even make use of CBD in moisturising creams to apply topically. Whether it's to soothe your muscles thanks to the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabidiol, or to nourish your skin and take advantage of its aesthetic attributes. CBD in cream reveals its countless benefits to regenerate your skin and make it glow.

For many, relying on CBD to quit smoking can be the gateway to habitual cannabidiol consumption. This natural product derived from hemp may thus be useful to you in more ways than one.

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