What are CBD E-liquids?

A promising molecule from a cannabinaceous plant, namely Cannabis Sativa, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Rich in benefits, this plant component and more particularly its oil can be consumed in many ways.

It can be vaped for the pleasure of electronic cigarette enthusiasts. We speak then of e-liquid cannabidiol.

A cannabidiol eliquid contains the following ingredients:

  • Vegetable glycerine to bind the various components of the recipe and produce steam;
  • Propylene glycol as an enhancer; Cannabidiol;
  • Flavors and terpenes to add flavor;
  • Sometimes additives.

Beyond the benefits it provides to our body, the good thing about cbd eliquid is that there is something for every taste, and for every sensitivity.

The flavors are generally classic: you find the flavors of tobacco, vanilla, mint, etc.. However, flavors like mango are not available with cannabidiol.

However, in terms of dosages, we will see that they vary ...

e-liquide cbd c'est quoi

E-liquid cbd: detail of a cocktail of well-being

The vegetable glycerin is a liquid viscous appearance. It is obtained by a reaction of saponification of vegetable oils, and is used a lot in cosmetics for its ability to maintain moisture. It can also be found in our toothpaste for example!

The advantage of vegetable glycerin is that it allows the production of a dense steam. However, its disadvantage is that it has a tendency to poorly restore or inhibit flavors. This is why it is mixed with propylene glycol.

To go deeper, the ratio between vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) varies according to the manufacturer. On average, the latter is classically around 70% (PG) - 30% (VG). But we also find proportions to 50-50 which allow a nice balance between steam and flavor.

E-liquids also contain terpenes, which give them their specific flavor. These are aromatic compounds that are produced in the plant at the same level as CBD or THC, and are largely responsible for the taste.

Basically, terpenes are a defense mechanism of the plant, in order to produce odors that keep away malicious insects. Moreover, these same terpenes are increasingly attracting the interest of researchers and connoisseurs because they directly influence the sensory and therapeutic effects of cannabinoids.

Natural taste of CBD liquid and aromas...

Between aromas and natural taste, the cannabidiol eliquid comes in different flavors ...

First, there is the liquid for electronic cigarette pure, the latter has a fatty taste and green. It can be more delicate to appreciate, even for an expert vape.

That is why, most of the time, e-liquids with cannabidiol contain terpenes and flavors ... They are intended to mitigate the natural flavor a little strange CBD, by flavored tastes.

The terpenes, to better understand them, are ingredients to provide a smell and amplify the flavors. It is true that the terpene can be a synthetic flavor, but when you see it mentioned on your bottle of e-liquid, it is present in its natural flavor form.

Nevertheless, if this component scares you, you can favor an e-liquid containing natural flavors and certified terpene-free.

Good to know: CBD e-liquid does not smell like cannabis once exhaled!

The different dosages available among CBD e-liquids

Before entering the heart of the matter and expose all the details to know about the dosages of CBD e-liquid, know that they are not expressed in the same way as those of the electronic cigarette liquid containing nicotine.

For nicotine, the bottles of eliquids indicate a value in mg / ml, while the CBD appears in Mg / vial or mg / 10ml.

When buying, you will find 4 main groups of dosages, namely:

  • The low dosage: between 30 mg and 100mg, it provides light effects for all types of consumption, whether for occasional or daily use;
  • The medium dosage: this time, it is between 100 mg and 300 mg and its effects are more present. The vapoteur uses it occasionally;
  • The strong dosage: this category includes dosages above 300 mg, ie a really present effect, it is intended for occasional use or occasional;
  • The CBD boosters: with a dosage higher than 600 mg, they are not vaped alone and are intended for seasoned users and obviously for occasional use since the effects are more than present.

dosage e-liquide cbd

Why vaper cannabidiol CBD?

Enjoying a certain popularity, CBD has not been slow to decline under different modes of consumption, it has particularly seduced the sphere of vapoteurs and can now be vapoter ... Find out why these new generation smokers love vaping cannabidiol with their ecigarette!

The benefits of CBD on the body and mind

If CBD is so appreciated, it is not for nothing... Indeed, it has many virtues capable of relieving the body and mind.

Even if the goal is not to make the apology of this molecule, it is important to know the various beneficial effects it has before cracking for a bottle of CBD e-liquid. Here are some examples of its benefits:

  • CBD is a natural painkiller and anti-inflammatory ;
  • It is also used in treatments against depression and anxiety since it acts as an anti-stress;
  • Cannabidiol is used in treatments for schizophrenia, cancer and epilepsy;
  • It combats eating disorders such as nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite;
  • CBD intervenes as a support in a withdrawal, it is the case in particular to reduce smoking and addictions to narcotics;
  • It reduces sleep problems and acts against acne.

The benefits of using CBD by inhalation

Consuming CBD by inhalation as is the case with an ecig allows you to enjoy the beneficial effects of the molecule more quickly.

Cannabidiol reaches more easily the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain and has one of the best bioavailability. Bioavailability is the ratio between the molecule absorbed and the amount of CBD consumed.

In addition to being able to feel the soothing properties of CBD more quickly, vaping CBD is a simple, mobile and discreet way of consumption.

Indeed, you can take your electronic cigarette with you everywhere and the CBD e-liquid looks like any other liquid for electronic cigarettes.

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