Can CBD relieve menstrual pain?

Menstruation is a part of many people's lives and can sometimes come with pain. When they become too uncomfortable to change your habits, it becomes complicated to get through a cycle peacefully. To soothe yourself naturally, you can use CBD. It works on the mental as well as the physical level, and you will be able to reconcile with your body. You will no longer dread this time of the month if you are well accompanied!

What is menstrual pain

When we menstruate, the hormone levels in our bodies change to prepare for a new cycle. In effect, menstruation is a sign of the end of a cycle and a body that is emptying itself to start another cycle again. Thus, the purpose of menstruation is to reset our bodies. In reality, there is much more going on than just bleeding, and all these changes can sometimes be painful. This doesn't mean you have to let yourself suffer, and there are more or less natural solutions that can help.

The symptoms of painful periods

There are two phases of the hormonal cycle that can be painful and upsetting: the premenstrual phase and the period phase. During the latter, usually the body releases hormones which causes bleeding. Stomach ache, nausea, vomiting, migraines and breast tenderness occur during this period. These symptoms can also occur a few days before bleeding starts. Sometimes, when your body is very regular, you can even use these symptoms to determine when you will start losing blood.

As well as feeling tired, psychologically there are changes too. Depression, sensitivity and irritability may appear. It is perfectly normal to feel less well during these periods, but it is not normal for this to impact your daily life so much that you cannot continue your habits. If you can't get out of bed, work properly or socialise well, then you are experiencing many hormonal effects.

In case you have many difficulties during your period, don't hesitate to talk to your doctor, he/she can check if everything is fine. If the result is that you are more sensitive or have particularly more pronounced symptoms, but there is no problem behind it then natural solutions like CBD are for you!

The cause of painful periods

The pain and discomfort you may experience during your period is directly caused by hormones. As you prepare for a new cycle, your body will clear the air and this uses up a lot of energy. The most common discomfort is stomach ache, which is actually the uterus contracting to clear the lining. When the contractions are particularly strong, they can make you feel nauseous as the movements are not targeted but spread throughout the lower abdomen. You may then vomit if you have strong contractions, but this is not normal, and you can reduce them.

From the mental point of view, it is the fluctuation of hormones that disrupts the mood. Since physical fatigue is already important, if on top of that you can't think normally, then it's obvious that you're going to have trouble concentrating or staying calm. Being aware of this is already a first step in trying to take care of yourself and avoid getting into arguments if you don't feel like chatting.

How to use CBD to relieve period pain

CBD is all-natural. You can consume it alone or in combination with other ingredients. Depending on how you choose to use it, you can feel the effects instantly or throughout the day. This variety is very interesting for relief from menstrual pain. This allows you to find several methods and adapt them to your needs. CBD can help you relieve pain, reduce fatigue, relax muscles and calm your mind. It is therefore very useful in the case of menstruation.

The different uses of CBD

Depending on your habits and how you feel, you can use CBD in many ways. For example, smokers can use ay CBD e-liquid or add CBD concentrate to your homemade blends. These are used with your electronic cigarette just like any other e-liquid. Another option is to use a dry herb vaporizer with CBD flowers. This technique offers the possibility of creating smooth vapours to inhale. Smoking CBD with either of these two methods allows you to feel the effects of CBD almost immediately, but they will wear off quickly.

For preventative, long-term use and for non-smokers, you can consume CBD orally, that is, by eating or drinking it. To be more precise, you can make infusions of CBD flowers or ready to use, as well as cooking flowers with a fatty substance or eating CBD candies. Indeed, there are many CBD-enriched products that are edible, and you can also use raw products in cooking. This way you will have to digest the CBD first before you feel the effects, but they will be long lasting.

A final technique is CBD oil. In the form of a small pipette bottle, you simply place drops under your tongue and wait to assimilate them sublingually. Then, when you swallow, you'll digest it, and again feel lasting effects.

Good CBD dosing

One important thing to effectively relieve yourself of menstrual pain with CBD is to learn how to dose it. Depending on the product you use, you can buy a ready-made product with a predefined CBD concentration for simplicity. In this case, you just have to consume more or less according to your feelings and needs. If this is not enough for you, then you can choose a stronger product next time.

Inversely, with raw products, even though they too have a base concentration of CBD, you can use more or less to suit your use. For example with CBD flowers, you can incorporate any amount you like when cooking them. Similarly with CBD concentrates for making e-liquids at home, you can adapt your dosages as you go.

Initially, we advise you to opt for small dosages so you can observe your reaction when using CBD. Then you can use more or increase the concentrations in the future.

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