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CBD and birth control pills: is it a safe mix?

The birth control pill is a medical contraceptive device that is not compatible with certain actives. It must be taken continuously to be effective and protect you on a daily basis. It should be remembered that the taking of the pill is obliged to have to ask his doctor for his opinion before using other medicines, supplements or even substances to avoid any contraindications. As far as CBD is concerned, even if it is a natural active ingredient, it can also have an impact on your contraception. In this article, we discuss the issue of mixing CBD and birth control pills in more detail.

How do birth control pills work?

Whatever type of birth control pills you use, they all release hormones into your body. The goal is to disrupt or block the menstrual cycle so that procreation is not possible. In the form of a small pill to be taken almost every day, the pill has evolved as doctors have researched and there are now several generations. Although they often have the same principle, there are now two different types of birth control pills.

The combined pill

Also known as the estrogen-progestin pill, the combination pill contains two different hormones: estrogen and progesterone. On each package are 21 pills to be taken each day. At the end of the 21 days, there is a 7-day break where you do not have to take anything. To make sure you don't forget to take it, some blister packs have placebos for each stop day.

At this point, your body is still on the pill and you can still have sex without risking pregnancy. "Periods" or rather blood loss also occur during this time. After 8 days off, you must start a new pack even if you are still bleeding.

With this type of pill, your body will be artificially regulated through hormones. When you use it, 3 actions happen in your body: ovulation is blocked, the cervical mucus thickens to prevent sperm from passing and the endometrium is changed and cannot receive an egg. Thanks to them and as long as you don't stop taking them, you will be protected when you have sex.

The progestin-only pill

In progestin-only pills, there is only one hormone, progesterone, not two like the combined pill. This time, on each pack there are 28 pills to be taken continuously. There is no week-long break. At the end of each month, you have to start a pack again without stopping to keep it effective.

Again, there is still "bleeding" that occurs after about four weeks except for some pills that block ovulation completely. This bleeding is not actually a period and it can be irregular unlike the combined pill which regulates your cycle more.

The hormonal cycle is thus deregulated so that it is no longer possible to procreate. With the use of progesterone, the cervical mucus thickens to prevent sperm from passing and sometimes ovulation is also blocked. So you will be protected all the time as long as you do not stop it.

Is it possible to use CBD along with the birth control pill?

The pill, beyond its contraceptive action, can sometimes also have unwanted side effects. Among them are migraines, increased chest, back and stomach pain as well as weight gain. However, CBD is known to provide relief to the body and mind, including some of these effects. So it's tempting to use it to ease the pill, but be careful, there are some contraindications!

The impact of CBD on the birth control pill

In the past, studies have been conducted to investigate the impact of CBD on hormones. It is also important to know that it has recently been proven that CBD alone has an effect on the hormonal cycle since it acts directly on the endocannabinoid system. This last one allowing to regulate all our body, it also interacts with ovulation, menstruation and hormones. It was also found that there was a link between this cannabinoid and estrogen. Indeed, cannabidiol interacts with the receptors of this hormone and it is the same with the pill. There is therefore a conflict between the action of the contraceptive pill and the use of CBD.

Another part of the body impacted by these two actives is the liver. Indeed, both CBD and the estrogen-based pill reduce the action of enzymes produced by this organ. Therefore, by taking CBD, it can alter the effects of certain treatments such as the pill or cause more side effects. The contraceptive action of estrogen may therefore be reduced because of CBD.

As regards the progestin-only pill, there is a priori no contraindication to CBD. All the same, it is better to be cautious and ask your doctor's advice to be sure that it does not have an indirect impact and therefore that you are well protected during your intercourse by using both. You can also take other precautions which you will find below in this article.

Use CBD correctly along with the pill

It is still possible to combine taking the birth control pill with the use of CBD. As with any other medication, you should avoid ingesting your pill at the same time to avoid a direct interaction. Thus, in the case of CBD, you can very well consume it at a different time than when you take your pill. It is necessary to count at least 3 to 4 hours between the two. In this way you can enjoy the benefits of CBD while limiting the risks of reducing the contraceptive action of the pill.

Despite everything, be careful to respect the recommended daily doses of CBD. The latter can remain in the body for a long time and therefore have an impact on several hours. If you use a pill containing estrogen, the risks are greater than with only progesterone. Also, with a pill that you are not taking continuously, you can use CBD only during the off period to further limit the risks of interactions.

So there is a world where CBD can coexist with the pill even if it can be limited with spaced out intake. If in doubt, be sure to talk to your doctor, he will know how best to advise you to combine the two!

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