How to find a good mood and the joy of living in everyday life?

To be in a good mood and to find the joy of living is what we all aspire to. Waking up with a smile on your face, taking life in stride and feeling real happiness . It sounds easy, but few people manage to reach this state. Indeed, with our hectic pace of life, the thousand and one occupations that imprison us, the routine of work, we forget to be happy when sometimes, joy comes from the smallest things. Do you feel depressed? Exhausted? Here are our tips for finding your joy in life on a daily basis and being in a good mood.

Connecting with yourself

In order to move forward and combat your feeling of depression, it is important to question where this loss of joie de vivre is coming from.

You are a model mother, efficient at work, an excellent cook, a faithful friend, you take care of your married life, etc. These are all noble pursuits in themselves, but they leave little time to attend to what's going on inside yourself.

But the most important thing is what is inside you: your gifts, your personality, your talents, your dreams, your needs and all those little things that make you happy. Isn't the point of life to develop what you feel, to constantly improve and become the best version of yourself?

So stop taking too much care of others and focus on yourself, your needs and aspirations. Give yourself chances, let your inner person speak and learn to say NO. Follow your goals even if others don't like them. Learn to listen to yourself and you will find happiness.

Living in the moment

One mistake we make that has the disadvantage of destroying all our joy in life is to continually think about what might happen in the future or ruminate on the past. By focusing on events that do not exist, we lose our connection with the present: happiness may be just around the corner but we do not see it. In this way, we lose many beautiful things and miss many opportunities.

Stop living elsewhere, think of the present moment. Enjoy as much as you can of your surroundings, experience new things and gradually the future will not seem so terrifying, and the past will remain a beautiful memory.

Practise regular physical activity

The loss of the joy of life lies in the head, but also in the body. One feels exhausted, without energy and does not feel like doing nothing. The most effective solution to this state is to engage in regular physical activity. In addition to boosting your muscles, sport activates the pleasure hormone, dopamine, which gives you that feeling of well-being after doing a lot of effort.

You don't have to start with a pro activity. Early morning jogging, hiking, walking, biking, weight training 3 times a week, or yoga are all great activities for anyone to get started. It won't take much time but will help you clear your head and therefore, feel happy on a daily basis.

Consuming CBD

Often, stress and anxiety are the causes behind being depressed. The more you stress, the more you feel incapable and the deeper you sink into depression. But we have a trick to combat these anxious states: it's CBD.

Derived from hemp, this substance is known for its relaxing and calming properties. It acts directly on the nervous system and induces the secretion of the happiness hormone. You will feel calm, relaxed and therefore naturally happy! Moreover, CBD is not, or very rarely, accompanied by adverse effects.

CBD oil, CBD infusions, CBD-based supplements; the forms of consumption are very varied. You can even find CBD drinks, candies and chocolates. So choose the product of your choice and get your zest for life back. Just make sure you use the right amounts and the right dosage for your body.

Do activities that motivate you

Sure, we are sometimes forced to do things we don't necessarily enjoy, have uninspiring or overly routine work. So try to find pleasure in what you do, or alternatively, find side activities that give meaning to your life.

For example, you can open your own online shop and sell handmade custom items. Or volunteer, get involved in your local council, join clubs, organise events, learn a new language, etc. Eventually, you may find an activity that inspires you and that you can use as a source of income. But above all, don't sit around doing nothing and feel exhausted by your job, it's never too late to go and find something else.

Eat what makes you happy

Your lifestyle directly affects your wellbeing and that starts with your diet. Some foods are heavy to digest and induce a feeling of fatigue. Deficiency also causes fatigue, exhaustion, sore muscles and a "drained head" feeling.

It is therefore important to eat a balanced diet, with complete meals rich in essential nutrients. Contrary to what you might think, eating fat is not harmful, you just need to know what type of fat to eat. Natural oils (olive, soya, sesame) are recommended, whereas fried and hydrogenated oils should be banned.


That said, it is not forbidden to indulge yourself. In fact, diets that are too restrictive are never good, both for the physique and for the morale. Eat what you like, but in reasonable quantities and above all, knowing when to eat them. For example, sugar in the evening is not recommended, whereas in the morning you can have everything. Combine your diet with sport and you will protect yourself from a few extra kilos!

Reconnect with the spiritual

The spiritual has a direct impact on our well-being and happiness. Spirituality teaches us to focus on ourselves, to be content with what is around us and to accept our environment. It helps us to connect the physical with the moral to understand what is happening to us and to regain our self-confidence.

Reconnecting with your spirit is therefore essential. Take time for yourself, do yoga or another gentle activity. Listen to music, read a book, etc. Writing your thoughts in a journal is equally effective and helps you to differentiate between what really matters and what is unimportant.

Finally, regaining the joy of living is not impossible. It is within everyone's reach. You just need to be consistent, even if you feel you are taking small steps, it is already a great progress and over time you will live happily.

Pelin YILDIZ, autrice psycho et voyage
Publié par : Pelin, autrice psychologie, santé et voyage
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