Is CBD an aphrodisiac?

Low libido is a real social phenomenon that affects more and more couples around the world. Between daily stress, screen overload, dietary gaps and work life, your sex life is sometimes strained by the hectic pace of life, and that's completely understandable. Most people turn to drugs and couples therapy to deal with this problem. But there are many natural aphrodisiacs that can help you get your sex life back on track.

Used for thousands of years, cannabis is a natural aphrodisiac substance that can improve the quality of sexual relations. Thus, all CBD (cannabidiol) based products can be used to gently boost libido, without the side effects of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

Consumed in the form of flower, resin, oil or cream, CBD can actually contribute to the quality of your sex life. In this article, find out what positive effects CBD has on sex, how CBD positively affects your sex life, and how to properly consume it to experience fulfilling intimate relationships.

CBD aphrodisiaque

The positive effects of CBD on sexuality

According to scientific studies conducted on this subject, it turns out that CBD would have a very positive action on the sex life of people who have tried it. Out of more than 5,000 people who participated in an American study, 31% of the men said they lasted longer, while 33% of the women said they reached orgasm more quickly. And of all these people, 72% of the men and 76% of the women admitted to experiencing more intense orgasms with CBD.

Of course, these figures do not reflect the feelings of the world's population and should be taken with a grain of salt. Even if these studies may seem light and anecdotal, it is interesting to note that most people surveyed are unanimous on the fact that: Yes, CBD has had a positive impact on their sex life. To take it a step further, let's look in detail at how CBD affects sexuality.

How can CBD improve your sex life?

CBD reduces stress and anxiety

To understand this, it's important to know that most libido disorders are related to stress and anxiety. Emotional blocks, stress building up, anxiety attacks, insomnia... All of these issues can tarnish your relationships with others, including your sex life. But don't worry, CBD can help you get rid of them. Even outside of your sex life, CBD is known to effectively reduce stress and anxiety. When you consume it, you are calmer, more relaxed, and more easily in a good mood. Automatically, the climate is conducive to bonding and the rise of desire.

CBD improves blood circulation

Another advantage and not the least: CBD stimulates blood circulation, causes the expansion of blood vessels and allows better oxygenation of the blood. In this way, the excitement rises faster and the sensations are more intense. This data is consistent with the testimonies of the American study where men declared to have lasted longer and women, to have felt stronger sensations.

CBD reduces pain

We don't always think about it, but the drop in libido can also be linked to pain. If you suffer from endometriosis, chronic pain and are in physical pain during sex, CBD can provide relief. And if it is your partner who is suffering, you may very well suggest that he or she try CBD to have a more pleasurable experience with a natural alternative and finally get back to a fulfilling sex life for both sides.

CBD simulation libido

How to consume CBD to enjoy its aphrodisiac virtues?

Which product to choose?

As you surely know, there are many products based on CBD: flowers, resins, oils, creams... The most important thing is to choose a format that suits both partners.

  • CBD body products:First of all, you can choose a cream or a body oil to give yourself a mutual massage and thus, relax the atmosphere even before feeling the effects of CBD.
  • CBD oil: For quick effects, you can put a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue before you do it. If you're not a fan of sublingual use, you can also pour a few drops of oil into your food or drinks a few hours before.
  • CBD flowers and resins: If you prefer inhalation and you have a quality vaporizer, you can opt for CBD flowers or resins. With this type of consumption, the effects will be almost immediate. Note that you can also use CBD flowers and resins in your culinary preparations.

What dosage to apply?

The advantage of CBD is that there is no risk of overdosing, unlike drug treatments. On the other hand, this does not mean that you have to take a lot to feel powerful and fast effects. On the contrary, CBD will always be more effective if you start with a low dose and increase it as you go along.

In the end, it's all a matter of habit and feeling. If you are an experienced user, products with a CBD content of over 20% should satisfy you. If your consumption is really occasional, products with a CBD content lower than 10% will already give you a sweet feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Can CBD cause side effects during sex?

Don't worry, CBD will not give you any side effects during sex. Unlike the THC molecule (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD will not make you feel sleepy, stoned or addicted. With CBD, only the therapeutic properties of hemp are available to you.

Can CBD permanently relieve chronic pain like endometriosis?

Unfortunately no, CBD does not cure any disease and therefore it cannot be used as a medicine. If you are suffering from a disease such as endometriosis, you should consult a medical professional who will be best able to make a reliable diagnosis and suggest appropriate solutions. That being said, CBD can really help relieve your pain, at least for a few hours.

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