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CBD oils will now taste bad in Switzerland

It was voted unanimously by the Swiss Confederation: CBD oil manufacturers will be obliged to add a product that distorts their taste, at an appropriate concentration. In other words, they will be forced to make their oils almost unfit for consumption and ingestion. The aim of this manoeuvre, which affects CBD oils sold in Switzerland, is to make consumers not want to consume them. This decision led to a new law that came into force shortly after the Association of Cantonal Chemists declared certain CBD products unfit for consumption. Hard or soft blow?

Swiss products deemed "too high

In February 2022, it was declared that 85% of the products with CBD mention were non-compliant from the point of view of their composition... The person behind this surprising declaration is a state chemist named Patrick Edder. The interesting thing is that since CBD does not pose any real addiction problems, it took a lot of effort to find real traces of certain cannabinoids... So the Swiss authorities set up a scheme called "particle size analysis"! This is how they managed to detect THC in particular...

One wonders if there is not a link with the fact that Switzerland is the cradle of the pharmaceutical industry, especially when one knows that the legalisation of therapeutic cannabis in an American state has led to a 45% drop in the consumption of "comfort medicine"...

A decision on public health grounds?

A sweeping decision dated 24 March states that "CBD flavoured oil shall not be placed on the market or supplied to consumers unless it contains a denaturant at a concentration appropriate to discourage oral abuse". So any light cannabis oil produced in Switzerland will taste and smell terrible, even when applied to the skin.

By turning people away from CBD oils - which are known to be harmless - when they were interested in relieving certain ailments, aren't we encouraging them to smoke? This is what worries Barbara Broes, vice-president of SGCM-SSCM (the Swiss society for cannabis in medicine).

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