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Practical guide: how to smoke a CBD puff?

The puff is a fun, clever and ultra-practical format for those who want to supplement with CBD on the fly, on the go, with lightness and gourmet flavours! Compact, it slips discreetly into your bag or jacket pocket and brings you a little dose of good cannabidiol at any time. A simple puff and you're soothed and relaxed!

In this practical guide, 321CBD gives you professional advice on how to smoke your CBD puff with complete peace of mind!

Before smoking a CBD puff, check the battery and the device

For a disposable puff, no worries about charging, it's ready right out of the box. If you have a rechargeable model, make sure it is fully charged before first use. Rely on the puff indicator light.

Certain puffs require a specific action to activate (press a button or engage a switch in particular). But the majority of modern puffs turn on simply by pulling on them thanks to the air sensor embedded in the tip.

Before you start, do a quick test by taking a small puff. If you smell the vapor and taste the CBD (or aroma), we're good. If you don't smell anything or the puff is restricted, check the battery again and make sure the device is not obstructed.

Is this your first CBD puff? Start with short, light puffs to get used to the sensation. When inhaled, cannabidiol unfolds its relaxing and soothing effects very quickly, but don't panic: the puffs are generally very weak.

Do you have a rechargeable puff? Regular cleaning according to the manufacturer's recommendations will extend its lifespan. Disconnect the battery, clean the tip with a soft, slightly damp cloth then the heating chamber with a cotton swab, then let it dry completely before reassembling it.

Practical advice for smoking your CBD puff

For the best experience from the first use of your CBD puff, make sure the device is at room temperature, especially if you are taking it out of a cold or hot environment.

Extremes of temperature can indeed affect the performance of the battery and the fluidity of the CBD oil, which will necessarily alter the quality of the vapor. If your puff has just undergone a significant temperature change, let it sit at room temperature for a few minutes before using it. You will have a quality inhalation with intense aromas, and the relaxing effects of CBD will spread evenly throughout your body.

How to smoke a CBD puff according to the rules of the art?

When you inhale CBD vapor, it enters your lungs and then comes into contact with a large network of alveoli. It is in these small air bags that gas exchange takes place.

The alveoli allow CBD to pass into your bloodstream and express its pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, soothing and antioxidant effects. To maximize this exchange, aim for a slow, deep inhalation for about 4 to 5 seconds. This is the length of time necessary for the vapor to disperse effectively and reach the greatest number of cells.

After inhaling, hold the vapor in your lungs for about 7 to 10 seconds. This retention time allows the CBD to cross the alveoli membrane and enter the bloodstream. There is no need to hold your breath any longer, as almost 95% of absorption occurs in the first few seconds.

The exhalation stage is equally important. Exhale slowly to allow gradual decompression of the lungs. You will also avoid irritation of the respiratory tract and coughing fits.

The idea is to find the balance between the depth of the inhalation, the retention time and the smoothness of the exhalation. It takes a little practice to find your preferences and acquire the right reflexes.

In this practical guide, 321CBD will help you delivers professional advice for smoking your CBD puff with complete peace of mind.

Our advice for properly dosing your CBD puff

As always with CBD, you start with a small quantity, for example one to two puffs. Like sublingual consumption, inhalation allows you to feel the effects of CBD very quickly, in just a few minutes. This is why we recommend that you evaluate the impact of a few puffs on your body for half an hour before going any further.

CBD works differently in different individuals. Some will feel the effects with small doses, others will need more. Gradually increase the number of puffs per session without exceeding 5 to 6 if you are starting out.

Keep in mind that the concentration of CBD varies between products, and each puff has between 200 and 600 puffs on average. Avoid vaping more than 10 puffs per hour if your product is concentrated, and do not exceed 200 mg of CBD per day to limit the risk of side effects.

Smoking a CBD puff: what you absolutely should not do

The CBD puff is a fun, ultra-practical and tasty product that allows you to consume good cannabidiol to regain color. To keep the experience fun, pay attention to these few points of vigilance:

  • Only smoke THC-free CBD puffs;

  • Do not smoke your CBD puff at work, on public transport, in a school, etc. ;

  • CBD can induce some drowsiness. Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery after smoking your CBD puff;

  • Buy your CBD puffs from serious and reliable suppliers. At 321CBD, we guarantee CBD products that are 100% traceable and 100% compliant with current legislation in France;

  • CBD may interact with certain medications by influencing their metabolism in the liver, particularly those involving the CYP450 enzyme. We are talking in particular about anticoagulants and heart medications.

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