Legal cannabis: a growing industry

Cannabis is divisive and often the subject of much debate. However, the legal cannabis market is a fast-growing sector. Find out how it is evolving around the world!

The sector that was once subject to prohibition is becoming legal. Its therapeutic effects have certainly weighed in its path to legalization.

Legal cannabis is nothing else than hemp, an ecological, economical and full of properties plant.

Cannabis resin, cannabis oil, or cannabis flowers are all possibilities for cannabis consumers to access the active ingredients without the psychoactive effect of a drug.

Hemp and its ecologically responsible cultivation

cannabis sol enrichi culture cbd

Cannabis sativa comes in many varieties and benefits from a culture that enriches the soil.

The legal cannabis seed does not require fertilizer and does not need much water to germinate and grow.

Legal CBD cannabis plants enjoy an eco-responsible cultivation allowing to obtain a great yield with little investment.

The CBD cannabis responds to current issues, which is why it is a plant so appreciated in the industry.

A plant with multiple virtues, properties and uses

Hemp is a cannabinoid that is sometimes used recreationally, but overall it remains therapeutic.

The legalization of CBD cannabis has led to a lot of research on the medical side which has revealed the many effects of the therapeutic and medical use of CBD.

CBD has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties and benefits from many nutrients such as omegas, vitamins and nutrients.

It is therefore used in the food industry and for medical purposes. Otherwise, you can find hemp in the construction industry with many materials or in the textile industry.

Contrary to its cousin full of psychotropic substances like THC, CBD cannabis is not a drug. The legal cannabis sector is promising.

It is gaining ground every day.

The legal cannabis sector in France and Europe has just started and it seems to be fulfilling all its promises already.

In Germany, France and Spain, the tolerated THC content does not exceed 0.2%, in Switzerland 0.1% and in Italy 0.6%.

Nevertheless, European countries are still somewhat sceptical about the substance as they feel they have little experience of the product's use.

Although it is still being debated, legalizing the use of medical cannabis would allow for observation and study of the effects of cannabis use.

Legal cannabis in the United States:

cannabidiol legal usa

In the United States the legal cannabis industry is all the rage! Many American states, such as California, have already taken the plunge and are now enjoying the success of this medicinal plant.

33 states and Washington have legalized medical cannabis and 10 states including Washington have also legalized its recreational use.

The food industry swears by this product, it also benefits from many marketing coups. This phenomenon is called the green wave.

The situation of legalized cannabis in Canada :

In Canada, the legalization of therapeutic cannabis is less festive. Nevertheless, the Quebec society was the first in North America to recognize the virtues of hemp, but also the first country to legalize its recreational use for adults.

Studies on the subject have been multiplying for several years and have helped to blur the lines around this molecule, CBD.

Cannabis plants are gradually entering the daily life of different populations and tend to become a promising sector.

Currently, it is in full expansion and many European countries are beginning to follow suit.

It should be recalled that the consumption of cannabis and the cultivation of cannabis containing more than 0.2 per cent THC is prohibited in France. Cannabis in France is considered a drug, and smoking it for recreational purposes is illegal and exposes the user to criminal sanctions.

Prohibited cannabis is considered a narcotic despite decriminalisation. Smokers of THC-rich cannabis are in violation and risk a fixed fine and imprisonment.

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