Does CBD Help Stop Smoking?

Tobacco is a substance that has been around for thousands of years in all parts of the world and causes many health problems for consumers. This addictive substance, composed of several chemical elements can destroy lives, but yet, millions of people do not stop consuming it daily. In this article, we will see if CBD can stop smoking

What is tobacco?

It is a product that is very present in the daily life of millions of French people and which can be deadly in some cases. Tobacco is first of all a plant that contains nicotine. Surprisingly, this plant is from the same family as the potato and the tomato. The big difference is that tobacco contains nicotine, which is a very addictive substance

Tobacco flowers are used to make products to be consumed

  • Chewing tobacco
  • Cured tobacco
  • Cigarettes
  • Cigars
  • Pipes
  • Mixed with cannabis to make a "joint"

When consumed as a smoking product, tobacco smoke releases about 4,000 toxic substances. From its origins, tobacco was cultivated and considered a sacred healing herb by indigenous or native peoples. Since the discovery of its ancestral lands during the Atlantic expeditions, tobacco has spread widely in Europe and the rest of the world. In France, its history dates back to the same period, since the French ambassador sent tobacco powder to Queen Catherine de Medici to treat her son's migraines

When the ambassador sends this powder to the queen, he associates therapeutic virtues with it and it turns out that the treatment was very successful, as the queen's son no longer suffered from migraines. The following will surely give you a clue as to the nature of a molecule associated with tobacco, since it was so successful that the Duke of Gise proposed to name this plant nicotiana.

Later, many people attributed this plant to the medicinal virtues it was given, however, the harmful effects of tobacco were not known at that time.

Currently, the majority of tobacco consumed in the world is produced and grown in Ontario and then redirected to different parts of the world through various transporters and distributors.

Who uses tobacco?

It is important to note that different regions of the world will have different tobacco users. In addition, there are many risk factors that can lead an individual to use tobacco throughout their life

For example, if a young person grows up in an environment where the people around him or her smoke on a daily basis, then he or she may easily become a smoker in the near or distant future. Seeing the repetitiveness of the act and all the other elements can push some individuals to feel curious about this substance and to try it in turn. Very important emotional shocks can also play in the beginning of the consumption, because people seek a "refuge" and this one can be one

In France, there are about 15 million daily and occasional smokers. Let's remember that the damage is also present in an occasional smoker, as someone who smokes only in the evening (in these times, the consumption of tobacco decreases greatly for these people)

About one third of people aged 12 to 75 smoke daily or occasionally, which is about 33% of people. If you take a younger age group, such as those between 18 and 34, about one in two people smoke. You can also go lower to see how popular the substance is. If we look at the 12 to 14 age group , then the percentage is 9%. In the 15 to 19 age group, about 41% of people smoke tobacco

It is also important to know that young people aged 12 to 25 who smoke daily, consume an average of 10 cigarettes per day and some also have a severe addiction to cigarettes

In addition to its addictive side and very present in the daily life of some consumers, tobacco represents a great danger for those who consume it and is responsible for a great mortality

Different groups of tobacco users?

As with other addictions, such as cannabis, opiates or gambling, there are certain groups that seem to be more affected by tobacco use. Here is an overview of the different categories that are predisposed to tobacco use

  • People with low income levels
  • People who use cannabis
  • People with addiction problems, such as alcohol dependence, where 85% of people with this addiction use tobacco
  • People with mental health problems.

The dangers of tobacco on the human body

It is important to know that tobacco smoke, regardless of the type of tobacco or cigarette consumed, is and will always be harmful to the lungs. This is also true for people who do not smoke, but who are surrounded by people who do. Inhaling smoke increases the risk of developing health complications

In France,in 2015, about 75,000 people died due to diseases caused by tobacco use. This represents about 13% of the deaths in France during that same year. Moreover, tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death, which means that complications can be avoided by staying away from smokers, or by not smoking

Concerning the diseases listed, it is important to know that tobacco causes several cancers, such as lung cancer , which is certainly the best known and has an 80% chance of appearing because of tobacco. But many other cancers are linked to the repeated consumption of this substance

  • Throat cancer
  • Cancer of the mouth
  • Cancer of the lips
  • Cancer of the pancreas
  • Kidney cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Cancer of the uterus ;
  • Esophageal cancer

There are not only cancers related to tobacco consumption. It is also possible to find different diseases that are directly or indirectly related to tobacco consumption

Active smoking is also an important risk factor for the development of certain diseases that we will see

  • Risk of myocardial infarction ;
  • Risk of cerebral vascular accidents
  • Risk of arteritis of the lower limbs
  • Risk of aneurysm
  • Risk of high blood pressure
  • Risk of impotence

It is also possible to develop COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) which is a respiratory disease caused mainly by active smoking. There are also diseases that are not specifically related to smoking, but are still aggravated by it, such as gastritis, peptic ulcers and type 2 diabetes

There are many other risks associated with smoking such as skin alteration which leads to wrinkles and yellow fingers. It is possible to have yellow teeth if you smoke tobacco, because of the smoke and all the substances contained in it. There is a possibility of damage to vitamins B and C as well as to neurological functions such as memory, vision and hearing

Every year, tobacco kills an average of 6 million people, which is one of the main causes of death. This subject affects all continents and we all know someone in our entourage who regularly or occasionally uses tobacco.

What is passive smoking?

We all know that smokers are highly exposed to all the risks mentioned above, but it is important to know that many people who do not smoke can become ill if they are not careful about their habits, or if their entourage is mainly composed of smokers

Passive smoking is a scourge that is often underestimated by non-smokers, since it is enough to inhale tobacco smoke to be at risk of developing certain diseases in the future. The same applies to the foetus, which is greatly exposed to passive smoking if the mother continues to smoke during pregnancy. This can lead to various pathologies such as asthma. In 2014, about 15.5% of people aged 15 to 75 years are exposed to tobacco smoke in their home or workplace

As mentioned above, tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 toxic substances, which is a significant number and which can cause serious pathologies in the near or distant future. In tobacco smoke we can find irritants, toxic products such as tar or carbon monoxide and more than 50 carcinogenic substances. You are probably familiar with the prevention phrase that many smokers say: "The best thing is not to start". This may sound ironic coming from smokers, but it's essentially the truth, because to avoid developing these conditions, it's best not to start smoking and not to expose yourself to tobacco fumes

But recently, CBD seems to help tobacco smokers to stop this harmful consumption for their health. We will see how CBD reduces tobacco consumption

Does CBD help to stop smoking?

It should be noted that the first study conducted on the effects of CBD and tobacco dates back to 2013. This study conducted by the University College London offered 24 smokers to use an inhaler whenever they felt like a cigarette

Out of these 24 participants, half of them had a CBD inhaler and the other half had a placebo. The experiment lasted for a week and the results show that for most of the participants with a CBD inhaler, cigarette smoking was greatly reduced, by about 40%, while for those given a placebo, cigarette smoking did not decrease at all

It is certain that the duration of the experiment does not allow to give a thorough opinion, but the results over a short period of time, allow to realize the ability of CBD to decrease the consumption of cigarettes

It is also important to know that the researchers of this same study, demonstrated that the consumption of CBD allowed to act on tobacco consumption on three main axes

  • The dependence on the gesture
  • The physical dependence
  • The psychological dependence.

CBD and dependence on the gesture

As can be seen in many occasional or active smokers, the gesture quickly becomes a habit for some of them. This means that the sensation of holding a cigarette between one's fingers and bringing it to the mouth in a second, could quickly become an addiction for some. For others, it may not become an addiction

If a smoker cannot do this or is prevented from doing it for some other reason, he or she will become upset and may become anxious. This action has the same effect as if a smoker cannot smoke a cigarette, in other words, he or she will feel a strong craving and may express it in different ways. It is then possible to see former smokers holding pencils in the same way as if they were still smoking

CBD also plays its part in this function and habit, as a study published in 2018 and conducted by the same University of London, has shown that CBD could play a role in smoking cessation. Indeed, taking into account the different anxiolytic properties of this molecule, the researchers wanted to highlight the ability of CBD to control the urge to smoke in tobacco users

Thus, to put forward their experiment, they chose thirty volunteers who did not wish to wean themselves from tobacco. Thus, they decided to divide the experiment into two phases. The first phase consisted of a nocturnal withdrawal from smoking, and in the second phase they were allowed to consume tobacco before sleeping. During each phase, the volunteers consumed 800 mg of CBD in order to be observed, then they consumed a placebo and the researchers also observed the volunteers

The results of this experiment confirm that during the consumption of CBD, the subjects had a significant decrease in the desire to smoke, especially when they were exposed to images of smokers, which would normally have increased their desire

E-liquids are effective against tobacco

We all know the electronic cigarettes that have had great success and have also a huge success with former tobacco users. They can reduce the risks seen above related to tobacco consumption while keeping the intake of nicotine for the brain and keeping the gestures attributed to the cigarette

The electronic cigarette is also ideal for consuming CBD in liquid form, as it allows you to compensate for the intake of tobacco and avoid consuming all the harmful substances contained in tobacco. The e-liquids are available in large quantities and allow to have several flavors available to satisfy all consumers

Obviously, it is possible to find electronic cigarette products containing nicotine, because it was thought to reduce tobacco consumption, while keeping the intake of nicotine in the brain. It is important to know that the electronic cigarette is less dangerous for people who use it, because several points are different

  • The substances present in tobacco smoke and in tobacco itself, are not present in electronic cigarette smoke, which means that the lungs are less attacked by certain substances ;
  • The smoke is also lower in temperature when using the electronic cigarette, as it is 60°C, while a normal cigarette contains a smoke of 700°C, the difference is noticeable and the risks to the health of the individual are less.

The use of an electronic cigarette is still a better way to receive nicotine for the brain, while limiting the risks associated with this mode of consumption. It is possible to develop certain diseases with electronic cigarettes, although the frequencies are different and the risks are lower, some consumers develop diseases identical to cigarette consumption

Should you consume CBD with tobacco?

Many people consume CBD with tobacco, but the two seem very different in some ways. First of all, you should know that nicotine and CBD have very different actions on the human body and brain

For example, you should know that CBD has the virtue of relaxing you and nicotine is a psychoactive and addictive molecule unlike CBD. Nicotine also has several adverse effects on the body, such as an increased heart rate and a major adrenaline rush, while CBD does not cause these feelings as it relaxes the mind and body

Although in popular culture, when we consume CBD or cannabis, we consume it with tobacco, there is no need to keep this mode of consumption. For example, if you consume tobacco and CBD, you won't get all the effects you want since these two molecules are in opposition. In other words, the effects of CBD will be significantly reduced. Moreover, if you want to stop smoking, it is useless to consume CBD by smoking it

It should be remembered that CBD allows you to bring to your brain a relaxing effect that will be more powerful and more beneficial than nicotine which makes addictive and causes psychotropic effects

Different methods to stop smoking

If we forget about CBD for a while, there is a range of treatments that are currently distributed to people who want to stop smoking. For example, we can find

  • Chewing gums
  • Patches
  • Inhalers

However, these different solutions can have undesirable side effects for people using these methods. For example, burns, stomach aches, migraines can be felt if the user abuses this method. For the patches, we can find eczema or redness on the places where they are located

It is also important to know that the methods mentioned above to fight against tobacco, are also dosed at different rates. This means that if you use a product with a lower dose of nicotine than normal, it is possible to feel a strong craving and this can push back to smoking. It is also possible to feel the effects of overdosing if you use a high nicotine product

Thus, CBD seems to join different methods such as acupuncture or even hypnosis, while presenting rapid and effective effects on the long term.

Nevertheless, before using CBD or any other treatment specially designed for nicotine intake and to stop smoking, it is still preferable to see a doctor in order to establish the damage caused to your health if there is any, as well as to see which treatment would be the most suitable for your health and your daily life. Regarding CBD, talk to your family doctor, he will be able to guide you and find the best way to consume it for you.

But before embarking on this fight against yourself, it is important to know and understand the different products used to stop smoking

CBD-based products to stop smoking

To stop smoking with CBD, it is important to know the different products offered by online stores or by physical stores, such as 321CBD, where a wide choice is possible!

For example, it is possible to find CBD flowers that allow you to bring an adequate dose of CBD according to your desire. To consume them, nothing could be simpler, just use them with a vaporizer or inhaler to feel all their aromas and get a very fast effect, since the CBD will go directly into the lungs and therefore, into the blood in a few minutes

The CBD resin available on our shop, is also a flagship product of the green gold, because it allows to obtain effects in a short time, which guarantees a satisfaction towards this product. To consume CBD resin, it is possible to consume it in cooking recipes or in infusion. Obviously, depending on how you consume it, the effects will be more or less long lasting

CBD oil is an excellent asset for everyday use because it guarantees long-lasting effects. However, there are two ways to consume it that can play a role in the effects and their duration of action. For example, the best known and certainly the most effective method is the sublingual route. This consists in consuming CBD oil under the tongue, so that the CBD molecules leave in the mucous membranes and can act without passing through the digestive tract

On the other hand, we have a second method, which consists of simply swallowing the CBD oil once put in the mouth. However, this method is not the best, as the CBD will pass through the digestive tract and therefore, the liver. In other words, the CBD oil will undergo a first pass effect during this passage, because of the liver enzymes that will attack the molecules and therefore, decrease the effectiveness of CBD

CBD e-liquids are also very interesting, because they can fill the lack of movement and manage the intake of CBD properly. In addition, electronic cigarettes can guarantee quick effects, just like CBD flower, which is a big plus for some consumers.

All of these consumption patterns can be greatly enhanced if you consume a regular dose of CBD at the right frequency and dosage. For example, try to maintain an equal amount and frequency from day to day to evaluate the initial effects, and if the effects are no longer felt, then you can increase the dosage or increase the frequency of administration.

The studies mentioned above are still in their early stages and there is a lot of information missing before we can draw a formal conclusion. So take the time to talk to your doctor and those around you in order to get several opinions and to inform yourself.

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