CBD Oil for Dogs 3% - 10ml
CBD Oil for Dogs 3% - 10ml
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CBD Oil for Dogs 3% - 10ml

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Description CBD Oil for Dogs 3% - 10ml

This CBD oil is the 100% natural pesticide free product ideal for relieving your dogs ailments naturally. With its medicinal benefits, this CBD Oil for Dogs allows your dog to be less stressed, less anxious, and to achieve a happier everyday life. 

This CBD oil for dogs is easy to use, fast acting and suitable for all types of dogs. It is 100% natural, pesticide free and ideally suited for pets. The bottle of CBD oil for dogs contains 10 ml of oil and is concentrated at 3% CBD, a sufficient level recommended by animal health experts.

With its full spectrum formulation, this CBD oil for dogs offers all the benefits of the elements that make up hemp. This CBD oil does not contain THC, and therefore meets the European legal regulations for CBD products. 

With this oil, relieve your pet and help them have better days by providing well-being and relaxation. This oil guarantees consumption without any side effects or addictive effects. 

Natural benefits of CBD for Dog 3%

CBD oil for dogs is known for its ability to decrease inflammation and chronic pain in our lovely mammals. In addition, it helps dogs achieve a stable emotional state. 

Use CBD oil to treat your pets' pain, soothe them and help them with neurological disorders such as seizures and epilepsy. CBD for dogs can also help them if they have inflammation in the gut, problems urinating, and arthritis.

Overall, CBD for dogs improves the daily well-being of dogs. They are happier, more playful and regain their innocence!

How to use 3% CBD Oil for Dogs

Start with a low dose of 0.3 mg per kilo, then gradually increase as you adjust to the dog's reactions. Do not exceed 10 mg of CBD per kilo per day for an adult dog.

CBD is fully active 30-45 minutes after the dog consumes it, and its effects last about 5 hours. These estimates vary depending on the breed, activity level and internal chemistry of the dog. 

Every dog reacts differently, which is why it is recommended to start with small doses!

To Know: Dogs have more cannabinoid receptors than cats, which is why they need less CBD for it to work effectively.

10ml bottle.

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