CBD White Fire OG 18.7%
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CBD White Fire OG 18.7%

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White Fire OG
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Description CBD White Fire OG 18.7%

The origin of the White Fire OG variety

The result of a genetic cross between The White and Fire OG strains, White Fire OG is a powerful and tasty hybrid variety. Very appreciated for its pungent and earthy aromas, White Fire OG is at the same time woody, sweet and spicy. Due to its genetic makeup, White Fire OG has a high CBD concentration of 18.7%. Also known as "WiFi OF", this variety of hemp combines the numerous assets of its 2 parents.

Cultivated by professionals who respect the European standards in force, these flowers of CBD White Fire OG are completely free of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the molecule responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Moreover, each bud is subject to a rigorous selection before being presented to you. Thus, you are guaranteed to receive legal CBD flowers of premium quality that are not harmful to your health. On the contrary, only the positive effects of therapeutic cannabis are offered to you with this White Fire OG flower and its 18,7% of CBD.

The relaxing effects of the White Fire OG variety

This White Fire OG variety has a high level of CBD and a Sativa heritage which makes it particularly stimulating on the cerebral level. Ideal for getting rid of stress and anxiety, White Fire OG helps you spend your days with a much lighter mind. That said, you won't feel tired or overly euphoric when consuming CBD. Unlike THC, CBD doesn't cause that "high" effect that makes you anything but productive.

With CBD, you're simply more cheerful and in a good mood, as your physical pain and mental tension dissipate for a few hours. Inevitably, feeling better in your body and mind, causes a sweet feeling of well-being that cannot be matched. Although the White Fire CBD flower is stimulating, you can very well consume it at the end of the day to fight insomnia and enjoy a regenerative sleep. Again, CBD does not act as a sedative, but as a regulator that will restore balance to your endocannabinoid system.

The scent of White Fire OG CBD flowers

The scent of White Fire OG is characterized by earthy, pungent and sweet notes. Authentic and characterful flavors that appeal to most hemp lovers. To enjoy your White Fire in a healthy way, you can concoct CBD-based dishes and herbal teas. To make a CBD infusion, all you need is some fat, boiling water and crumbled White Fire OG flowers as a tea. If you prefer the more traditional method of inhalation, you can always invest in a quality vaporizer to enjoy a fresh and controlled White Fire OG smoke.

CBD White Fire OG 18.7%
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