CBD Swiss Tsunami 19.3%
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CBD Swiss Tsunami 19.3%


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Description CBD Swiss Tsunami 19.3%

The origin of the CBD flower Swiss Tsunami

The CBD flower Swiss Tsunami is the result of marriage between the Sour Tsunami and the Swiss Gold. Very appreciated for its high level of CBDthis powerful herb delivers a absolutely irresistible fruity fragrance. If your nose is thin enough, you may also notice its slightly pungent odour which makes it so charming and original. Thanks to its predominantly Sativa and its 19.3% CBDThis Swiss Tsunami cannabis variety is perfect for a pleasant mental stimulation and to get rid of accumulated stress.

Cultivated in the rules of the art by the best producers of hemp, these flowers of CBD Swiss Tsunami are the object of numerous controls of quality to satisfy the European standards. In addition, these flowers are rich in CBD, but do not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This way, you can be sure that you are consuming CDB Swiss Tsunami flowers are legal, respectful of your health, and of the highest quality. If you want to enjoy the benefits of medical cannabis in all serenityyou can count on this Swiss Tsunami flower to give you a a real moment of calm and well-being.

The CBD content of the Swiss Tsunami variety

With its 19.3% CBD, it has to be said that Swiss Tsunami is among the most potent varieties available on the market. Furthermore, its Sativa heritage makes it very effective forfighting stress, anxiety, inflammation and nausea. If you consume it during the day, you will be able to go about your daily routine feeling relaxed, stimulated and productive. If you consume it at the end of the day, you can benefit from its relaxing effects before going to sleep.

In fact, CBD flower Swiss Tsunami helps you fight insomnia and get back to a deep, rejuvenating sleep. In any case, this high concentration of CBD is more suitable for experienced consumers, or at least, those who have already tested flowers around 10% CBD. While there's no risk of overdosing with CBD, it's always wiser to increase doses as you go along to maximize its benefits.

The delicious flavor of CBD flower Swiss Tsunami

With this strain of cannabis, it's acitrus tsunami waiting for you! Indeed, Swiss Tsunami presents powerful citrus notes, and in particular a strong orange taste. In the aftertaste, you will be able to find the pungent and earthy flavors that remind those of the famous Sour Diesel. In short, Swiss Tsunami is a CBD flower powerful in the taste and effects that has not finished to surprise you.

Aromatic power
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CBD Swiss Tsunami 19.3%
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