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CBD Sweet Tooth 10,5%

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Sweet Tooth
Description CBD Sweet Tooth 10,5%

Sweet Tooth, the triple Cannabis Cup champion

As its name suggests, Sweet Tooth is a hemp variety reserved for lovers of sweet treats. Known for its fruity, woody and earthy flavour, Sweet Tooth has already won several titles at the Cannabis Cup, including two 1st place finishes. Genetically speaking, Sweet Tooth is a clever mix of two well-known strains: Nepalese and Hawaiian. Predominantly Indica, the Sweet Tooth CBD flower has many physical benefits.

Cultivated with care in the rules of the art and in the respect of the European standards, this Sweet Tooth CBD flower is provided with a superior quality which you will not find anywhere else. So if you want to discover the many virtues of medical cannabis with a former champion of the famous Cannabis Cup, you will be won over by this Sweet Tooth CBD flower.

The relaxing effects of Sweet Tooth CBD flower

Thanks to its Indica heritage and its 10,5% of CBD, the Sweet Tooth variety is ideal for a consumption at the end of the day. This is because Indica-dominant hemp strains tend to act more intensely on the physical plane. In other words, Sweet Tooth gives you instant relaxation, relieves muscle and joint pain, helps you fall asleep and promotes restful sleep.

Mentally, the Sweet Tooth can still help you get rid of stress and anxiety. In this way, you are much calmer and soothed, and therefore, more prone to quality sleep. That said, CBD will not knock you out with fatigue, nor will it make you too euphoric. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol) acts as a regulator on your endocannabinoid system.

The sweet scent of Sweet Tooth CBD flower

Reserved for the "sweet tooth", Sweet Tooth delivers an incredible cake and candy flavor. Once in the mouth, you will notice notes of mango, berries and grapefruit, enhanced by an earthy, woody aftertaste. Naturally gourmet, Sweet Tooth can be consumed in herbal tea and in all your culinary preparations.

To incorporate it into your herbal teas and dishes, don't forget to add a fatty substance to help the cannabinoids dissolve. If you prefer to inhale, you can also use a vaporizer to enjoy a healthy and sweet Sweet Tooth smoke.

CBD Sweet Tooth 10,5% (in French)
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