Flower CBD Gorilla Glue Indoor 11% (in French)
CBD Flower Indoor Gorilla Glue 11% (in French)
Flower CBD Gorilla Glue Indoor 11% (in French)
Flower CBD Gorilla Glue Indoor 11% (in French) CBD Flower Indoor Gorilla Glue 11% (in French)
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CBD Gorilla Glue Indoor 19%


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It is important to understand the differences between THC and CBD levels when choosing cannabidiol products, as this can influence the experience you will have when consuming them. If you are looking for all the benefits of CBD, it is best to choose a product with a high CBD content. The higher the CBD content, the greater the benefits. All our CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC and are therefore legal in Europe.
THC level
CBD rate
Aromas WoodedWooded Aromas Ripe fruitRipe fruit Aromas LemonLemon Aromas PinePine
Gorilla Glue
Resinous texture
Vaporization, infusion, cooking
Durée de conservation
6 months after opening
Protected from moisture
Description CBD Gorilla Glue Indoor 19%

With the CBD flower Gorilla Glue, resin-saturated flowers await you! Do you want to experience the relaxation of the gorilla? King Kong, too, really needs to relax his body and mind after a little skyscraper climbing!

With a CBD content of 19%, this CBD flower is ideal for sleep seeking, or to clear your head!

CBD Gorilla Glue Indoor 19% Flower Description

With its CBD rate of 19% and its content of terpenes and cannabinoids, the CBD flower Gorilla Glue Indoor is considered a powerful flower. 💪

Grown indoors, CBD flower Gorilla Glue Indoor 19% is a Sativa-dominant hybrid variety 🌿 and therefore has relaxing and soothing effects. Its name comes from the fact that its very sticky resin tends to stick to scissors during cutting.

The CBD flower Gorilla Glue Indoor 19% has less than 0.3% THC 🌿: its consumption does not cause risk of physical dependence or psychoactive effects.

In Gorilla Glue, there are various varieties of CBD, such as Sour Dubb, Chocolate Diesel or Chem Sister. This combination gives rise to a particularly relaxing flower for an almost unbeatable quality / price ratio. 💪

The look and flavors of CBD Gorilla Glue Indoor 19% Flower

The CBD Gorilla Glue Indoor 19% flower 🌿 is recognizable thanks to its green, clear (sometimes a little transparent) buds and quite compact. Its trichomes are filled with sticky resin.

Its flavors of diesel and coffee mingle with earthy aromas characteristic of the hemp plant and a touch of pine.

The Effects of Gorilla Glue Indoor 19% CBD Flower

Thanks to its 19% CBD content and its cannabinoid terpenes, the CBD flower Gorilla Glue Indoor 19% 🌿 is ideal for unwinding and deep relaxation without losing concentration or productivity.

At the physical level, Gorilla Glue offers analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the sensation of pain for various ailments such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, chronic migraines , headaches, pain related to difficult digestion, premenstrual syndrome, etc. 🙌 As a result, it can help regain your appetite. The Gorilla Glue Indoor 19% CBD flower also relieves muscle cramps and contributes to better sports recovery. 💪

At the mental level, the Gorilla Glue Indoor 19% CBD flower helps to remove stress, whether temporary or chronic. 💪 It also acts on anxiety and helps you regain control of your thoughts and calm your mind. The secondary benefits are improved concentration and better productivity at work.

Finally, if you consume CBD Flower Gorilla Glue Indoor 19% 🌿 one hour before bed, you will find sleep faster and limit the risk nightmares and insomnia.

Tips for consuming CBD flower Gorilla Glue Indoor 19%

Thanks to its delicious taste of coffee and diesel, the CBD Flower Gorilla Glue Indoor 19% is delicious when it is is consumed as herbal tea. 🌿 Let it infuse for 10 minutes in water at 100°C by incorporating a fatty substance to improve the absorption of the cannabidiol molecule.

If you own a quality e-cigarette, you can consume Gorilla Glue Indoor CBD Flower 19% via vape. 🙌 On the other hand, we advise you not to smoke Gorilla Glue because the smoke releases toxic and harmful products for your health. 💪

Finally, you can crumble the Gorilla Glue over your salads or in your cooking recipes, provided that the cooking in the oven does not exceed 180°C (to preserve the CBD molecules).

Store Gorilla Glue CBD Flower in its original bag 🌿, away from moisture and light.

Aromatic power
Anti-anxiety effect
Relaxing effect
Muscle recovery
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