CBD OG Kush 8,5%
CBD OG Kush 8,5%
CBD OG Kush 8,5%
CBD OG Kush 8,5% CBD OG Kush 8,5%
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CBD OG Kush 8,5%


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It is important to understand the differences between THC and CBD levels when choosing cannabidiol products, as this can influence the experience you will have when consuming them. If you are looking for all the benefits of CBD, it is best to choose a product with a high CBD content. The higher the CBD content, the greater the benefits. All our CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC and are therefore legal in Europe.
THC level
CBD rate
Aromas PinePine Aromas WoodedWooded Aromas EarthyEarthy
OG Kush
Compact flowers
Vaporization, infusion, cooking
Durée de conservation
6 months after opening
Protected from moisture
Description CBD OG Kush 8,5%

The origin of the famous OG Kush

Since its appearance on the cannabis market, the OG Kush variety, of indoor cultivation, has not ceased to be talked about. Loved by all, this strain is certainly one of the most popular in Dutch coffee shops. Indeed, this legendary variety is one of the great classics not to be missed if you are a hemp lover or collector. Although this CBD flower is very famous around the world, no one actually knows the origin of the OG Kush. 🌿

According to hemp cultivation experts, it is a skillful mix between Pakistani Kush, ChemDawg, and Lemon Thai. This genetic heritage could explain this incredible taste of pine and lemon which does not leave consumers indifferent. Today, you have the opportunity to enjoy this mythical variety in its CBD version (cannabidiol), without THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and therefore without any psychoactive effect. Without further ado, discover the multiple virtues of therapeutic hemp with the famous OG Kush flower and its 8.5% CBD. 🌿

Its buds are compact, fragrant and resistant to external aggressions.

The benefits of CBD OG Kush flowers

With its 8.5% CBD level, this OG Kush CBD flower offers you relaxing, soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. inflammatory and painkillers in a few moments. CBD flower OG Kush 8.5% works on migraines or stomach aches by reducing them. Little by little, you will regain your appetite.

This light level of CBD is perfectly suited to occasional consumers looking for a mild product to get started. Ideal for beginners, this CBD OG Kush flower provides an almost instant feeling of relaxation, but not too powerful. 💪 It helps to relieve stress and quickly bring a feeling of overall well-being. You will therefore be able to concentrate better and be more productive.

Thanks to its Indica (75%) and Sativa (25%) heritage , this CBD flower is particularly effective to relieve your physical pain. For a few hours, it will allow you to feel relaxed, in a bubble of softness and well-being. Consumed at the end of the day, it helps you avoid insomnia and regain quality, deep and regenerative sleep. In addition, the CBD flower OG Kush 8.5% reduces the time it takes to fall asleep.

The scent of CBD OG Kush flowers

Highly appreciated for its exceptional taste, this CBD OG Kush flower delivers a characteristic scent of pine and lemon. 🍋

Itsintense flavors are really unanimous among regular consumers. To taste this delicious flower of CBD OG Kush, you can incorporate it into your dishes, your drinks, or inhale it through a quality vaporizer. Regardless of its mode of administration, you will be seduced by itswoody, fresh and earthy scents.

The cultivation of the plant

To capture the full benefits of medical cannabis, this feminized plant needs an 8-week flowering period in order to be ready for production. harvest in October. This allows to obtain a yield of these varieties more qualitative between 420 to 480gr/m2. As it grows, its buds become sturdy as they lengthen giving a more graceful image that can reach a maximum height of 160cm indoors and 220cm outdoors. 🌱

What are the modes of consumption of the OG Kush 8.5% plant?

To consume this kush type cbd flower you have the choice between 3 methods:

  • Vaporizing: Set your vaporizer to a temperature above 170 degrees. The better your e-cigarette, the more you will feel the aromas and flavors of the Flower CBD OG Kush 8.5% .🌿
  • In infusion: infuse your cbd flower OG Kush for 10 minutes with a fatty substance (oil, milk). Take advantage of the tasting to take a real break and wait about 30 minutes to feel the effects.🌿
  • In the kitchen: ideal in your salads or hot dishes. 🥗 Just crumble the flower to incorporate it into your favorite recipes.🌿

On the other hand, do not smoke the Flower CBD OG Kush 8.5%. The smoke released is indeed harmful to your health.

How to store CBD OG kush flower?

Store the CBD OG Kush 8.5% flower away from light and humidity, ideally in its original aluminum pouch. 🙌

If you no longer have it, use a glass jar, such as a jam jar, or an airtight bag that you will place protected from light and in a dry place .

Aromatic power
Anti-anxiety effect
Relaxing effect
Muscle recovery
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