Organic Raspberry Infusion
Organic Raspberry Infusion
Organic Raspberry Infusion
Organic Raspberry Infusion
Organic Raspberry Infusion Organic Raspberry Infusion Organic Raspberry Infusion
CBD infusions

Organic Raspberry Infusion

A delicious calming and soothing organic herbal tea

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Description Organic Raspberry Infusion

Description of the organic raspberry infusion

From organic farming and respectful of European standards, the hemp present in the ORGANIC raspberry infusion is rich in CBD (cannabidiol). CBD is a natural ingredient that is full of virtues for physical and mental health. 💪

Discover the many benefits of hemp, while enjoying a cup of raspberry-scented infusion. To be consumed in the morning or in the evening, this organic hemp and raspberry infusion does not contain theine or caffeine. 🌿

Benefits of organic raspberry infusion

Well known for its calming and soothing properties, CBD is the main ingredient of this herbal infusion. Indeed, CBD has powerful anti-stress and pain-relieving properties which naturally contribute to your daily well-being. Associated with other plants such as marigold flowers and hibiscus, its benefits are increased tenfold. 💪

True allies of your health, marigold flowers, lemongrass and hibiscus have draining and digestive properties that contribute to the proper functioning of the body. The apple promotes the activation of the metabolism and the strengthening of the immune system. 🍏

Rich in vitamins and minerals, pineapple and rose hips, the fruit of rose hips, are also known to boost immune defenses. An exceptional blend to deal with winter and surrounding viruses. 🙌

Fragrance of organic raspberry infusion

The raspberry brings a sweet and fruity flavor reminiscent of forest fruits or delicious red fruit jam. Associated with the floral and earthy scent of hemp, the sweet taste of raspberry offers an explosion of flavors at the time of tasting. Plus, lemongrass and hibiscus bring a freshly spicy note to this bold blend. 🌿

To properly prepare your ORGANIC raspberry infusion and enjoy all the benefits of CBD, consider adding a fat such as whole milk, cream or honey. This step is essential to activate cannabinoids and optimize your relaxation experience. If you prefer iced tea, place your infusion in the refrigerator for a few hours before tasting.

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