Organic peach infusion
Organic peach infusion
Organic peach infusion
Organic peach infusion
Organic peach infusion Organic peach infusion Organic peach infusion
CBD infusions

Organic peach infusion

Delicious peach and CBD infusion

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Description Organic peach infusion

Description of the organic peach infusion

The organic hemp and peach infusion has been specially concocted for lovers of sweet and fruity flavors. Certified ORGANIC, this product contains hemp grown in compliance with European standards for CBD (cannabidiol). 🌿

Indeed, CBD is a molecule subject to many restrictions and strict quality controls. Discover the multiple benefits of CBD and enjoy a pleasant moment of calm and relaxation around a good cup of peach infusion. 🍑

Benefits of organic peach infusion

You are certainly already familiar with CBD for its soothing properties on a physical and mental level. Thanks to its anti-stress and anti-pain action, CBD is a natural ingredient that contributes to your well-being while regulating your body. In this infusion, hemp is combined with Rooibos, a plant rich in minerals and antioxidants. 🌿

Apple and marigold flowers help activate the metabolism. Pink pepper stimulates the production of endorphin, also called the pleasure hormone. Carrots are known to boost the body thanks to their high vitamin content. Rich in fiber, iron and copper, the peach reinforces the immune system and brings a sweet taste to the infusion. 💪

Use of the ORGANIC peach infusion

If you like sweet but subtle flavors, you are going to enjoy this ORGANIC peach infusion. The floral and earthy taste blends beautifully with the sweetness of peach and apple. A few notes of pink pepper and marigold flowers bring a fresh and spicy side to the infusion. 🍑

To maximize the relaxing effects of CBD, consider adding a fat such as milk, cream, or honey to your hemp and peach infusion. This step releases the cannabinoids and optimizes your tasting experience. For the preparation, it is enough to let infuse 1 to 2 spoons during ten minutes at approximately 100 degrees. If you prefer iced tea, put your infusion in the fridge for a few hours, and you're done. 💪

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