Relaxing organic herbal tea
Relaxing organic herbal tea
Relaxing organic herbal tea
Relaxing organic herbal tea Relaxing organic herbal tea
CBD infusions

Relaxing organic herbal tea

Improve your well-being with the organic infusion moment of relaxation

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Description Relaxing organic herbal tea

Description of the organic infusion relaxing moment

Do you have a hectic lifestyle and you can't take the time to calm down? The Organic relaxation moment infusion is perfect for enjoying a gentle feeling of well-being in a few moments. 🌿

The plant complex chosen for this infusion has been specially designed to promote rest and relaxation. Rich in CBD, the hemp present in this infusion is a great ally to fight stress and find inner calm over a cup of tea. 🍃

Benefits of the organic infusion for a moment of relaxation

CBD is a natural ingredient that effectively reduces stress, anxiety and chronic pain. As such, it promotes the mental and physical well-being that is necessary for the maintenance of good health. 💪

In this infusion, CBD is combined with fennel and licorice root, ingredients that relieve digestive disorders and inflammation. Chamomile is also an excellent anti-inflammatory that contributes to your physical comfort. 🙌

Thanks to their high content of minerals and vitamins, cinnamon and ginger strengthen the immune system and reduce fatigue. Tonic, astringent and revitalizing, rose petals also provide a boost to the body. Thanks to this mixture, you are more dynamic during the day and more relaxed in the evening. Balance is created naturally and serenity takes hold. 🌿

Tips for using the organic infusion relaxing moment

To make your infusion at home, all you need is hot water and a stainless steel infuser or a tea infuser. Put 1 to 2 teaspoons of the preparation in it and let it infuse for about 10 minutes. During the infusion, add a fatty substance such as milk or honey to activate the active ingredients of CBD and optimize your relaxation experience. Sit in a quiet and comfortable place and proceed to the tasting.🌿

Fennel, cinnamon, liquorice and ginger offer a powerful and characterful fragrance, but also warm and comforting. In return, hemp and rose petals bring a little more sweetness with intoxicating floral flavors.

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