Qu'est-ce que le twaxing

What is twaxing?

About everywhere in the world, the consumption of cannabis and its by-products is gaining ground. Interesting new and equally creative ways that innovate are emerging in the world of those who consume it in various forms. One of these new consumption methods to improve the concentration of cannabis joints that is all the rage today is twaxing. What is it actually, and how is it practiced? Smokers consider taxing to be the art of adding cannabis concentrates to a joint to supercharge it before smoking. Discover more about twaxing through the following lines. 

Light on the Meaning of the Term "Twaxing"

Known to very few people until now, the term "twaxing" emerged during 2018, even though the practice has existed in the past. Today, it is at the heart of discussions on almost all social networks and forums talking about cannabis. Twaxing has become ingrained in the habits of a not insignificant number of smokers and is becoming more and more popular thanks to various testimonials. 

In reality, the principle of twaxing at its core is very simple. Its ultimate goal is to overload cannabis joints with concentrates like wax from where the name was taken. In this sense, the smokers adept at the practice could find a multitude of creative, innovative and very simple ways to boost the concentration of their joints. For example, it can be to sprinkle its casing of kief to improve it or to make a supplement of shatter to the joints to boost them more. Basically, twaxing comes down to making your joint CBD by incorporating concentrated wax. This can obviously come in many forms that are equally different from each other.

What makes twaxing so special

The special thing that makes twaxing so cool is very simple: it is the combination made of the old methods of smoking joint. Indeed, with twaxing, it is possible to transport yourself to a new world by experiencing doping your joints, bong or good old-fashioned casing. It is an excellent way to have an unforgettable experience without using sophisticated equipment and accessories. However, it should be noted that only seasoned smokers in search of new heights can venture onto the twaxing trail. Those taking their first step with cannabis are better off not seeking that strong sensation because of the concentration of the joints. 

The Different Methods Most Commonly Used to Twax

After learning about what twaxing is, you may be wondering how to twax. In reality, to twax, you must first focus your choice on the concentrates to use. These are generally chosen according to the tastes and preferences of the smoker. Thus, while some make a simple addition of kief, others resort to BHO and many other sticky substances. The objective being to enjoy the flavor of the extracts and flowers simultaneously. 

Simply waxing with kief

In kief, there are crystals from the trichomes that make up the heads. These can be collected by using, for example, a tri-compartment grinder with a kief harvester underneath. This collection in sufficient quantity of kief will allow you to twax by making a complement of small pinches on the socket. Twaxing with kief can also be done by sprinkling the crumbled heads before rolling them into a joint. Also, keep in mind that the burn-in rolling is sometimes uneven when twaxing with kief or other concentrates. Most of the time, you should enjoy your twaxing experience in one go.

Twaxing indoors with concentrates

Aside from the simple forms of twaxing, there are other more advanced methods like indoor twaxing. How does it work? All you need to do is use concentrates such as wax or shatter and embed them in the center of the joint. To ensure perfect and pleasant combustion, it will be necessary to make sure to fold down the grass on the concentrate placed in the center of the joint during the rolling. This is a technique whose goal is to cover the concentrate with grass on all sides. More clearly, it's about making a semblance of a weed sandwich with the concentrate placed between two layers of grass. 

Twaxing your joints and blunts outdoors

There are certain concentrates on the market, such as waxy shatter that can easily be shaped into long coils. These also give smokers a very nice twaxing experience. These waxy concentrates are used to decorate the outside of the joints and give them a super cool look: this is called exterior twaxing. It is quite simple to do compared to interior twaxing.

To pull off the trick, simply form a long, even spiral thread of waxy concentrate (shatter or wax) on the joint with your fingers. You can also shape the concentrate in any way you like. The operation should start from one end of the joint.

Twax just the end of the joint into spider webs

There is no need to wrap threads of concentrate around the joint before doing a good twaxing. For those who prefer to turbo start just on the first puff, the ideal solution is to pull hot concentrate threads at the end of the joint. These small threads can form a spider web. With this method, you are guaranteed to feel strong sensations. 

Why Use Twaxing

Aside from the curiosity that drives a good number of smokers, the biggest benefit derived from twaxing is the experience of stronger sensations. With concentrates, the effects felt are more intense, and one can enjoy a cannabinoid concentration approaching 80%.

We would also like to inform you that smoking any form of CBD has been shown to be harmful to your health.

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